• twoface

    thanks for the consistency shake.its what makes this site the shit

  • nahmean

    uh firsT?

  • THATguy

    lol loving the art shake.

  • http://theblackstarr.wordpress.com/ Blackstarr.

    New Corinne, hell yes. Thanks Shake.

  • Flippa

    The T-Pain track is most likely a demo, since he's talking about a male.

  • light

    the artwork gets me every week!

  • main

    good looks on the corinne baily rae. love that girl

  • realshit

    cassie is teasin wayyy to much with the name of that track

  • Sam Flow

    VIVIAN GREEN!!! where she been??

  • Clark Kent

    just a heads up the: the T-Pain track "I’m Seein’ Brakelights" is a demo for Jordin Sparks, it appeared on her latest album "Battlefield" as "Watch You Go" :)

  • Complacent

    Anybody know when the Jaheim album come out
    That Corinne album The Sea is dope

  • ck47

    @realshit yeah :(

  • The Most Hated

    does Nikki Minaj annoy anybody else but me?

  • DFEE


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  • KYOU

    is it just me or is tpain singin bout a guy...lol.

  • http://twitter.com/89theBrainchild 89er

    kyou that was a reference track as stated above and nicki sounds like she puts on a fake brit accent on this cassie joint

  • T-Dot

    LOL yeah i was gonna say the same thing bout the t pain song

  • mmkayy

    Git Fresh – Ooh Ooh Baby link is Ernie Gaines – She Likes Me f. Jim Jones..... lettin ppl kno

  • jimbo

    YES! Shake in a T-Pain Hat. Art alone has win all over it, dude.

  • http://nqm-e.blogspot.com Junie Effin’ P

    I was def. tired of that Melanie Fiona until now. Nice remix. As always, hats off to Corrine and those 2 Jahiem joints are on points. PREESH. See ya next week.

  • KJ

    ^mmkayy - here's the real Git Fresh link http://usershare.net/qktqu03znvvi

  • beanie

    Here we go. Dope cover

  • http://www.allthatsfresh.com Cannon

    Shake or Meka, when can we expect that full zip?

  • DennyFlow

    ^same here, or should i go through & dl each track?

  • T-Dot

    no need to apologize shake

    just keep doing ur thang!!!

  • randomdude

    haha ruben studdard no fuckin way

    this made my night

  • lamar

    you left out a few, like jason derulo

  • thakada

    once again, thank you Shake!!!!!

  • http://rareandclassichiphopsingles.blogspot.com Decapitatah

    Cassie.....I Would Fuck U Silly too