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Lee Bannon & C Plus – The Smallest Giant (FreEP)

blame it on Shake January 20, 2010

With a busy release schedule ahead of him, the homie Lee Bannon links up with Sacramento emcee C Plus for an 11-track EP. One that the dopehouse is premiering on this little thing right here we call the internet. And on top of this, fans of Lee Bannon can also look forward to his upcoming Gangsta Grillz mixtape with Willie the Kid as well as Volumes 3 & 4 of his Big Toy Boy Beat Tape series.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

01 Hello
02 New Year New $
03 Yea Yea Yea
04 Waiting
05 Invader
06 The Chemistry
07 Doin’ Me pt.2
08 The Climb
09 Nigga Talk w/ Lamont Lee (Skit)
10 Lighters
11 Tighten’ Up

DOWNLOAD: Lee Bannon & C Plus – The Smallest Giant (FreEP)

  • AYO!!!! Shout outs the homie Plus & Bannon on this, 2 of Sacramento’s best.

  • Konkwest

    lee bannon and c plus = classic

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  • DJ Kazz

    Sacramento stand up…C Plus has been holding down the city for a while now & Bannon’s makin big noise

  • Justin Herschel

    Tracks R Dope but the link is fucked up!!!!! track one is missing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shits dope fam! yall killing it, only setting the bar higher for the rest of sac! thats whats up. Lets show the world what we about!

  • dmt.

    C Plus on 2dopeboyz??? yesssssssss, sacramento is getting some shine.

  • powthelegend

    Bannon best producer in the west (the new mugs)

  • DBynum

    i’m gonna need the features on this cuz i hear a few other MCs.

  • DJWillZayne

    damn, that New Year New $ track goes hard as fuck
    “top 10 when i clock in i do work, i make you wanna go to church or do both like a preacher/interesting, dont you see the conflict of interest?”

  • D. $cience

    I’m from Sac, and I never heard of C-Plus. Since he’s backed by Lee Bannon, I’m gonna have to peep this out.

  • shit is crazy… New Year, New $ …C Plus is one of the best and top two in Sac

  • blahtalk

    Bannon’s a beast might beter then mugzz?

  • Michael C.

    damn, this whole EP is dope as fuck! and it’s free!? I feel like I should be paying for this shit!

  • Bannon got dope beats for sure and C Plus, well that dude be goin’ in! Plus is one of the illest up and comers from California. can’t wait to check the tape.. downloading now!

  • Dilla = GOAT

    Bannon is that next dude…!!!

  • Fro

    was hello corrupt for anyone else?

  • J to tha S

    im down with sacto…but this dude sounds mad mediocre to me..typical backpack raps…

  • moneypaquiao

    y’all need to fawks wit it.. industry’s sleepin if they don’t put this cat on SOON!!! 916 got some MAJOR heat. RESPECT!

  • Fro

    thanks shake.

  • Unxpekted

    lee bannon > all the bullshit

  • NSFW

    cant lose with Bannon on the beat and Plus the best spitta comin outta sac… period

  • DJ Kazz


    that’s crazy that you havent heard of him (no diss), you never heard his stuff w/State Cap./The neighborhood Watch?

  • Penny

    The best I’ve heard in a long time a true achievement in hip hop.

  • DennyFlow

    good tape right here…ive been feelin bannon’s proudction since that marvin gaye mixtape & this cplus cat aint half bad.

  • Bannon and Plus?!? Redic…

  • ^^^what 2dopeboyz needs is that No More Heroes project.

  • glad to see this on here.i cant wait to hear it cuz I already know it’s gonna be great..C Plus be spittin

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  • here goes an updated link with the intro and 3 other songs + track listing http://www.mediafire.com/?h1wmrufreof


  • DocOck

    good tape right here…bannon’s beats are on point & the MC has some dope lines.

  • @DBynum “Yea Yea Yea” features A.v. (that’s me), “Doin Me Pt. 2” features Hanlin’. Both me and Hanlin’ are in a group with C Plus called State Cap. (Myspace.com/statecap)

    C Plus been putting in work, glad to see he finally got up on 2DBZ. C Plus and I been making music together for the past 4 years, he’s definitely next up in Sac. Don’t sleep.

  • big

    the sound quality of this mixtape is pitiful too bad cuz the guy can spit

  • M.I.N.D.

    The beat from Yea Yea Yea was stolen from a German producer named fLako and was already used by rappers named Versis and Kit. If you want proof, look for fLako’s “First Spaceshit on the Moon” instrumental album.

    What’s up with that, Bannon?

    Flako’s release: http://www.mediafire.com/?1nqvzmmjanx

  • @M.I.N.D.

    Bannon doesn’t jack beats my nigga ….if you fuck with the updated version (which i wasn’t able to get to Shake before he posted) Flako, Slim Kat, and Dj Premier all got their rightful production credit, as did the featured emcees. Here’s the updated link w/4 extra songs (including hello), full track listing, and artwork: http://www.mediafire.com/?h1wmrufreof


  • M.I.N.D.

    That works. Was hoping one of my favorite new artists (Bannon) wasn’t a Chuck Hamilton. Thanks for clearing it up, I will push the news to fLako.

  • @M.I.N.D.

    …haha word. thanks for passing it along, Flako’s hella dope



    These guys are good dudes but this project is so-so. Some of the comments on this are fake and cheesy. I’ll leave his name out of this. I told you so?

  • C=Plus & Bannon, 2 of Sac’s finest! The EP is BANANAS! I hope to see more of C-Plus and other sac emcees get some shine on 2DB! Much Love!

  • Bannon x PlusMoney = Dope.

    Bannon x PlusMoney x 2 Dopeboys = A Great Look For SAC.

  • Crazy……

  • Dizzy

    decent tape-bannons beats slap hella hard & plus has some dope lines. pretty much straighforward rap tho, not much variation. 7.5/10

  • Bout time my nigga plus got some big recognition. 1 of Sac’s Best Hands down and Bannon is super legit. Sac Town Wussup!!

  • C Plus x Lee Bannon is definitely a good look for Sac…

  • C PLUS is my favorite rapper.

  • Nice project Bannon and Plus put together

  • and yuh say cap city! …all star cast…nuff said..

  • Glossy_Chica

    i gotta support the norcal homies, but plus is fine as hell =)

  • Sactown Stand Up!

  • sacramento STAND UP

  • It’s about time C plus gets some love. One of Sac’s illest.

  • this is a classic joint!! good shit Plus and Bannon!! from the homey Confaential,

  • The Homey Cplus is a spitter and Bannon doin his shit!!! good shit fellaz from the homey Confaential


    look Sacramento built a hype machine!

  • is this the guy who did the UNI & Talib track?

  • outKasted

    nice EP and that’s for the other link PlusMoney


    Plus I heard you want to hurt me, please don’t.

  • high side n

    The production and lyrics go hand in hand … HARD!

  • Damn Crazy For Them To See This Gettin This Much Love On An Outta Town Blog.. Thats Love, My nigga Bannon Doin It… haha since the buljan days brodie ahah

  • Brett Amione

    This seems like it won’t disappoint it’s got a lot of positive hype so I’ll check it.

  • yugang

    I’m WAYYYYYYYY Late on this. Man why didn’t i know about this. I need to research more of bannon’s stuff. This shit is fire!

  • Thus_Superior

    Just peeped this EP. Beats are dope but Plus shines on the tracks foreal!