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A (2)Dope Fresh Daily Remix Contest

blame it on Illy January 25, 2010

If you are a (2)dope producer that’s looking to be heard, here is your chance. The dopehouse is teaming up with Fresh Daily for an exclusive Remix Contest for a song off his latest album, The Gorgeous Killer In Crimes of Passion. In the link below you will find the a capella as well as the original song (produced by Frequency). Starting today, you will have 2 weeks to complete and submit your version to [email protected]. Once all submissions are in, myself, Mek, Fresh and Sucio Smash (High Water Music) will pick a winner. Giving them the oppurtunity to record an original track with Fresh Daily and get a digital single deal through High Water Music (plus a few more goodies). So good luck, and we look forward to hearing what y’all got!!

DOWNLOAD: Fresh Daily – Video Gamin’ (Original x A Capella)


    i got love for fresh daily. too bad he caught a bad one in the BX last Friday.

  • JLA

    k, working on it now

  • I’m in!

  • Luna

    yo, i love shake’s artwork, but do a contest for mixtape design, dyin to get some of my shit on a (2)dope album!


    this way he can indirectly sample video games after the fact. moving on.

  • i cant wait to hear what dudes come up with.
    hopefully somebody will put an ill spin on an old videogame them song/soundeffect.

  • theme*

  • crespo

    what’s the email? in the picture is highwaterISmusic, in the info just highwatermusic

  • Def gonna do something for this contest!

  • D


  • Yeah what’s the info and all that?

  • stackhouse

    lol. what happened in the bx?

  • whaha

    dude got robbed

  • Frederick Lazarus

    If only this was for rappers..

  • Clemenza

    yeah whats the bpm?

  • CannonsMcFly

    Yeah He Got Robbed In BX

  • You producers should be able to figure out the BPM & ish.. Just saying.. Lol.

  • FuckHimAndFuckYouToo


  • Smokeeeyyyy

    Yooooo QUESTION!: Do we have to use that weak ass biggie sample in the acapella or can we just use the actual verses??


  • Ummmm BPM??? can we do this professionally please???

  • BPM=91 if you cut right where BIGGIE starts

  • Mr. Alves

    SouNZ LIKe A cHaLLEnge!

  • cos


  • its not a good sign when folks are coming in here asking for the BPM. you cant figure that out yourself?

  • I know right? Producers need to step it up….. That the easiest thing to figure out. Don’t worry Shake, I have stuff coming for you. Lol

  • Edge

    Yo, can somebody e mail that file? [email protected] (link aint working for me)

    Good lookin out

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  • bobthebuilder

    actually BPM is 96

  • i juss dropped a quick remix to this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTncpM8DRZk

  • 2TallJonez

    Fuck the beats, someone needs to remove his vocals from this album and add someone else’s. Horrible album.

  • Jayson Knocks

    Just finished my remix…man if this track doesn’t get picked, someone should still hop on it..its ill.

  • Hey, Fresh Daily here.
    Firstly, nobody got robbed in the BX.

    at all.

    I got robbed in BROOKLYN!

    I’m amped to see what you guys come up with!

  • bpm is 1,000,000,000

  • What are the rules?

  • Samples allowed?

  • BoogieDown

    They have more rules and details on the High Water Music website http://highwaterismusic.com/

  • sonic is blue but was green on my screen

  • 91.49(bpm) workd perfect for me..

  • I’m almost done with my version……POW!

  • Batiste


  • did you guys try 183 bpm? thats what I did and it worked perfectly

  • 402 works too

  • Stephen

    There’s my remix. I wanted something that would stand out

  • chasna
  • chasna
  • Harper

    hey shake or anyone else, if we have two versions we like, should we send both, or are we only allowed one? the site didn’t say

  • Jayson knocks

    might as well post the link. lemme know what y’all think http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IxSVt6OwdM

  • ThatCaliOooWee

    OoooWee Jayson ^^ shits cool…

    i got my remix comin soon!

  • Sempai
  • Jayson Knocks

    @ThatCaliOooWee thanks bro…post a link when you finish up.

  • Jayson Knocks

    @sempai that shit is ill…you got a full band or what?? lol

  • GF 911

    Your mail message to the following address(es) could not be delivered. This
    is a permanent error. Please verify the addresses and try again. If you are
    still having difficulty sending mail to these addresses, please contact
    Customer Support at 480-624-2500.

    So, here’s the link – http://liquidsky.ru/(remix-by-beatcheat).mp3

  • TheLastEmperor

    Ill remix Jayson, hope you win

  • D.strange
  • Fresh Daily

    damn, Jayson Knocks and Sempai got flava! Sempai you took this song to a whole nutha realm, Jayson Knocks, Im diggin the flying Lotus lo-fi sounds but the melody is really happy-go-lucky. Maybe something harder? Good work everybody though, really. yall are some talented mofos!

  • Harper
  • Fresh Daily

    also, all entries put on youtube and not mailed in wont be considered. You gotta mail them jammies in, folks.
    times a tickin’

  • KoolEdit

    how many remixes can you drop in?

  • Harper

    Fresh, the email isn’t working

  • GF911

    Yeah, it says it’s full already.

  • D.strange

    yeah the emails not working

  • [email protected]
    that worked for me

  • This is mine if anyone wants to check it out.

  • b_lett

    Dope remixes so far guys. I really like how everyone has different approaches. I put a light beat over this, but don’t hate. Song about video games, I’m going to make it synthy. Anyways, check it out.


    Good luck everyone.

  • b_lett


    My approach to the remix. A little lighter and more playful. Well done to everyone so far and good luck. I like how everyone’s bringing something different to the table.

  • jayson knocks

    Thanks for the props everyone…I’m reading that the inbox is full, but i got a few more ideas (sumthin a lil harder) word to Fresh Daily haha

  • elijah

    when they pick the winner?

  • @ b_lett: It’s so off beat. SMH

  • Just Finished my Remix!!! lemme kno what U guys are thinkin!!

  • b_lett

    Sorry, it was my first remix. I’ve only been producing for half a year and just felt like trying this for the heck of it.

  • NEvermind..HAHA…I took it down…Ill let it Be a suprise I guess

  • just posted the remix @ the website. decided against the video game sound- instead played off the reminiscing feel of Juicy- lemme know what you all think..
    good luck to all, cheers.

  • crespo

    best one so far posted argo

  • thank you crespo appreciate the love,,

  • Word to FRESH DAILY for makin’ this all happen. Here’s my REMIX: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MfyjQ5kEV-k

  • reezy


  • B-Boy XL


    I figured it’s time to unleash the bea(s)t.

  • Jayson Knocks

    @ARGO….DAMN!!!! you were not playin wit that remix, huh? nice! illest one i’ve heard so far…

  • Home

    Heres my remix:


    enjoy ;)

  • Beat Thief Remix in tha house…



  • Beat Thief- that mix is dope..

  • SFTC

    my entry


  • SFTC
  • Junkee Carmichael

    VideoGamin’ (Junkee Carmichael Remix)


  • safe argo’s appreciated bro ;-) love the big sound yours got ! the junkee mix is fire tho, proper libbed out lol :)

  • Here’s mine (no samples)http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/307260

  • the Count
  • OOH the competition is HOT!

    Here’s mine, friends:

  • Heres Mine…no Sample..Went For a Lighter type Of track..Still Kinda Dope though.Lemme Know if U guys Like it

  • I’ve did a remix and heard some of the remixes here
    My favorites were binary collective, beat thief and dammau!
    You tell me what you think of mine..


    -Jesus Cereceres

  • out of 104 submissions we narrowed it down to 24 of the best beats. now to whittle that down to 10.
    thanks to all u dudes, keep bangin out the dopeness.
    it was fucking difficult to pick 24 out of 104 beats.

    keep checking back.

    follow me on twitter too!

    or click my name to peep the bloggy.

    thank you mek and shake.
    gentlemen and scholars, u two.

  • Everybody sharing…So here’s mine…Video Gamin’ Remix by Tarikh Mizan

    Tell me what yall think.. Argonauts is dope!!

  • http://www.mininova.org/tor/3190711 – 512 downloads on here . Looking forward to see who won .

  • B-Boy XL


    Any way we can know if we made the final 24…


    Or does that fact that I don’t know, mean I didn’t make the final 24.

  • JAmes

    Fresh Daily wat u got robbed for , i hope u ight , u must have been in the bad neighborhoods like East NY and Brownsville.

  • Harper

    yeah how do we know whether we’re in

  • When Do we Find out the winner?! Ive checked this site FAITHFULLY since FEB.8th!!! LOL

  • Check out mine at

  • I check this thing 5 times a day now hahaha. I’ve been checking out everyone’s remixes and figured I’d share too. “Gettin so anxious I mean I’m gettin giddy so, check out my track it streams easy no kidney stones”


  • matt

    so what’s up with this contest?

  • Hmm…

    ???if this is any indication of how the label handles business…

  • Any News Yet ?

  • bazooka

    oh come on, how hard is it to keep us updated about the progress? fair enough if people are very busy, but how long has it been,three weeks now?

  • Mr.X

    We all Feel the same…I submitted as well..

  • GF911

    At least they could explain the situation. Damn.


    I won???

  • ????

    is this really that hard to judge?

  • mandingo

    WOW … it’s been almost a month since the deadline

  • anonymousME

    for reals. was this just some kind of scam

  • Contest?

    I think maybe if someone didn’t focus on tweeting so much maybe we would have a winner? We could atleast be informed about the reason behind the delay.. It really doesn’t take a whole month to decide. Was this really a contest?

  • stupidhaed

    I guess he didn’t like any of them hahaha

  • abc

    And even that he could let us know about lol

  • Ahem.

    I was looking forward to a chance at the little mini digital-only single deal. But then I realized: A) Fresh Daily is really not all that fresh (doper than say, a coochie mane, but certainly not even remotely on par with say, a homeboy sandman). B) Seeing how long its taking just to judge this damn contest, imagine you actually win. How prolonged and unprofessional do you think that experience would be? All that headache just to have the opportunity to give a beat to Fresh Daily. No thanks.

  • Ahem.

    ed. to give a free beat to Fresh Daily.

  • Valhalla

    idk I’d still give him my beat, exposure is exposure. It is tough that the process is so drawn out though.

  • Im sure theres a good reason why this is taking so long, however, it is still kinda frustrating. He did show lots of interest in the beginning, keeping us updated and giving props. I dont think he would quit the competition and theres probably a reason for this being so quiet atm. There are worse competitions out there, a lot of talent has been shown in this one and people deserve an answer after waiting for a month. We’ll see what happens.

  • dj impatient

    Remind me to never sign up for a fresh daily competition again. The way they’re handling this is completely unprofessional.

  • @FreshDotDaily Video Gamin’ contest is a wrap! Check @2DopeBoyz for details soon

    via highwatermusic twitter.

    good luck all .. looks like the wait is over.. acording to twitter.

  • MR.X

    Ive Officially Lost all Hope in the Contest…SMH @2dopeBOYZ