• andyousaychicity

    Video is fresh.. i'ma check out the tape.

  • Dj ILL One

    This was one of the best projects put oout last year.It was to the point and honest. I`m glad to see a vid for one of the best songs on the EP.

  • http://alvdaz.fr Daz

    Spinnin' the same sample than Diz Gibran on "Morning". Nice track tho

  • DannyRodriguez

    just gave that "Respect the Art" a listen. Sounds dope! gonna check out that lil remix Rashed Hadee put together.

  • jimsen

    love the track...love the video. chicago shit.

  • http://www.schememusic.wordpress.com Scheme

    Thanks homies. Glad ya'll liked the video and the song.

    Make sure you download The Manifesto EP off of my blog. Thanks!