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Nas & Damian Marley – As We Enter [Full]

blame it on Shake January 23, 2010

A snippet of this leaked back in June. Distant Relatives drops April 20th.


DOWNLOAD: Nas & Damian Marley – As We Enter | Mediafire
PREVIOUS: Nas & Damian Marley – Strong Will Continue

  • yerroo

    this is (2)dope!

  • Jimbo

    saw this last night, needless to say it’s been on almost constant repeat since then

  • Mohammed


  • Jonnie Hayward The IV

    Nasir Jones + Wassalupe Fiasco > Hip Hop

  • MJD

    God Hip Hop

  • Jesus

    This album is gonna be incredible

  • MMJones

    Three words, Sick wit it. Can’t wait for this shit.

  • Reality1989

    Solid.Much better than “Strong Will Continue”.Still don’t see how a whole album of this collabo can keep me remotely interested though. What ever happened to the Primo and NaS LP?! Now thats what I WANT!!

  • gangster

    this is so dope… been waiting for this since last summer

  • zany blunts

    real talk @ reality…

    i dont get why this collab came about neither, but whatever, new nas is new nas!

  • Ian

    I just came.

  • Jabari Manwarring

    this dope

  • Ryuk

    Smh head at the dumb fucks saying this album wont be interesting. Broden your tiny 12 y/o horizons.

    Anyway we are being blessed W/ all these great tunes as of Late

    As We Enter
    Strong Will Continue
    I See You

    Very dope to see.

  • Chuck

    The tracks I heard in that EPK which came out a while back (june I think) sounded dope, but neither of these has been particularly great.

  • Gavin from SL


  • FINALLY!! I’ve been dying to hear the full version since I heard the snip!

    So far, Distant Relatives has a clean slate!

    Can’t wait to get the album!

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  • Derf72

    Damn this shit is crazy. can’t wait for this, Damian can spit

  • Fritsche

    DAMN, this is straight fire. Nas goes off on this.

  • 88

    hell yeah



  • Curits Hampton

    shits wack why such the over hype ive heard a lot better

  • olugbam

    yo this is too fucking nice man.

  • olugbam

    nas needs more good beats.

  • empty

    fucking HEEEEAAAAT

  • S

    “The tracks I heard in that EPK which came out a while back (june I think) sounded dope, but neither of these has been particularly great.”



    this is sick!!!! Im bumping this hard!!!

  • wugi

    poland love this

  • Reality1989

    So someone who does not have the same taste musically as Ryuck is a 12 year old dumb fuck? NOW THAT sounds like a “real adult”! SMDH …anyway this project is just “meh” to my ears.

  • stevep

    some cuts i refuse to listen to early…man if i know im coppin it i gotta hear it all at once…im really excited for this album man im glad they decided to do this i know its gonna be crazy….i still aint listened to none of these tho cuz i need that feeling on day 1…anybody else feel that way too about certain projects?…and yea thats how bored i am i came on here to write this and not even listen to the song..lol..(drinks guiness faster…)

  • BLAOW!!

    lol reality i love his twisted logic… “you don’t like this??? you must 12″… gtfo here with that b.s. as we all should know by now, everyone has different musical tastes, hence not everyone with like this.

  • Indeed

    Damn I don’t understand why everyone wants Nas to keep working with the same producers such as Premo and artist such as AZ! Every artist has a right to evolve and grow but people seem to want Nas to stay stuck in 1994! Why is it that Nas can’t experiment with other producers and genres of music but people praise other emcees for doing it! it good that Nas is progressing in his career and Premo was not the only producer on ILLMATIC…Q-Tip is working with Nas on his 10th solo album and Nas is producing the Tribe Called Quest Documentary 2010!

  • nahmean



    It has been confirmed that the Strong Will Contnue leaked song from Yesterday is not the version that will be on the album it will have an alternative mix and a major Nas verse added per Nas and Damian’s team they made a statement about the posistive responses toward the song and the album will be mixed next week-HipHopDX…yes this will be the first single and the album will be released on 4/20/10!!!! Video coming soon!

  • sterlz

    This album will be classic, calling it

  • fay

    @ indeed

    1994 Nas > 2010 Nas, one love though

  • Eche

    Average, at best.

    All aboard the Nas bandwagon.

  • Indeed

    @fay…that is your opinion! I think Nas is a 36 year old grown man and he is no longer 17 looking out the project windows! So what you may call being better then…others prefer progressing NOW…moving toward the present/future and some people are uncomfortable with growth and change especially coming from certain people!!!! “In life you can’t press rewind!”-NaS 2010


    I’m all for the Nas banwagon because he deserves it. Everyone has an artist that they jump on the bandwagon for so why not Nas? Dope song by the way!

  • Reality1989

    @ indeed I have no problem with an artists evolution but sometimes it works sometimes it does not. Some folks like this new material and more power to you!!I hope the project gets rave reviews but, I just feel hes kinda strayed from his stronger collaborators (primo, extra p, q tip etc..)Plus I always felt NaS had poor taste when it came to tracks.

  • ck47

    they both killed it.

  • Indeed

    @Reality1989…well because you feel Nas “ALWAYS had poor taste when it comes to tracks” explains why you feel the way you fell…then your expectations of Nas should not change just because he does a track with(primo, extra p, q tip etc..). More power to you as well! How many artists continue with the same formula throughout their entire careers?

  • Indeed

    feel no fell

  • aNdUsAyChIcItY

    1994 Nas is the same Nas that’s here now. Shit, just enjoy his full body of work, he got shit for whatever mood ur in, gangsta shit, conscious shit, experimental shit, sick lyrical shit, anthems. Anyways this shit right here is blazing!! I wasn’t impressed by “Strong will Continue” and artists who stay in their comfort zone their entire career bore me to death. Mobb Deep stayed making the same album over and over, so did 50 Cent, DMX, Canibus, Redman, and a plethora of others, their stars have dimmed incredibly to the brink of irrelevance. Nas, Jay-Z, Common, Outkast all push the envelope musically hence their longevity in the game.

  • hiphop4ever


  • looks like this album is going to be ass

    not a surprise from nasir though

  • james

    jay-z ain’t push it, kanye west has. jay-z blueprint 3 is just ye’s graduation but slighlty updated

  • dashboard

    call me when sincere come back from africa

  • hierozion

    i knew the production in this song sounded familiar. after doing some thinking, i realized it samples a track from the Ethiopian jazz master, Mulatu Astatke. check out the original here:


    both versions are dope.

  • “call me when sincere come back from africa” = greatest comment on here. i would also have accepted “i dunno, sin….africa? that’s kinda far.”

  • Good Times.

  • Electrotherapy

    Fuck all of those hating on this, don’t be mad cause your favorite rapper can’t create original dope shit like this. This here is great music, two flavors combined to one, good lyrics etc.

    Nas > you’re favorite rapper
    Nas > _________

  • Reality1989

    LOL @ dashboard & bushytop!!!

  • dashboard

    i think if big and pac didnt past nas would of stay escobar the firm would of did 2 or 3 lp and az wouldnt have been blackball (at least that what i think happen to az)

  • aNdUsAyChIcItY

    Lol @ James. Yeah u might be right Jay-Z ain’t pushing the envelope like the others but he has lasted almost 15 yrs. Jay does have to thank Kanye for elongating his career. This song is on LOOP! Nahmean!!

  • = Epic.

  • prk

    i am so glad i got to witness this record. i cant wait for the album.

  • Shawn

    Both the tracks have been fire.. I’ll definitely cop this when it comes out.

  • wow!!!

    What are all the ignorant African comments about? I guess it is only worhy of an artist to want to be the next Frank Sinatra or Louis Vuitton designer for it to be considered dope or aceeptable! So because this album has some African sound to it…it’s “call me when sincere come back from africa” or “I dunno, sin….africa? that’s kinda far.” Ignorance is for the weak minded!!!!

  • jbob


  • cash rules everything

    Dope song!

  • Reality1989

    Those are just jokes @ wow!! don’t take it so serious man!!

  • Reality1989

    @ wow!! If you saw Belly you wouldn’t take those comments sooo serious!

  • _AP_

    Just wanted to point out that that’s not the official album artwork, those are old Nas and Damian pics.
    Sick song tho, been on repeat

  • james

    I like Jay so I ain’t hating but he has never brought anything new to the table. He’s just always been dope.

  • mdwstsfsd

    yes please!

  • 757to336

    this song is dope, but in other news… for God sake Jonnie Hayward The IV, PLEASE GET OFF LUPE’S DICK. stop mentioning him in all these posts that has nothing to do with him.

  • YEZZIR! Shit is FIYA as hell! Definitely 1 of my most anticipated albums of the year!

  • OD>

    damn, my most anticipated release of 2010 just dropped to being my least. I’m REALLY not feeling this or “Strong Will Continue”. Damian Marley just doesn’t do it for me.

  • Edge

    Soundin kinda delicate…

  • I’m copping based on this ALONE… Nas and Damien, MY GOD THIS IS SIIIIIIIICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • napalm

    Such a breath of fresh air this is!

  • Ryuk


    Aw I hurt his feelings.

  • DR.NO

    This is A classic Sh**… HOT Hip-Hop!!!

  • if this is damian marley from shottas then this album classic.

  • To the idiot that said the 1994 Nas is the same Nas here now…

    People change, learn new things, become more mature and experience things that morph who they are. If you are the same person you were back in 1994 you need some help my friend and you probably need to get out more.


    nah ryuk you just sound mad ignorant my nigga.

  • tris nigga!

    Stop wit the Nas greater than yo favorite rapper shit cuz he isnt, u was so thirsty to hear sum new Nas u done lost yo mind! The song is dope but dont over hype it….i’ve heard way better from Nas

  • tris nigga!

    Oh and yall can write yall hearts out on this blog about Nas but the fact remains that Jay is the greatest and its been proven time and time again…matter of fact he been had that title and it aint goin nowhere

  • Nas

    This songs crazy

  • Duuuuude

    Tris, get the fuck out of here with dat shit. We’re talking about the song, not your favorite rapper’s dick. Now get off it.

  • OD>

    Fuck outa here tris. Jay has dropped as many wack albums as dope albums, no matter what they sold. Nas has a far better record. I think both are well past their prime now though.

  • I Love This One. Dope!

  • word

    not feelin.. beat or damion. i usually dont fucks with nas but his part isnt so bad. the beat though, no thank you.

  • tris nigga!

    U gotta be fuckin kiddin me! Nas been slippin since stillmatic nigga! and aint nobody on fuckin Jay’s dick u homo by the way for typin that shit, im jus statin facts…I said the song was dope so shut the fuck up…I jus dont think Nas is the greastest of shit period! He in my top 5 but not the greatest yo…my list is 1.Jay-Z 2.Biggie 3.Nas 4.Tupac 5.Jadakiss/Common my list is based on longevity with in the game, consistency, and lyrical talent

  • tris nigga!


  • Reality1989

    @ Ryuk not really my dude, my skin is alot thicker than that!

  • @wow….if you saw belly you would know what we’re talking about. then again, if you saw belly you would have to sit through possibly the worst ending to a movie ever. probably pushes co-writer nas off the goat list alone…but nastradamus did it anyway.
    having said that, i have been waiting for this album since “road to zion” dropped. have not been blown away by what’s leaked so far, but i’m still amped for this! might have to follow ol’ boy from above and boycott the leaks and wait for the lp.

  • james

    tris, jay’s lyrical talent is where?

    that’s your dead or alive?

    you should be smacked

  • CF

    Yeahhh… Flipped some Mulatu!

  • Jamie Wen

    Been waiting on this for sooo long

  • Word

    my list is 1.Jay-Z 2.Biggie 3.Nas 4.Tupac 5.Jadakiss/Common my list is based on longevity with in the game, consistency, and lyrical talent


    Yeah cos Ready To Die was SOOO much better then Illmatic? and he died in 97. STFU. Jay has dropped so many wack albums I cant count them on two hands. Nas dropped One bad album in 99 that was rushed from record labels and the gems on the ablum like Amongst Kings, Papa Was a Playa, Project Windows (og) etc was RUSHED. Nas is the best, stop hatin allready.

  • jairzinho

    Whatever happend to the nas&primo joint? Whatever happend to the ghost&doom shit, whatever hahappend to 2dopeboyz asking ghostface killa questions & then posting that shitup for every1 to see?&comment on?!


  • Ryuk


    Who you trying to convince kid? your starting blog beef? Fail.

  • Ryuk

    you say I sound ignorant in the same sentence you call me ” my nigga.” Surely the irony is not beyond even you.

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  • mostknownunknown

    having the post with Lil Scrappy right below makes me realize how much him and NaS look alike

  • Jay-Z hasn’t been relevant in Hip Hop since the Black Album. Since then the only thing that sells his albums is his name. Before the Black Album he released an assortment of wack albums, but the Black Album was his last decent album. He’s been ass since then, if a new artist released KC, AG or BP3 he’d be laughed at.

  • Its good, but it would be even better if I knew what the hell Damian was saying.

  • Don’t see how some of you think this is an odd combination … I think it’s going to be dope, and the first two leaks have been good.

  • Reality1989

    @ Ryuck Who’s startin blog beef? I just commented on a song I didnt like, your the one callin dudes “12 year old dumb fucks” for not liking it.My last post responding to foolishness. I’m about the music brother!

  • aNdUsAyChIcItY

    “To the idiot that said the 1994 Nas is the same Nas here now…

    People change, learn new things, become more mature and experience things that morph who they are. If you are the same person you were back in 1994 you need some help my friend and you probably need to get out more.”

    @ Tommy K
    I guess I’m the idiot that said that. U missed my point entirely, u happened to make the exact point I was trying to convey with my comment, but u took it a little too literally. I was talking about his talent and lyrical ability still being the same as 1994, people just mad cuz he ain’t talking about the same shit as Illmatic, just like u said people change and mature. And save the insults please, makes u seem real immature.

  • ^Well I am immature. And don’t really care.

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  • aNdUsAyChIcItY

    Nas/Jr. Gong collaboration album >>>>>>>>> Jay-Z/R. Kelly collaboration album (Nas stays beating him)

  • RICK RO$$


    nas has “can’t pick good beats” instrumental

  • RICK RO$$


    instrumental = syndrome

  • lon
  • james

    If you’re dismissing all of Jay’s consistent work since the Black Album you should be smacked. Is he at his prime with it? No, but it’s still good material.

  • Not til April!? Was supposed to drop Nov.09! Album is done from what they said in a interview last Dec. what are they waiting for!? Did the huge tour all last summer and fall to promote it. Kymani Damians bro was in Shottas^ I dont remember Damian being in it, they were probably both in the sound track. One love to all the Marleys always inspiring. On that note I heard he let Knaan work on his last album at Bobs place in Jamaica, that would be crazy!!

  • Road to Zion off Damians albums says all that need to be said about how this album is going to be


    For any wondering, they sampled Mulatu Astatqé’s “Yegelle Tezeta” on this one. Great song.

  • Sampled from Mulatu indeed !

  • VizKhalifa

    Can’t beleive this was leaked…DJs suck! The song id dope tho.

  • lopez

    Nas is the GREATEST…and who ever don’t agree to bad everyone has different opinions! So stop trying to tell people that they are wrong for thinking NaS is the BEST! Just like you think who ever you favorite artist is the best there are those who BELIEVE NaS is the BEST the GREATEST OF ALL TIMES!!!

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  • marthetta

    @lease it’s different! if hip hop music was all the same we would’nt have, shit! to talk about… controversy puts shit back in order.

  • this song is bad ass!!!

  • LacDoll

    LOL lil youngns on here have no idea about what INNOVATIVE TRUE HIP HOP is, and this sh*t righ here is what it is. Almost anything NAS touch is simply magnificent and Damien is a beast as well. Very creative and unexpected “gotta luv it” two gifted emcees from two completely diffrent atmospheres come together and blend very well is a beautiful thing, thats thinkin outside the box somethin you dont see too often in “commercial music”:) Show respect when due. I love it, cant wait to cop this.

  • raggs

    A classic moment in music will soon be upon us. Don’t miss it !

  • greenboi

    dope as fuck cant stop listen to this and stron will continue

  • crimsun

    link is dead, repost? Im just catching up!

  • omid

    Fuck You Bitch

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