• http://www.djtrackstar.com Trackstar the DJ

    THE FORCE....St Louis will not be ignored much longer....

  • risen357

    thats a dope name. rockwell knuckles

  • Patrick G

    thats sum fly shit he rapping bout

  • http://www.djtrackstar.com Trackstar the DJ

    oh and hit that Government Name link above and go get The Glow, his mixtape...

  • http://www.waitinforthedj.blogspot.com MikeG

    The Force of course.
    You wanna hear a different variation of this verse, check out the Waitin for the DJ Mixtape on which Rocky will be featured.

    Check it: http://waitinforthedj.blogspot.com/2010/01/waitin-for-dj-live-mixtape-coming-soon.html

  • A-Dub

    Solid lyricism. Lot of sense in his words...

  • betrott

    “…The planet’s wildin’ out, even preacher speaking evil, Pat Robertson’ll vouch (fuck’em!), Lousy mother-fuck-er, argument is weak, judging ‘Clef while he pulling dead bodies out the street.”

  • http://jonniehaywardyoungboy.blogspot.com/ Jonnie Hayward

    looks like Lupe is halting all his new mixtapes (DJ Absolute tape and Friend to the People) and only focusing on Lasers…

    click link in my name for more

  • http://cargocollective.com/eugenetsimerman Gino

    It only gets better

  • http://www.twitter.com/vandalyzm Vanda-FUCKING-Lyzm

    Stop Ignoring us. The force.

  • http://Www Tech Supreme

    Awesome lyrics....holy shit.

  • momma j.

    This guy is the Truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He makes the STL proud.
    Check him out.

  • Ace2euce

    Look for some of my production on the upcoming mixtape!

  • http://DMNDTV.com DMNDTV.com

    rocky is the shit, his music is hard

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