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Mariah Carey – Up Out My Face f. Nicki Minaj (Video)

blame it on Shake January 27, 2010

Why. Does. Nicki. Minaj.
And. Move
The. Way she does?
Hit. The. Jump for Mariah’s.
Video. With Ne-Yo.

  • sloop

    epilepsy. from. too .many.dicks .in .childhood

  • trippin

  • Steve

    2/10 for their bodies alone.

  • Quint

    they’d both get it.

  • better question is, why is she popular?

    she isnt good. she’s not rhyming her own rhymes. she’s unbearably annoying.

    and before anyone comes to her defense, quirky mannerisms and voice switches aren’t a style, it’s an embarrassment.

    she falls under what i like to call the “trina rule”. in which we know the artist in question isn’t very gifted. and so, if she isn’t spittin some sexual lines or something real slick, (which she can’t on her own) i don’t need it. don’t need to hear this i’m a barbie doll bullshit. she’s just the newest trick on the corner until the next one comes around.

  • RioGrande

    Steve you homo for saying that!

  • silence

    I really want Mariah Carey to be a white girl again

  • TheOne

    @yomitsukiongaku nigga you mad

  • main

    kill a bitch leave the body in the bayou

  • main

    slick rick sounding ass bitch

  • lonestar_playa

    ooo hoo i got yo about face nicki…….how about face dis diyyaackk!!!!!!!!

  • timothycarter

    nicki didnt make no sense of what she said in the video

  • Purp

    ITS difficult for me to get through one of her verses. i gringe all the way through.

  • Kurama187

    Songs straight
    they fine as fuck

    pigtails…….COME ON SON

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    cuz she thinks she’s the black Barbie doll. She’s tryin to stand out with a weird style but it just looks stupid. She doesn’t always talk like that. She’s a down ass chick when she isn’t rapping like a weirdo.

  • NEWRdaMC

    it looks like they were shopping at target

  • kidadonis

    Target Commercial?

  • Steve

    “Steve you homo for saying that!”

    What the fuck are you talking about cuz?

    I’m not rating their bodies 2/10, I’m saying if I was basing this song off the SONG alone, it would get a 0/10, but the fact that they’re both fine as fuck gets them 2 points even though that doesn’t have much to do with the quality of the song.

    Goddamn, reading comprehension.

    COSIGN yomitsuki ongaku

  • ziplockp

    hahah i know right i was about to say that shit. looks like a target commercial.

  • shorty oo-ops


    OMG Jean Grae look out, she comin for your spot with these crazy lyrics… omg omg.. best line since the “yellow smoke of buddha thru righteous steps”. *cough cough*

  • shorty oo-ops

    What the fuck are you talking about cuz?

    I’m not rating their bodies 2/10, I’m saying if I was basing this song off the SONG alone, it would get a 0/10, but the fact that they’re both fine as fuck gets them 2 points even though that doesn’t have much to do with the quality of the song.

    Goddamn, reading comprehension.

    COSIGN yomitsuki ongaku

    im not sayin this to say it, but i got that first time lol. the song is 0/10, there looks makes it 2/20. cos what faggot is gonna rate them two 2/10?

  • shorty oo-ops

    and one more thing i wanna say, why does shake, mega and eskay at nahright etc post this shit? its like U sold out, posting this shit for money, each comment gives u money i get that. but U sold out son.

  • im pretty sure they don’t get money from each comment.
    they do for every time someone views content “after the jump”

  • shorty oo-ops

    ^ same thing basically though, they use gimicky posts like this. same thing as selling out, cos ive heard ppl like shake comment on certain hip hop artist for money and gimicks in the last year or two when they do the same thing. nah mean.

  • Mr. 2010

    for some reason it won’t play on my computer

  • stop being just incredibly retarded. shake and meka get money for the popularity of their site (measured through view counts) and reflected by advertising dollars. the fact that people like you post repeatedly helps drive the popularity of certain posts and increase those view counts.

    in case you haven’t noticed, the vast majority of their posts and song uploads refer to emerging MCs and producers, most of whom wouldn’t have gotten any play without bloggers like them.

  • a

    yes so true i cant stand niki rhyming style shes terrible

  • justanothercrow123

    i think niki is complete garbage. but she actually looked kind of cute….with the sound off…but still. haha

  • emil

    I really hate that her whole voice change crap. Really annoying.

  • here is a better question why post it up period if yall dont like it? personally i think is a pretty sick female rapper i cant name any other bitches that do what she doin. plus she look good so why hate so much? niggas just say shit cuz they mad they cant get a deal

  • Chastenlouise

    Nicki is actually a good rapper(who writes her own material), she just needs to leave this gimmick stuff alone.

    But she know if she just would have rapped like her old material she wouldn’t be thought of.

    Its hard enough for a woman to be recognized.

  • Chastenlouise

    Nicki is not an idiot she knows what she doing, sex & rapping weird will get you remembered, if she did rap normal she would just be another Charlie Baltimore or Trina

  • minaj got that piff

  • Clint Chudyk

    Minaj sounds like Biggie in this shit, i dunno why she dresses so fucked she looks so much better in the red with no pink strands

  • this looks like a Xmas Video…Nick Cannon corny at the end…I need a back shot of Nicki…tired of seeing the side shot! lol

  • Moneymang

    She raps n moves like that cause I fucked her retarded

  • i bet these type of songs hella cock block a shit load of people

  • RIKO


  • RIKO


  • monroe

    nicki is dope. and she dont move like that cuz any of yall hit it.

  • George Clooney

    I had the volume down about 1/4 of the way into this video. Shit was just a lot more tolerable while listening to vintage Dipset.

    Nicki needs a new style. This is not to say I wouldn’t want to experience providing backshots to that ass, but that bitch cannot rap in no decent way whatsoever.

  • i actually dig this joint…and all of nick minaj’s mannerisms. guess I’m just into quirky-ness.

  • Tsk…

    ‘im not sayin this to say it, but i got that first time lol. the song is 0/10, there looks makes it 2/20. cos what faggot is gonna rate them two 2/10?’ You do realize that you are giving them a lower rank. In case you didn’t learn math 2/20 = 1/10 or 2/10 = 4/20. You clearly didn’t understand the Steve’s first post and instead of being an intelligent adult you went the stupid childish route. I overstand you. Also Jean Grae>Nicky Minaj.QED

  • Prince

    i dont care wwht anybody says the song is dope and so is NICKI i dont understand how anyone can hate on her for being different shes one if not the only dope female mc to come out since like the late 90’s and you guys are hatin??? its pretty sad if you ask me everybody expects everyone to be the same and thats whats wrong the industry today

  • fukthismainstreamshit

    um shes not dif nigas
    all this did was take lil wayne the homos style thats how it soundz ona girl

    and she isn’t dope i’ve come up with better shit then most of this shit just by fucking around the only reason she making it big is cuz of young money shit.

  • not a bad song… but the marching band section at the end was better than the whole deal.

  • musashi

    What is this shit?

  • TheTruth

    Kawasaki doesnt make t-rex niki minaj

  • Can Lauryn Hill, Rah Digga and Jean Grae PLEASE diss Nicki Minaj cyborg piece of shit rapping skank?… all she would be good for is steady ufcking… and maybe a sandwich after.

  • Nikki is the poster child for Special Ed. Eli Porter is her ghost writer and choreographer.

  • BrooklynsOwn

    I’m sick of niggas vouching for Niki’s rhymes simply because they wanna get their dick wet. Let me expand on that, just because a woman looks good, does NOT mean she should get a pass at what ever she attempts to do. Kim Kardastian looks good as hell, but who gives a flying fucking about her sitting at home talking to her mother or her sisters?! Stop giving women passes simply based on looks.

  • Mr. 2010

    ok, after watching the video, i have 2 things to say:
    1. Nicki Minaj is dope. Sometimes. This is not one of those times.
    2. Mariah needs to get Nick “up out her face.” Not just for the obvious reason but because he’s fuckin annoying.

  • Brett Farve 010

    Nicki sucks and back in 2000, 01, 02 she used to suck on remy ma’s cunt box. She is a horribly packaged half-wit act that will continue to get spins because shes with young money. I honestly rather listen to Waka Flocka Flame sing “Sweet Caroline” than ever listen to anything from this slut. YOUNG MONEY ROSTER SUCKS!! EVERYONE ON IT + Lloyd!!!

  • Howie Man Deli

    Minaj : “Too Dah-Lah Sah-kee?”

  • j.o

    what is the step dude in the middle is doing at 32 sec

  • London

    wow people catching feelins in here lol.

    Look nicki aint all that. but she has a fan base. why listen to the stuff then have a fit of rage all the time. switch off.


    yall stupid…Nicki got bars…da fucc yall listening 2!!! she had 1 of the better cyper verses during the BET hip-hop awards (and who all was in dat cypher!)

  • theedopeshow

    nicki comes from queens… she actually used to be on some hard emcee shit… or tried whatever but the whole style and gimmick she with right now is what got her “the crossover”… let her get hers! this song is so- so tho… but the bitches will like it! she still raps better than you blogger ass corn balls who rather be on here than get at some bitches!!!

  • Yatti

    Eh yomituskisussiskkdudu whatever your name is. Nicki raps like your favorite rapper Lil Wayne. So if you dont like Nicki Minaj you dont like Lil Wayne.

    And yes I do not like Lil Wayne so you got my answer if I like Nicki or not. Stop being a hypocrite dummy!

  • mrk

    you can tell wayne writes everything that comes out her mouth.

    and put everything in it

  • Think of videos like this as bait to lure unsuspecting listeners to better music and artist on this site.

  • target commercial?

  • FredRico

    Some (a lot) of people like how Nicki raps. Unless you’re takin everythng so serious, she is really entertaining.

    Listen/watch the cypher and tell me that was not good rapping.

  • @j.o its called “My Dougie” its a Dallas dance. Kinda old tho.

  • Qmarie

    who ever said they wanted mariah to be white again…mariah isnt white anyway shes mixed race, … nicki is sik she looks good AND she rymes tight..If you dont like her music, then you dont like it…why argue over a form log book if shes good or not, everyone has different tastes..and..i duno why ppl are going on about what she wears in videos..because its not like she decides what she wears for one…and i duno why people are going on about her old stuff..shes sighned to a label…they decide what she should release or not.period. you have to remember everything is decided for these ppl. even when she calls herself barbie n alla that, its probz jus marketing decided by her label and advertisment coz it appeals to girls.