One Chance – All The Way Turnt Up (NB Remix) f. T-Pain (Video)

blame it on Shake January 25, 2010

Visuals for T-Pain and One Chance’s version of Travis Porter Roscoe Dash Luda and Lupe‘s All the Way Turnt Up. Nappy Boy Allstars mixtape, coming soon.

DOWNLOAD: One Chance – All the Way Turnt Up (NB Remix) f. T-Pain

*throws middle finger up.

  • I think the 4th dude & Pain had the nicest verses …

    but yeah, it’s kind of hard to NOT rip this song it seems like lol.

  • jlr

    ya ill be needin that mp3 like 5 minutes ago

  • i posted awhile back. i added a link just in case people missed it.

  • oneluv

    great song haha, love lupes verse over this beat but the video is kinda .. eh?

  • kidadonis

    did her just call himself the music jesus? UUHHHH….no.

  • Lupe flow on this beat is RIDCULOUSSSSSS!!! Check it now http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cI1KuQy0x4Y

  • kat

    I’m Rich and Po’ like Zone 4, thoughts is deep like Tone Loc,
    walk with me like old folk, ‘cross your street a score’s goal’ed,
    I don’t rap I hockey rink…’cause my flow is so cold!

    ^^^^ THATS TOUGH!!! ah damn it is true what they say about Lupe, this kids the real deal

  • ” I dont rap i hockey rink, cause my flow (floor) is cold” OMG Lupe, Stop it!

  • Linus

    I’m not gonna lie, I been bumpin the shit out of this since the mp3 was posted a while back.

  • niggaa… said

    “I ain’t worried ’bout you hoes (hose). I don’t even need to roll.
    I turn down your Ex like how you put your tires on.” damnnnnnn doooo you gettt that shitttt???? fuck this niggas genuis get this wack ass one chance video outta here.

  • Lupe’s version is more turned up than the actual song, lol. The irony.

  • I am on my “umm hmm,” they are on they “Oh, No!”
    I am really in here (hair), they ain’t real like “Soul Glo”.
    Don’t you know I’m so sho, them nigga’s got no Glow,
    find a master for you can come back into the DoJo!

  • Get your fire fighter on
    I aint worried bout you hoes (Fire hose)
    I dont even need to roll (Stop Drop n Roll)
    I turn down your Ex (Fire Extinguisher)
    like how u put ur tires on

    A metaphor inside a metaphor? R u serious?

    He’s on fire. Literally.

  • Jaye Jetson

    good word lupe…

  • Jenny

    I love this song forget rappin these boyz have the hottest vocals out there right now do your thing one chance and t-pain i love the rap & B music………..what is good music without a few tired haters good thing yall don’t get paid for your opinion.

    LMBO like piracy critics/bootleggers opinion counts who cares what you think if you aint paid for the music dont judge it!

    Record Labels lol

  • tfs

    and “I turn down your Ex like how you put your tires on.” Like Exxon. Lupe is tooooo good