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  • truth

    hot shit

  • Ray Elec-Hanukkah

    Didnt know Kay Slay still has a show on air...anyway, Jay Rock a.k.a kick rocks is a basket rapper. NONE of these characters showcased anything remotely positive or appealing. Wheres the 5 Hour energy drink? Im yawning like a mu'fucka

  • http://www.twitter.com/jaydotgjonaj Johnny

    YOOOO Pill Went IN ... Thats The GZZZ

    J Rock won tho ... how I never heard of homeboy?
    does he make records that nice?!

  • narry

    as far as pure freestyle pill was the best big up to all of them though

  • truth

    Gibbs murdered it. His shit was definitely the deepest.

  • Marcus B.

    Wowzer! That shit had me take it back to Inspector Gadget.

  • mee

    Kendrick lamar went in

  • 555kinnyJon3555

    How is anyone sayin anyone other than K Dot killed it???

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  • MusicHead

    oh my GAWD! that was disgusting!!

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