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Classified – Oh… Canada (Video)

blame it on Shake January 24, 2010


This dropped a few days ago but I let it slip past for whatever reason. The Canadian in me, couldn’t let me forget though! Filmed last month in Halifax, Nova Scotia; Classified called out to his fans to come out in the cold and represent for the red and white. For those wondering, you can find the song on Classified’s 2009 release, Self Explanatory.

  • Classified is dope.

  • mike902

    not the biggest fan of class.. but he puts on for the maritimes/canada so he gets my props. was gonna head down to the shoot but i deemed it too cold.. halifax/902 stand up

  • meh

  • RavRav

    Oh snap, that was actually kinda cool… the patriotism and representing deserves appreciation/respect!

  • diji

    never heard of class… but damn, he reppin canadians hard!

  • 123

    Not a fan of Classified by any means, but that reenactment of the National Heritage commercial at the end had me rolling.

  • HeartAnemic

    Good shit, Classified is dope.

  • dBiscuits

    HA! Heritage Moments, my elementary school had the entire series on VHS cassette

  • 2 Cents

    The fact that Shake has some Canadian in him makes me love this site that much more.

  • forevertwelve

    class, along with moka only, are canadas most prolific artists. im not sayin the best but easily the hardest working over the past decade when you consider beats + rhymes.

  • Anyone know what’s Class has been up do in recent times? Haven’t heard anything new from him for ages.

  • 902girl

    Classified is Awesome! I don’tknow what you guys up at the top are talking about!!! This Song and video are swesome and representing Canada !! His other songs are just as good ! Video Shoot was soooooo much fun too !!!!

  • keepin*it*real

    reppin Vancover,
    with the finest green,
    sexiest woman,
    that neva mean
    we the winning team!

  • CanadianHooligan

    I can understand reasons why this particular song may not appeal to people, but definitely check his other work, he has lots.

    @Epic Self-Explanatory just came out in 09

  • mosdefinite

    Couldn’t agree more Candadian Hooligan. Self Explanatory was dope from Class. The CYOA shit was mad fun ha

  • lunchbox

    fuckin Lahey…lol

  • Trial & Error.

  • pfft… canadian in you.. more like the canadian you “get in”

  • ^ Oooooooooooooooooooooooo (c) Psssssssst

    * and i do finish every sentence with ‘dude’, ‘eh’, or ‘guy’, eh.

  • sloop

    that nordiques hat is dope

  • I know it came out last year, but it was like Spring or something, a lot of time has passed since then and no new music.

  • JBillz

    Epic, He toured a hell of alot in mid-late ’09, and has also been in the studio recently for his album and other cats in and around Halifax.
    Pretty sure Classified tours Canada more than any other artist. Him and his crew put in mad work.

  • Faubs

    yes, also reppin 902. class is illl

  • stevep

    “fuckin Lahey…lol” ^^^….bahahaaha that was funny shit to see dude! TPB’s is the shit!

    hey but fuk canada tho they wouldnt let a couple felons cross the border and i heard the strip clubs in the dot were where its at!..lol…naw im kiddin i never heard of dude but this is a dope vid..lahey seeled the deal

  • I don’t like how he says, “Mike Myers, .. we claimin’ ’em all..”

    When Mike Myers was born in England.
    Besides that, this is nice.

  • meg

    That video is siiick..saw a few of my friends in it too! Reppin 902 babyyy

  • PurpleKushY

    I’m Canadian, and this ish is pretty corny… Class still gets a pass though.

  • DrewDogg


    Mike Meyers is born and raised Canadian you dumb shit.

  • j

    why they all white ppl in this video wheres they blacks?

  • ianism

    @Infrared don’t be silly

    @j there aren’t really any in that part of canada

  • ianism

    to be honest though, classified is awesome & a hard worker but his music doesnt really appeal to me

  • helena

    There are lots of black in “that part of Canada” (nova scotia). Maybe they don’t like Class enough to be in his video. Just a thought.

  • @j, @ianism, @heiena – Don’t get it twisted. I’ve been reppin’ for Class since 1996 along with a lot of other brothas and sistas here in Halifax, NS. He gets made respect for his grind and always giving back to his community.

    I wish more people of colour would have made it out to the video shoot…I for one couldn’t attend the Sunday afternoon it was being filmed…in retrospect I should have tried to find a way to fit it in.

    Class was also competing with other events that afternoon, there was a Halifax Rainmen basketball game (www.rainmenbasketball.ca) at the arena a few blocks away at the SAME time that afternoon. It was also the same weekend as the NFL Wild Card games…Not making excuses for people, just saying.