• 619sav

    killer line up

  • Ryuk

    Good God look at that line up.

  • Ryuk

    And 1500 or nothin' is going to be there? Going to be all kinds of sick.

  • DannyRodriguez

    Somebody better get some footage of Blu rockin the stage!

  • http://www.maincourse101.com wrecknoble

    hating the fact im in toronto..

  • Refill

    Hit us up with this all fucking late, no room to plaan. Sick line up though, to bad i can't go.

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  • Mc Persia

    Shake! Where can I get tickets!?!!?

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    at the door.

  • Smokeeeeeyyyyyyy

    ooooooowieeeeeee ILL BE THERE!

  • Mc Persia

    Thanks Shake good lookin out man

  • L

    Maaan I need to live in Cali...ugh

  • L

    aside from the music, God Bless the people of Haiti this is an amazing thing these rappers are putting together

  • chunkc85

    I went and it was fun as fuck but the address on the flyer was waaaayyyyy off Hahah Me and my friends were driving around not sober looking for this place for like 30 mins.

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