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Ludacris – Conjure: A Hustler’s Spirit (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake January 20, 2010

Before we get his next album, Battle of the Sexes, Luda put together a new mixtape for the masses to enjoy (and promote his venture with Conjure of course).

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

01 Intro
02 Wasted
03 O Let’s Do It
04 Patna Dem f. Rich Kids
05 Conjure Commercial
06 All the Way Turnt Up
07 Born An OG f. Ace Hood
08 Atlanta, GA f. Shawty Lo, Gucci Mane & The-Dream
09 Conjure Commercial 2
10 Everybody Wit Me
11 Bulletproof f. Raheem DeVaughn
12 Conjure Commercial 3
13 Don’t Trust Her f. Gucci mane
14 Addicted to Money f. Lil Scrappy
15 We Gettin’ Rich f. Playaz Circle
16 Conjure Commercial 4
17 Regret f. LeToya
18 Sex Therapy f. Robin Thicke
19 Outro

The tape actually features 20 tracks. With the Pennies (rmx) w/ The Cool Kids & Bun B and Ya Heard w/ The Game both being featured on number 20.

DOWNLOAD: Ludacris – Conjure: A Hustler’s Spirit (Mixtape)

  • was he paid to make this?

  • ^ nvm, read the back cover.

  • Trell

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Real Rap

  • smitty

    do you really need to put “f/ludacris” on song for your own mixtape? is it too much to think you may be on your own mixtape?

  • I dont like the cover or the way he is promoting his brand liquor.
    Yo! I just heard this new song the Canz dropped over @ djbooth you need to have it on hear as well. I also saw this new YelaWolf Video which was like one of the best i’ve seen this year. Drop it on here.

  • ck47

    ironically I’m listing to Chicken and Beer now lol

  • shameless promotion

  • why are people even getting upset at the promotion of the drink? he just gave y’all a mixtape full of free music. its not like he’s just shamelessly promoting his product through viral videos, or ALL the rhymes are inspired by conjure. smh.

  • Awww I Wanna Rock isn’t on here.

  • P.

    anyone listen yet? those tracks where it says f/ ludacris aren’t just luda adding a verse to radio edits are they?

  • ^^the tracks with “f/ luda” are the full songs.

  • YoungB

    Another mixtape in desperate need of sum Art by Shake!

  • Meh…

    ‘ironically I’m listing to Chicken and Beer now lol’. Not to be an asshole, but coincidence is not irony.

  • Jesus

    If Luda was able to make twenty songs worth of music rapping only about his drink that would be incredible and I’d probably download it anyway.

  • late

    Shake – The man who believes hip hop fans are entitled to NO opinion on anything!

  • cav23j

    luda got dat stoopid frooty swag on dis.luv dis mixtape no homo thug luv

  • skiller

    ludas a beast. yall need to listen before you start to bitch, its new music from luda and its free. relax and enjoy.

  • this is what’s up! Bout to download now!

    @joe blow: I’m sure you could promote the liquor much better and even go to cognac and mixitup better too…lmao!

    why can’t people support other people? Hate is the new luv and it sucks that it’s like that

  • ck47

    That Atlanta , GA song is dope finally a Gucci song I can tolerate is that Dream on the hook?

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  • “That Atlanta , GA song is dope finally a Gucci song I can tolerate is that Dream on the hook?”

    yea. and its a shawty lo joint if that means anything.

  • i applaud luda for this. we get free music, he can promote his business venture. everybody wins.

  • ck47

    lmaooooo damn shawty lo

  • Who wants to bet the album doesn’t make that release date?

  • dookie

    thanks shake, i hate when ppl think theyre on some higher level of the food chain bc they don’t like the music

  • #3 Meal With Da Wing N Biscuit Side

    Gritty Sh*t!

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    Ludamyster in Jonnie’s top 5 favorite rappers list

  • Jesus

    What is Jonnies top 5 list?
    1. Lupe
    2. Lupe
    3. Lupe
    4. Nas
    5. Luda…………….?

  • SPank (Divided Souls Ent)

    Thanks for the post!!! Always good to hear new Luda. Thanks and GOD BLESS

  • melosz

    this is a nice surprise

  • Casso

    New liquor marketing campaign:

    Conjure. When you’re in the mood for fine French Cognac, look to the guy that made “Chicken N Beer.”

  • MrPyrex AKA WhipDatShit

    Damn i been waitin on this one

  • this shit is tight

  • Calebbbbbbb

    shake can please make an alternate cover??? that would be greatly appreciated by pretty much everyone here at 2dope probably

  • word

    well wasted is about conjure, as expected. the rest seems to be good ol luda

  • Archipelago

    Free Luda? Sheeeeeeeeiiit.

    @ Jonnie Hayward The IV – No one gives a flying fiduck about you or your Lupe nut-hugging existence even in you’re not talking Lupe and especially if you are refering to yourself in 3rd person.

  • Archipelago


  • y’all complainin about the cover? LoL it’s FREE music and it’s good appreciate it and respect artists that still put out free music that you can ride to…

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  • StyleZ.

    This is good

  • OnTheRun

    yo Shake, you should remake the cover, that would be sick if you did! take it into consideration. good mixtape though.

  • James C

    Hip-hop heads have turned to whiny children. Shut the FUCK up about album art and listen to what the dude has to say. Idiots.

  • I love Luda but I think the last thing people need is more commercialism of alcoholism. I mean drinking is one thing but being drunk all day all the time is played out if you ask me. I’ve been there I got love for y’all just don’t come crying to me about cirrhosis, hepatitis, and no license.

  • Deucez

    Sweet, some free luda? Oh hells yea. And no lie, the cover make me wanna drink some Conjure…damn, guess I got pulled in lol.

  • Wait, I thought Luda was too hot for mixtapes after War With God?!

    Yes, yes…I remember now….

    Mixtapes are not my resume,
    it’s too hot!
    And I warned them that I was coming,
    I got that number one spot!

    All good though. Luda always comes correct.

  • verizon

    ^^”Mixtapes OR NOT,my resume is too hot”

    Saying regardless of whether or not he does mixtapes, he is still dope.

  • “and if he cries, I know how to control that/
    give him a bottle of some Conjure cognac”

  • word

    lol at how many simple lyrics people misinterpret. mixtapes or not..

  • HeartAnemic

    Tape is nice…

  • Ran$om

    my nigga LUDA!!

    Check this video out — Hard-Ran$om Remix http://youtu.be/neygbsgIxc4

  • why is jaycee NOT doing this mixtape!!!!!!!!….just sayin

  • fayc

    does anyone have an alternative links…..usershare doesnt seem to wanna work on my ends…

  • Dope.

    Then again, 90% of Luda’s material is dope.

  • Anti-Minaj

    i knew i wasn’t the only one who thought Jonnie Hayward The IV make some of the dumbest comments ever on 2dopeboyz, but it is what it is.

    Oh, and btw Jonnie, Luda’s music >>> Lupe’s music, and not because it’s “catchy” either.

  • Yeah,he just gave y’all a mixtape full of free music.

  • Honestly, Luda hasnt been the same since he lost the fro and the braids. Not saying that I didnt love Theater of The Mind because it was a great album but it’s just not the same feeling i had as a kid listening to him on Chicken N Beer

  • word

    because you and him have both grown up. im glad the man can progress his music with his life.. i hate hearing people put out the same shit on album 3 and album 6. when they are 5-6 years apart.

  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    hm kinda late on this 1 but im glad to see my fans following my comments so closely…just to clear it up @ Jesus…Jonnie’s Top 5 Favorite Rappers List is 1. Lupe 2. J. Cole 3. Curren$y 4. Clipse 5. Luda

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  • mjack
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  • LULU

    great mixtape, i love it. even more i love how the song titles and albums come pre sorted and organized.. props!!

  • Sage

    mixtape link is dead, fixxxxx!!!

  • Chop

    Your gettin 19 free songs stop bitchin an look at the lil advirtisement

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  • gianthinker

    It says featuring Luda because its not his song. Like “Addicted to money” thats a Scrappy song hense the featuring Luda label. Its not rocket science.

  • VA phil

    Can someone re up this coulpe a songs i missed

  • VA phil


  • w
  • w
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