• flip illson

    T-Pain shops at Costco.

    ---a dying metaphor---

  • Riddlah51

    Jus when you think we hit rock bottom...Depressing. And if I hear this playing anywhere but a strip club, I'ma smash the nigga who's playin it in the head with a bottle of that gay ass Nuvo! Thas word to the child's name tatooed on every stripper's arm!

  • T-Wayne09

    Who's the midget lol

  • chris_martian


    "She grindin’ very hard. So fuck throwin’ one dollar bills. I’ma hit this bitch in the head with my credit card. "

    DAMN hahahah

  • http://www.twitter.com/koranfhy Koran

    H(e-@T-Wayne09 That's Midget Mack, he was on I Love New York and some other VH1 shows. He's been with Young Cash since before that though.

  • http://www.twitter.com/koranfhy Koran

    Oh, and other than that line by T-Pain it wasn't rememberable at all. I like Motion Picture by Young Cash btw.