• kanne


  • KC_Mafioso

    This dude Meka...


  • Marcus B

    Lmfao @ the .gifs

  • http://governedbyloyalty.com/blog KEI OPENS DOORS

    *DEAD* ....i think Meka got how everyone feels in those gifs lol.

  • Verse

    The Chappelle gif. >>>>>>>>>

  • bc1391

    That Scarface gif is disturbing.

  • TheRealBigMeat

    those gifs. ^^^ = Hilarity
    Dave Chappelle haha

  • Tiiz

    Somebody PLEASE shoot up a link to that Chappelle gif! lol

  • http://gj-2010.blogspot.com/ G.J


  • http://www.beatzandlyrics.podomatic.com N-turn

    Dave Chappelle gif is funny as shit

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  • jei

    What time frame does she "stretch"?

    @Tiiz... you don't need someone to shoot you a link... just freaking right click the image... the internets isn't hard.

  • jei

    Man I went thru that entire video for that...? YAWN...

  • Charlito

    very nice. wheres the next spot u djing? Rosa Acosta is mos def riiiight

  • dadon

    where was the almost coochie shot lol????

  • jei

    At the very end she does her "split" that isn't even much... just something pussy starved lames would go gaga for. She's fine though regardless.