• skeme


  • rukstar

    yo WTF happened to the coalescence. I heard like 2 coales joints on a torae mixtape and they were ill. Aint heard shit from kil and tor as a group since.

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  • Mark

    Lyrical Fire!

  • http://www.pwelbs.com Pwelbs

    kil-ed it.

  • Phill


  • Wes

    Get yourself a dictionary for this one, so nice.

  • yessir!


  • Skorp

    keep turning coal into fire... dude never lost his passion, and it's evident

  • http://www.myspace.com/mrmag MaG

    as usual kil gitz bizzy!

  • AJAX


  • TR

    yeah rip. track is crazy!

  • mamakool

    official!! salute.

  • Maleek

    Lyrics as hot as ever

  • Nate

    Rip go hard