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Cassidy – Exhibit C Freestyle f. Jag

blame it on Shake January 20, 2010

Nope, hip hop isn’t quite done rapping on the Exhibit C instrumental. Shouts/blame to Splash for this one.


DOWNLOAD: Cassidy – Exhibit C Freestyle f. Jag | Mediafire

  • JDE

    Didn’t expect to see Cass on this beat, its decent. Typical material Cassidy raps about.

  • whaha

    man fuck that rappers have really played this shit out

  • Steve


  • JayElectrotherapy

    How the fuck wouldn’t you expect a rapper rap on this? It’s not over yet.

  • Steve

    Wow, that was lame.

  • Cass is dope, but he needs to find some different shit to rap about…lol
    He get’s repetitive after a while…

  • Ignorant Genius


  • dalek

    This is probably the worst of them all… And that’s saying something.

    Certain beats just shouldn’t be rapped over because the original was perfect.

  • Ignorant Genius

    cosign steve i mean

  • E-Rich

    This is a question for everybody:

    Is there any rapper you’d like to hear on this beat that hasn’t already jumped on it yet?

    Me personally would like to hear Lupe.

  • JayElectrotherapy

    ^^^ Jay Electronica with some new verses, no one else.

  • 88

    not THAT bad, some dope lines

  • T0KS

    LOL EXHIBIT A & C are the new A milli

  • i dont even understand..this beat is TRASH

  • cass used to be my nigga…wtf is this shit

  • Unxpekted

    Exhibit Sai > everything else

  • supreme804

    this sucked ass..this nigga never switch it up

  • Jay Cole

    J.Cole should jump on this beat and show these lames how to rap

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  • J. Cole and Lupe would definitely holy pulverize this beat

  • Casso

    At one point in hip hop it seemed like nobody would jack an MC’s beat unless they could body it or to make a statement, like when Nas hopped on Paid in Full to get at the Roc.

    Now? Shit. You drop an ill song, you’re pretty much donating a community beat. Lil Romeo and his pops probably got an “Exhibit P” on the way.

  • Scotty Mac

    Shake, if you have a problem with also these rappers jumping on Exhibit C (which you should), then WHY ARE YOU POSTING THIS SHIT???


    Every now and then theres a beat everybody wants to get on. This is one of them. Keep em comin. Thats what she said.

  • lmao @ Exhibit P

  • BigTam

    This Exhibit C madness is a great look for Jay Elec. His buzz grows substantially with every rapper who hops on this beat and fails to match the original…

  • Mike

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  • Meka when he first posted “Exhibit C” CDQ: “Do not rap over the instrumental if you get your hands on it. You’ll just be wasting your time.”

    Now every rapper and their mother-in-law’s jumpin on this shit…lol A couple of em’ been pretty dope though…

  • J. Dot

    Isn’t this dude like almost 30? EPIC FAIL FOR THIS HUMAN BEING.

  • Sage

    Lmao. Idc what anyone say, I laughed at this shit, points for hilarity. I deff wanna hear J. Cole n Lupe freeeze this shit, every washed up old bag wanna hop on this like its Rosa Acosta booty.. at least make it hot.

  • LosAngelesFresh….

    people are giving this track too much credit..
    …niggas is co-singing this shit as much much as drakes
    almost over-the-hill career…

  • Glitch

    slaughterhouse should try it lol i bet you royce will for Bar Exam 3, and personally, i liked the “Exhibit Sai” better than all of them including jay’s

  • lasean

    @Unxpekted and Glitch yall crazy Exhibit Sai was wack because of that song i wont even give saigon a listen

  • lasean

    awe and this shit wack damn cass

  • Glitch

    @lasean how is saigons version wack?

  • Dee

    heat..it takes a real person to recognize real talent/rapper and Cass got mad lyrics

  • ThaFuckinProblem

    Cassidy’s one of da best, no doubt..

  • FakirWise

    @ Scotty Mac – Because thought it’s his site, it’s about more than himself.

    @ J. Dot – There’s a few rappers over 30, probably a few that you still check for. i.e. Nas, Jay, Rakim, Wu members. With that being said, the epic fail award goes to who?

  • Sylver21

    lmao at shake’s caption…didnt even bother to give this a listen tho. I’ve been over Cass’ utterly monotonous subject matter for a while now

  • DopeSir


    no rapper alive can come close to the original. Just stop.

  • Dre

    Im sorry man but i feel bad that Jay Electronica’s song is no longer just HIS song. when this exhibit c came out I thought Jay Elec was gon get his proper shine ,but dudes wont let his song get the shine that it deserves cause they wanna go in over like “yo shit was alright but im much famous than you are so i could kill this”. Man i get the competitive spirit but man this is his most anticipated and probably most important track in his career, stop tryin to out do it.

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  • I bet Just Blaze and Jay Elec didn’t expect every rapper to try so hard on this beat

  • Rapidity

    Blu needs to do something with this…

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  • yaboy40

    wtf how is Exhibit Sai wack?? that joint is almost hotter then the original if not hotter!

  • ReLL

    who ever say dis song iz trash iz fuckin stupid cass n jag killed tha beat

  • Quit hatin on Cass. I’d love to hear any of you clowns spit as good as him.