Gorillaz – Stylo f. Mos Def & Bobby Womack

blame it on Shake January 20, 2010

First single off the Gorillaz’ upcoming album, Plastic Beach. And one of the few joints that Mos Def Sun Moon Stars will be featured on. Shouts to Spine Mag. UPDATE: Hit the jump for the artwork, tracklist and a (2)dope bonus.


DOWNLOAD: Gorillaz – Stylo f. Mos Def & Bobby Womack | Mediafire

1. Orchestral Intro
2. Welcome To The World Of The Plastic Beach f. Snoop Dogg & Hypnotic Brass Ensemble
3. White Flag f. Kano & Bashy
4. Rhinestone Eyes
5. Stylo f. Bobby Womack & Mos Def
6. Superfast Jellyfish f. Gruff Rhys & De La Soul
7. Empire Ants f. Little Dragon
8. Glitter Freeze f. Mark E Smith
9. Some Kind Of Nature f. Lou Reed
10. On Melancholy Hill
11. Broken
12. Sweepstakes f. Mos Def & Hypnotic Brass Ensemble
13. Plastic Beach f. Mick Jones & Paul Simonon
14. To Binge f. Little Dragon
15. Cloud Of Unknowing f. Bobby Womack
16. Pirate Jet

BONUS: Little Dragon – Blinking Pigs (1-O.A.K. ‘God Made Me Funky’ Remix) [via FilterMag]

  • Jesus

    Gorillaz are the shit in the urinal!

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  • Jabari Manwarring


  • Beast!

  • Haha i had a feeling 8 million people were sending this to you Shake

  • Kiso

    Fuckin’ amazing.

  • Ryuk

    Very dope. Gorillaz = Favorite band of all time

  • Otis

    Oh My God Fucking Yes.

  • ill cosby

    dope track but where was mos def?

  • skeme

    this is nice

  • Sano213

    would like to see some Sun Moon Stars art

  • bisi


  • grap

    ^shut the fuck up

  • KJ

    Finally. Is Danger Mouse still on board? anybody know?

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  • Mikael


  • Solroc21

    Sweeeeeet! Gorillaz are back! :P

  • lakeshow

    dope…mos def and the gorillaz should make a good team…can’t wait to see what else they have brewing. and did i mention bobby womack is also in this song…dopeness

  • Kiso

    Shake, be sure to post the other Gorillaz tracks that leak.

  • Justin Herschel

    One of My Favorite Groups of All Time DEmon Days produced by Danger mouse is one of my Favorite albums of all time, I Hope Danger Mouse produces the new album, Plastic Beach but whoever did the first song its amazing!!!!! Cant wait for the new album!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kano fell off a while ago so I dunno what to expect of that collab with him and Bashy but asides from that the tracklist looks dope.

  • Allah.


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  • bbrrbrb


  • nahmean

    gorillaz? really? smh.

  • MJD

    ^^^^^Get the fuck out

  • ^^gotta love the close minded hip hop fans that are out there in the world. theres more than one genre of music buddy boy.

  • Jesus

    Its funny because hip-hop fans are some of the only fans of music that are so close minded about other genres

  • Gorillaz! Been waiting on a new track from them

  • These dudes are the shit!!

  • DodgyC

    Jesus Christ! I’ve been waiting almost 5 years for their followup to Demon Days, and I am seriously hyped for Plastic Beach now.

  • 619sav

    artwork is tight

  • Otis

    Every UKG Man is thinking … How The Fuck Did Bashy Get On A Gorillaz Track?!
    This Could Finally Be His Proper Breakout Of The UK
    Much Love

  • Damon Albarn self produced the album. No outside producer this time. @shake for some reason i thought you called dude bubble boy. lol

  • H

    bobby womack….as in the Soul singer? and Mos Def is now called “sun moon stars”??

  • paul pearson

    shake… u heard anything about the release date? I was hearing march originally..

  • brooklyn

    this is a great song but i think they should drop some of the feature they are good enough they dont need all these people
    demon days was fire so im expecting a lot

  • little dragon > *

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  • shippkelly

    where is mos def aka sun moon stars on this song? i am not hearing

  • 3:11

  • whaha

    that album cover is cool

  • Truthsayer

    shit sucks. this album will be a pathetic let-down coming off of two amazing albums. the gorillaz gimmick is dead. just like how bobby womack soon will be.

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  • mALiZ


  • bigcatjam

    Its definitely not Feel Good Inc.

  • Ryuk

    @ TruthSayer

    You really think your opinion matters. “You aint worth the pussy that you sit on”-(C) NaS

    This is going to be Epic. AOTY. Just Watch.

  • Truthsayer


    And yours does? Ha… You’re like a typical art historian. Negative criticism is just as important. This shit sucks. Sorry, but it does. Blur sucks too. The world is not objective.

  • Truthsayer

    And yours does? Ha… You’re like a typical art historian. Negative criticism is just as important. This shit sucks. Sorry, but it does. Blur sucks too. And so does NaS. The most over-hyped, over-blown rapper of our generation. The world is not objective though. And I don’t really mind. Do you?

  • Put on that Bobby Womack!

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  • buzz

    i was not so impressed by bobby womack to be honest, but mos killed it. awesome!

  • bawse


  • pumbaclut

    damon Albarn UK stand up! lol…Y do people just say that with rappers.

  • PhilGood

    not bad, need to wait the next one. Bobby… such a magic voice
    Where is Mos Def??

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  • Ryuk

    @ TruthSayer

    Whio are you trying to convince with your ridiculous comments? Your entitled to your dumb ass opinion. But Saying Gorillaz And, Blur, And NaS Suck, makes you look dumb as fuck. These artist are so well percieved saying they aren’t good is barely even up for debate. They’ve proven it time and time again with stellar project after stellar project. In Short, NO ONE cares what you think.

  • Ryuk

    nd to anyone saying where is Mos, are you listening to the song? He is the one rapping at the end of the song.

  • Ty

    disappointed Del and bootie brown are not up on there.

  • oSCaR

    Well i think this album will be completly different, maybe better maybe worst, but different.

  • oSCaR

    by the way, Gorillaz, mention, this album will be more pop, so you hard rockers don´t expext to much. Right Now i´m Hearin´the Stylo Single, it´s cool. VIVA GORILLAZ KABRONEZ!!!!!

  • Gorillaz always come through with some sick shit. Can’t wait.

  • yadida


    Its funny because hip-hop fans are some of the only fans of music that are so close minded about other genres

    Jesus said this on January 20th, 2010 at 1:34 pm

    serious? i love the fuck outa hiphop but ill listen to anything that sounds good to the ear..i think the people that are stuck on the radio are the ones that are the closed minded people..not just hiphop heads in general

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  • gorillaz – Stylo (stutter step remix: http://alturl.com/4zkg)

  • WAGZ

    lol Truthsayer is probably a lil wayne fan..
    this song is fire, it takes a couple listens to grow on you though..as for the album? i’ve heard it, i suggest you do the same before you get all ‘music official’. but do so on an empty stomach, you’ll be eating your words..

  • cartoon

    pure garbage!! I have heard the whole album and its the worst 80’s retro attempt wanna be crap i’ve ever heard. only fanboi’s will say this is good – but in the real its terible

  • Hendrik

    i was so happy to find out this was out, got it immediately (thank u pb) what the fuck is going on here? this shit was a fucking flop, u guys must be some die hard fans. no fucking depth, fuck a concept, where the hell is his fusion of style, no layers, no damn production. He ate some beats and synth lines and shat it out into a sequencing program. What a let down. Snoop dogg, for real, no flow in that track whut so ever, what so ever. Stylo is okay… whut the hell is up with that sample in the beginning. DD self titled and the g and d sides owned. Likita comes home is beyond words even, i was blown away. but this album, shear crap. Nothing stands out, i am extremely upset i wont be able to listen to any good new Gorrilaz. ive loved them since clint dude, for real, but this is just to much Bs to put on a cd.

  • ^^^Damon was going for something different from the last album he wanted a more pop feel to it and said so his self that it wasnt going to sound like your regular gorillaz…personally i love the album and the concpet is still in there very strong gotta follow the site and the videos and everything….and @Brooklyn…their a virtual band….almost every one of their songs is filled with one feature or another the only constant member is Damon Alburn who does the vocals for 2D



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