President Obama’s State Of The Union Address (Video)

blame it on Meka January 28, 2010


In case you missed this last night, take a break from all your music swacking and watch the whole thing. While there’s no random acts of fuckery outbursts this time around, you’ll still catch people acting funnystyle throughout the crowd. Ay yi yi. I won’t say my thoughts on what he does/did for the country until at least the end of his first term, because no matter what you say he inherited a country that was nearly a decade deep in fuckery, and we should all know it’s not gonna take a day to flip things around.

  • Cardigan Jones

    I think it’s extremely dope that you guys put this up here. I missed it last night, thanks!


    these things are crazyyy..no where will u see a half standing ovation!! lol

  • lonestar_playa

    yea i saw dat last night on bet……really hope obama pulls thru

  • fuckobama

    obama didnt pull through with shit, hes an awful fucking president. thank god he lost massachusetts or we’d all be fucked.

  • Sasha

    More failed promises from Obama? GO! GO! GO!

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    yall can hate Obama all u want (Repub.) but theres no way in hell he could be any worse in 1 yr. than what the last Pres. was in 8!

  • B-rown

    Even though I’m Canadian, I watched it last night and I’m glad I caught it. I like his vision and that he doesn’t accept the status quo. I love how he shit on the Republicans too: “We did that the last eight years!” Whether his administration can accomplish these things is yet to be seen, but I respect his efforts to take steps in the right direction, simply because “it’s the right thing to do,” regardless of political agenda.

  • DannyRodrigueZ

    dude Obama is a phony, by the end of his term shit is gonna be fucked up. .prolly more homeless people, jobless people, and people with no health insurance. Thats the reason he was GIVEN the job for president. .to accomplish that.

  • Curtis Hampton

    He’s the antichrist look it up people, hes the devil in disguise just wait for another year until he unleases his real plans the NWO is real hes lied about almost everything so far he wont even pass healthcare

    once he reaises his true colors he will be out of there for a republican who can control spending

  • fuckobama

    i wonder how many people had health care before obama became president vs how many people have health care now…im sure theres a lot fewer people.

  • ncrep

    HE lost Massachusetts? you dumb fuck he didn’t lose shit himself in mass.

  • Ray Elec-Hanukkah

    Nancy Pelosi prevented me from watching the entire speech, they need to stop putting her in the background.

  • yaowa


  • dan

    epic speech

  • Rio$

    only good president was kennedy then they had to shoot his brother who would’ve been great too fuck everybody, and stop bringing up bush i hate the dumbass too but it’s getting fuckin annoying

  • harry

    At the beginning of 2009 all of the banks and the bankers were on the edge of bankruptcy, and citizens were calling for investigations, and indictments of the bankers. Today, a little over a year later, and not one banker has been indicted. In fact, the bankers are richer and more powerful than they were before the big scare.

    Yeah…Obama reeeeally hated that bank bailout. SMH. It didn’t stop nine of his top ten contributors from being among the too-big-to-fail banks. And, it hasn’t stopped those exact same bankers like Lloyd Blankfein (CEO of Goldman Sachs) from being among his most favored overnight personal guests at the White House.

    Where is the reform? Why won’t Obama bring back the Glass-Steagall Act? What is Obama doing to create new jobs and discourage corporations from outsourcing & off-shoring jobs? In Nov. 09, JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, & Morgan Stanley, received approval to pay back government stake worth $68 billion earlier this year and are among the firms seeking operational efficiencies by outsourcing non-core IT and back-office projects to India.

    I find it funny that there are still people who claim that President Obama is a closet socialist. The only way Obama could be a Socialist is if the Wall Street banking establishment started calling itself the Socialist Party. Obama is a tool of the bankers; nothing more.

    And finally, intelligent people don’t put a lot of stock in speeches written for politicians by other men.

  • Doc

    Actually you can begin to blame things on him, some of the good things that actually happened at the beginning of Obamas term were enacted during the Bush Administration. The time to blame Bush is slowly ticking away

  • NoBama should do more of these addresses and less jinxing John Wall and the Kentucky Wildcats basketball team

  • Ranom Conspiracy Theorist

    Illuminati…blah blah blah…New World Order…blah blah blah….I’m better than you…blah blah blah….wake up sheep…blah blah blah….Jay Z is Satan…blah blah blah…’Merica! Fuck Yeah!….blah

  • the world is fucked anyways so i really don’t care about what happens either way.

  • Truth Hurts

    The Obama Deception:


    The Obama Deception is a hard-hitting film that completely destroys the myth that Barack Obama is working for the best interests of the American people.

    The Obama phenomenon is a hoax carefully crafted by the captains of the New World Order. He is being pushed as savior in an attempt to con the American people into accepting global slavery.

    We have reached a critical juncture in the New World Order’s plans. It’s not about Left or Right: it’s about a One World Government. The international banks plan to loot the people of the United States and turn them into slaves on a Global Plantation.


    **This is not a joke, you guys/gals seriously need to watch this film.

  • infowars.com

  • shorty oo-ops

    This whole generation has failed big time. From the Entyertainment and shallow music and actors we look up to, to Vontae-Koolin comment. I can feel the tiredness in his voice and his soul. We all gave to keep up with time, buy the latest this and that. Stay online and connected all the time. We are being dehumanised and I expect ww3 before 2030. my 2 cents.

  • shorty oo-ops


  • Mr. 2010

    Its like this:
    I’m an Obama supporter, and as such, I feel like I must say that when he was first running, I had heard him say that we weren’t even gonna see the change for at LEAST 2 years, since there’s so much that needs to be done, plus with Congress arguing internally it’ll probably take much longer than that. I think the main reason Obama’s approval rating is moving downward is because people were expecting too much, too soon.

    That is all.

  • Random Conspiracy Theorist

    Obama is the devil! An I’m smarter than you.

  • Random Conspiracy Theorist

    Wake Up stupid sheep. I know more than you about super cool secret stuff that I see on youtube.

  • Random Conspiracy Theorist

    Alex Jones is my hero and I want to suck his dick so bad! Wake up ignorant sheep!

  • H

    fuck this dude , your boy is wack.

    google Michele Leonhart

    than tell me why mr. hope and change would reappoint her to the head of the drug war?

    smh , Obama lost

  • markers

    politics bring out the worst in people

  • My question to all you that keep bringing up bush(I can’t stand bush either) is where the hell are you now? What happened to the protest because bush spending was out of control? Now it’s okay because obama is in office? NO. Our first stimulus was a failure, so we’re gonna throw another trillion dollars down the drain? Really people, you see nothing wrong with this? A SECOND STIMULUS BILL. If you don’t understand what that means, reread it 100x…SECOND STIMULUS BILL. Means more FUCKING DEBT!god americans are stupid for buying into his shit..

    ncrep, yes he lost Massachusetts..vast majority of voters who voted for Brown(Many independent and some democrats) said the reason they voted for brown was to send a message to Washington, that the out of control spending needs to stop, that his health care bill isn’t what we want and it’s gonna screw us over more…and then obama went to campaign for that woman…so yea he lost Massachusetts.

    truth hurts, I saw that awhile back…great film, should change the title though so that people actually take the time to watch it rather than ignore it simply because they think it’s an anti obama film, when really it’s a let the people know what the fuck is really going on film..

  • Mic Sorc

    Obeezy basically said ” Bush shot holes into the US. I can heal it but I have to dig the bullets out first and it might sting a little. Now, we can sit here and argue about which brand of bandages are the best to use, but either way, we need to stop the bleeding and stitch this country up. So either grab a pair of gloves or shut the fuck up. I already got the best physical therapy waiting for us to finish up in surgery.”

  • b.

    the saying… “wolf in sheep’s clothing” come to mind? you smart people on here know who you are. p.s. the defense of saying “he’s better than last president” doesn’t justify obama as being a “good president.” i commend the people who voted for obama who can step up to the plate and say… u know what… i’m thinking twice about my blind decision. he’s not all that he’s made out to be, and be able to fess up to that. everyone else is in denial. if there’s anything worse than a president who’s blatantly FUCKING US, is a president that we don’t think is fucking us but REALLY IS FUCKING US. *use your third eye*

  • Yes I Said It!

    Lupe Fiasco >>>>> Obama

  • mic sorc, if you want to use that analogy that’s fine. but you must use proper references like.. “Bush shot holes into the U.S., now the U.S. is on life support, so what’s obama doing? Hes not just pulling the plug, but he’s cutting the cables so that we can’t fix what he’s doing”…

  • E. Madewood

    More promises (I mean lies) from Obama!

  • Palin2012

    how many of you would rather be living under John McCain and Sarah Palin? if not, shut the fuck up

  • obama is a socialist(like it or not his agenda is pointing in that direction) mccain is a globalist…unlike biden, perhaps palin would have stood up to mccain..even during the campaign trail they both admitted they disagreed on many issues…biden just agrees with whatever obama does..

  • blah

    blah blah, another president, more bullshit lies…whats new??

  • Jarvo

    Did Any 0f Yall Eva Listen To Reasonable Doubt. Politics As Usual! They ALL Fuckin Lie Republicans & Democrats Thats Why ididnt Vote. Dude Aint Gon Change Shit Its Not Up To Him.. Hes Jus Ah Taljin Head The House 0f Representatives Make Shit Go Thru.. They Gave Us Our 1st Half Black President & Said There U Niggas Happy & Watch He Dont Get Shit Done.. Obama Too Fuckin Soft How Black Ppl Was U Couldve Threw Any Nigga In Thea Nd Dey Wouldve Won.. SHIT AINT GON CHANGE ITS ONLY GON GET WORSE!.. Its Politics Man They Job Is Too Lie So Good To Get In Office.. iFeel Bad Fa Em Cuz He Get Calls Out Too Much Fa Doin Ah Shitty Job & Look Where We Are Even ThobIts Early The Worse Is Yet To Come Watch & It Sucks That This Nigga In The Middle Of It All.. Sighs (Ohwell Ion Giva Shit)

  • Jarvo

    I meant “talkin” nd “tho its early” sorry nd oh yea FUCK THE GOVERNMENT!!

  • qwert

    very articulate

  • rulli

    Funny how everyone expects things like the Recovery Act to restore the country to success in a month when not even 1/4 of the funds have been paid out. Recovery.org is the site, its been mentioned by the administration all the time to track this information. Things can’t be fixed overnight…

    And on the Massachusetts thing, is anyone from there? I’m not even close, but honestly, I don’t think I could’ve voted for that woman anyway… Not a good person to try and take on Kennedy’s legacy in Washington.

    Bottom line is, if the Republicans keep voting NO on everything, nothing will get done. Its sad, but the partisanship within this country is destroying it, not the policies enacted. I’m not saying its right of the Dems to keep doing what they’re doing, I’m not saying anyone is right here, but seriously, its horrible to see a division. Third parties need to rise and create middle grounds and extremes not the two main parties. Unfortunately, we will never see this in our lifetimes.

  • You know, every since the mobilization of the Hip-Hop community through leaders like Jay, Puff, Mary, and almost everybody else you can think of, Republi-bots like to stalk the Twitter accounts of sites like 2Dopeboyz, RR, and other influential blogs for posts like these. No one is stupid. That’s the only time we hear from them in the comment sections of our online communities. The Democrats are not perfect, but they are the only party that has ever looked out for the little guy. Learn your history people. There would have never been a middle class if it had not been for Dems and the programs they created. From grants for college so that the poor could get educated, to the Medicare system, Republicans have never looked out for the people. And Hip-Hop was created by the people so it stands to reason that most heads are Dems or Independents. If and when we are fully engaged and mobilized, we get the people in office who truly care about us. We put Obama here. Yes we need to hold him accountable when and if he breaks his promises, but we need to stand by him through the rough patches too. Let’s bend if we must, but never break.

  • should have been ever since, not every. soryy.

  • tonystarksification

    bout as popular as root canal

  • trunkmuzik

    how many of you would rather be living under John McCain and Sarah Palin? if not, shut the fuck up

  • ehhh at the nigga Rich, President got a post, and he posted an link for Play Cloths, like really, but they do go hard, but really…Obama I agree with Meka he was delt a county who was ran By a guy who told a Blind man “you cant see or something”(look it up) Give him sometime 1yr.in a better Hell vs. 8 In the Hell Satan dont wont to stay in…Yeah

  • Jesus

    Im not American, so I don’t care.

  • Jesus


    Were you able to look into the future of some alternate reality where McCain got elected and see what it was like? If not shut the fuck up with that completely pointless comment. Nobody knows what it would be like if McCain took office so how the hell is anyone supposed to answer that question. Dumb fucks like you need to shut the fuck up.

  • harry

    If Republicans are voting no only for the sake of voting no, then that’s a problem. But if they’re voting no because the proposed legislation is trash and ‘sweetheart deals’ have to be included in order to get all Democrat votes, then there is a reason for it. Simple as that.

  • M. Pass

    Can’t blame keep blaming Bush…

  • Jesus

    Anyone know if that Lasers cover Kanye posted on his site is the real one?

  • rulli..please educate yourself. Massachusetts didn’t vote brown in because they didn’t like Coakley, they voted brown in to send a message to Obama and his administration. I hope you understand the significance of a Republican taking senator Kennedy’s seat for MASSACHUSETTS. Mass. is one of if not THE most liberal state in the country. A republican hasn’t taken office there in decades. When the most liberal state says their sick of your outrageous spending, your doing something seriously wrong.

    For those of you who say it’s the democrats that are looking out for the little guy, you are referring to the original definition of the party. Just like republicans are suppose to stand for limited government, note that neither party represents what they are suppose to anymore. If you are so found of liberal spending(i’m from california trust me i know all about it) please tell me why the states with the worst deficits are liberal states..California, Massachusetts, New York,etc. Why? because of medicare, immigration laws, welfare, etc. Get your minds right…

  • jei

    Everyone talking bad about Obama have yet to accomplish anything themselves in their life. Go back and get your GEDs.

  • chronwell

    The Republican and Democrat parties are thieves and slimeballs, look at them! They are stealing money from the taxpayers and destroyin this country that all of our loved ones built and died for!

  • Ace Julio

    Fuck all y’all, I just want to hear the Obama speech over the Exhibit C instrumental.

  • Ross

    did not expect this reaction here, since when did so many rich white people start coming on these blogs?

  • @ Caiweed

    Seriously? You’re siting Medicare, immigration laws, and welfare as reasons for the deficits? Like really? First off, you really need to educate yourself on the issues more. Last I checked, Medicare was a Federal program – not State program. So that’s total bullshit. But with regard to the Welfare program in your state, that is definitely an issue. You guys do need to cut back on that. Now about immigration, it is an issue. But if your state and every other stat,e would build more schools to accommodate the proper number of attendees, in general, if we would stop filling up the prisons with non-violent offenders, ie drug possessions, and allow illegals to come out of hiding so that we can tax their earnings, obtain identification information, and have an accounting of who’s actually in the country, and pass healthcare reform with some allotment of funds for illegals… immigration would be less costly.

  • rulli


    I am educated, actually. Coakley was putting issues at the forefront of her campaign that didn’t need to be there and didn’t campaign like Brown did. Read up on American voting behavior, it will do you good. Kennedy would NOT have lost his seat to Brown, so to say that its because everyone is sick of what the Dems are doing in “one of if not THE most liberal state in the country” is a terrible statement. The rest of the state is Democratic in Congress. In November, if this changes, you can come back and rub it in my face. Until then, educate yourself.

  • Mike

    did not expect this reaction here, since when did so many rich white people start coming on these blogs?

    No, it’s just cool to hate Obama right now. It’s conventional wisdom that he’s a terrible president. The “liberal” media likes to create these narratives.

  • Ya’ll stupid as fuck, it’s nothing about racism. Obama is an unqualified fuck up. He was voted because he was black, and he’s fucking up as a black person. It’s not because he’s black, it’s because he’s inexperienced.

  • dubai

    fuck all of you and all of your views on everything. quit your job and get a life.

  • Seif

    I used to like Obama, but now he’s just bs. Fake promises, still sending troops, fucking up muslims… Fuck him.

  • Det31

    You can all hate on Bush, You can all point out that Obama allegedly inherited a mess, well, I can tell you since Obama has been on the job we have had two more terrorist attacks take place in this country. Bush’s job changed on Sept 11, 2001. Nothing else mattered besides homeland security. His Job was to keep us safe. Yes, we are fighting wars in two different countries, I understand people do not like war, but the fact of the matter is, everyday those soldiers kill people who want to kill us. The economy did not nose dive because of Bush, it nosedived when the Democrats took over the majority in Congress. So far, Obama has done a whole lot of nothing. He tried to fuck us with National healthcare, but it didn’t make it. THANK GOD. I root that Obama does some of what he says he is gonna do, I pray that he is successful, but so far, his speeches are all he has to fall back on. He is all talk thus far

  • ncrep

    Det31 do you understand that this country cannot last with this healthcare system? why do you think the auto industry tanked? because car companies have to pay health insurance for their employees (something that is not done anywhere else in the world). America is the only country in the ENTIRE WORLD that profits of people getting sick/hurt. How exactly would his healthcare proposal “fuck us”? I’m extremely interested in hearing your answer…

  • thedopeness

    lmfao @ Ace Julio. “Exibit O” dropping soon…

  • dopegirljess!

    i soo wish that republicans would get over themselves and see how much blocking change is hurting our country

  • fuckobama

    BLOCKING CHANGE IS HURTING OUR COUNTRY? ARE YOU A FUCKING DOLT? lets look at it this way. lets say you were in college and a teacher said “you can get whatever grade you earn on every test and some people will fail and others will succeed, or, we can average the test grades for every test and everyone will receive that grade.” what incentive do you fucking have to do well? guess what, you dont. its a slippery slope and universal healthcare is just the tip of the iceberg. the man is slick with his tongue and that is all. hes not going to change the world, hes not going to fix things for everyone. hes a fraud and i feel bad for all you fuck shits that voted him into office. REALLY THINK ABOUT WHAT HES ACCOMPLISHED? NOTHING. the man was buying off people left and right to get that stupid bill pushed through congress. the only thing there is to be thankful for lately is that the dems lost that seat in Massachusetts, because if they got that shit lord knows what kind of shit would be going down right now. the only reason, and i mean the ONLY reason obama was elected president is because of his skin color. call me racist or whatever you like but thats the fucking reason. this whole election was a straight up media coup and now all the fuck wits that voted for him are getting what they deserve. im filthy fucking rich no matter what. i feel bad for all you fucking peasants that voted for this dirt bag. that is all.

  • fuckobama

    “Det31 do you understand that this country cannot last with this health care system? why do you think the auto industry tanked? because car companies have to pay health insurance for their employees (something that is not done anywhere else in the world). America is the only country in the ENTIRE WORLD that profits of people getting sick/hurt. How exactly would his health care proposal “fuck us”? I’m extremely interested in hearing your answer…”

    you fuck shit. car companies didnt tank because they were forced to pay health care thats the dumbest reasoning ive ever heard. they tanked because they were structured inefficiently. AND GUESS WHAT? WHEN A COMPANY IS INEFFICIENT IT DESERVES TO DIE. THATS THE WAY SHIT WORKS. THATS HOW CHANGE HAPPENS. look at it this way, back when horses were all the rage and cars were just coming into play nobody was in a rush to save the carriage industry. why? because sometimes things need to die out. inefficient business practices must cease to exist at some point. whats the point of supporting a business that doesnt make a quality product? really fucking think about it. the US auto industry wouldnt have tanked if they were quality cars, but guess what. theyre not. they drive well for 2 years and then its just one thing after another. take a fucking basic econ class before you open your stupid fucking mouth again. please. i fucking dare you.

  • fuckobama

    inefficient companies will be replaced by newer, better things. its a fucking fact.

  • blazer

    ^I will murder you. what is your name? where do you live?

  • RoY

    First off, half of the posts above are just nonsense babble, but you don’t have to read mine if you disagree.

    I chose not to vote, because neither of the candidates (well maybe one, but not his running mate) coincided closely enough to my views. Now, you can say whatever you want about how Bush doesn’t deserve the blame or it’s time to get over the whole Bush thing, but what you fail to understand is that it’s NOT time to get over the whole Bush thing until the economy recovers. I’m not saying that it was Bush’s fault, but facts are facts. It all started while he was in office. I don’t know enough about policies during Bush’s presidency to make an accusation like that. I do, however, know enough about politics to tell you that no matter the cause or who is president now, the economy isn’t going to just fix itself in a couple years. It didn’t collapse in just a day. We have been in this recession for almost 2 and a half years now, but it is slowly turning around. The stimulus package has started what it was meant for; to help the economy recover. What most people don’t even know is that about half of the stimulus package is yet to even be put into circulation. There’s almost 400 billion dollars of stimulus package just floating around in limbo waiting to be purchased in the form of bonds. Now, I’m no expert on economy or politics, but surely it is more wise to finish spending the FIRST stimulus package than to sign a second into law, is it not?

    As for health care, I’m sure I’m on the same page as many other Americans when I say I am completely outraged with the democrats trying to push health care reform through congress without bipartisan support. But I am also outraged at republicans for refusing to make any effort whatsoever to try and work with the democrats on health care overhaul. Before I go any further, I want to make it clear that health care overhaul is kind of a misnomer since they’re not really changing health care at all. What they’re doing is changing health insurance, which I’ll get to later. Now, I am a student in college and I, like many of my classmates, am very poor. That’s why I’m in school though. I am not too narrowminded to see that some people are so completely fucked from the minute they’re born that they have no chance to be successful, but I do believe that with enough work and perseverance anyone can succeed. That doesn’t mean that if you shoot 500 jump shots a day you’ll be good at basketball. That means that if you study and work hard in school, you can get an education and go to college. Regardless of where you come from or what background you are, there are plenty of opportunities here in the United States. I don’t believe in handouts, and I think that just giving health insurance to millions of people is ridiculous. Here’s a cheaper, more effective solution. Universal health care. Eliminate the insurance aspect altogether. Who needs a huge powerhungry corporation that spends millions of dollars annually to screw people out of their insurance claims? I could throw numbers and statistics out there, but why should I when hundreds of others already have? Just do some research and you’ll see that countries with universal health care are a lot healthier than fatass Americans are. It is ridiculous that a man with a terminal illness can be refused treatment because he does not have insurance. (totally understandable if it were a woman though – haha jk just making sure you’re paying attention) Insurance corporations are the real culprits, and until people start realizing that we’ll get nowhere. Call me socialist or whatever, but just because I’m trying to bring down one big industry doesn’t make me socialist.

    I believe in capitalism. It works in harmony with human nature in the sense that we are greedy. Never in your life will you find a man (maybe a monk or something, but just bear with me here) that does not want more. It doesn’t matter what it is, but everyone wants more. Nobody here can tell me they are content with what they have and they could never want anything else. You wouldn’t be here listening to music if you didn’t want more. The problem with capitalism is that there are a few people with a shit ton of money, and there are a shit ton of people with no money. The great thing about America is that most people control their own destiny. There are always exceptions, but you show me someone who has absolutely no chance of succeeding and I’ll show you someone who isn’t trying hard enough. I’ll always complain about the bullshit that happens in my life, but if I step back and just look at it from someone else’s perspective it’s blatantly obvious that with a little more effort I could easily avoid many, if not all, of my shortcomings. I can’t help being short, but shit if I don’t have a 36″ vertical leap.

    One more thing. Don’t let your past drag you down. Obama used to do coke and now he’s President of the United States. You might not think he’s a good president, but he fucking made it. None of you can say as much. Stop bitching and go do something about it.

  • BrooklynsOwn

    Ron Paul for President in 2012!!! Our last REAL president was JFK.

  • JD

    Ma Nigga Plz No Essays. Ya Digg?

  • ncrep

    you still didnt answer my question..

  • ianism

    sometimes internet comments make me want to invent something to stab people in the face through their monitors. this is one of those threads.