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2010 Grammy Performances (Video)

blame it on Shake January 31, 2010

We posted the Winners before the show even started. And here is a post that will contain all the performances, etc. Up top Beyonce performs If I Were A Boy; and after the jump we’ll be updating as they become available on the world wide web.

Lady Gaga & Elton John – Poker Face/Speechless

Black Eyed Peas – A Whole Lotta Nonsense

Jamie Foxx, T-Pain, Doug E Fresh & Slash – Blame It

Usher, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson, Celine Dion – Earth Song (Michael Jackson Tribute) [3D]

Maxwell – Pretty Wings

Check Lil Wayne, Drake & Eminem performing Drop the World and Forever here. Shouts to Yardie on the rippage.

  • MJD

    Kanye isn’t allowed within 100 yards of Taylor Swift

  • Curtis Hampton

    The Best performance of the night was Green Day

  • Right, because taking a mic out of her hand justifies a restraining order. Shut that shit up.

  • MJD

    ^^^^^Damn you mad. Get a life bruh and get off my dick nigga

  • MJD

    Bunch of haters on this site

  • MJD

    Fuck outta here wit dat shit

  • Bob

    @P’cola dude it was joke, why are you so mad?

  • DaleWillet

    wtf was that Jamie Foxx and T-Pain act? Pretty sure they was just trying to piss Jay off with all that auto-tune, but god damn!!!!!

  • Bob

    It was funny when Jamie apologized

  • Jesus

    The Jamie Foxx and BEP performances were some of the most terrible live performances I’ve ever seen/heard

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  • shippskelly

    where is this eminem, drake, wayne performance? they havent even mentioned it

  • duder

    Jamie Foxx/T-Pain officially qualifies as a RAOF.

  • D-Turman_d

    it’ll be right at the end just to piss people off.

  • Hawk

    A FUCK LOAD of nonsense from BEP, fuck is that dance……..

  • Curtis Hampton

    The Grammy’s don’t consider us music they don’t even show the category on tv they show comedy album but not rap

  • Curtis Hampton

    thats why i hate hip hop get rid of it

  • Mr. 2010

    If the Peas can get a post here why can’t Jamie Foxx, T-Pain, Doug E. Fresh and Slash?

    Just wonderin’.

  • shippskelly

    this drake performance doesnt exist

  • Jamie Foxx’s was straight nigga shit. I couldn’t take it.


    A Whole Lotta Nonsense

  • shake we need a gif of bey’s crotch grab asap lol no seriously

  • can someone please help me out. i need that little brother song that was on 2doperadio podcast @ 32min 50 seconds. Its right after the kanye song. i really need it… i havent wanted a song this bad since dear moleskine… if you got it shoot me a link please

  • Ross

    kanye! i was like, ok dude is nominated 3 times here, he has to win one.


    FUCK KANYE WEST…just saying

  • shabbudin

    man fuck dat slash’s solo saved that song

  • Whats the chance of Drakes performance being released as an AVI? Keep It True

  • Sano213

    mos def “BROOKLYN” failed attempt to open envelope

  • your daddy

    wow its mad to see how artists have changed..beyonce is a staple now , mj is dead,, remember black e.p back in the day thats the joint? who thought ish wuda changed

  • yungnitto

    Wow i need to see that Wayne Drake and Em performance again….

  • CuJ

    They killed that..damn

  • Lol, anyone else notice Drake’s funny ass face while Wayne is going off? They ruined that whole thing with constantly cutting out the sound. You can’t tell me that the motherfucker with the red button cant have the lyrics infront of him and only cut out the mics for the parts necessary?

  • youknow

    man, Em, Drake, and Wayne KILLED IT

  • forerver

    yeaa, the forever performance was very dope.
    they killed it.

  • your daddy

    waatchin jamies perfomance right now *Dead* looooooooooooooooooool ohhhhhhh ish *slips in coma*

  • mmkayy

    omg they fckn killed it……………… gotta give it up to wayne and im not a fan at all

  • Musikfiend

    Quentin Tarantino might as well have been wearing blackface…SMDH. Y on earth was he talkin like that.

    Their performance were decent but the music was so loud i could barely hear them. Y does Em look so corny now when he performs though??? lol

  • your daddy

    where can we see the forever eminem performance? *slips back into coma*

  • Jesus

    That Drake, Wayne, Em performance was ok, not that great. Whoever was cutting the sound fails at life. Last years performances were much better than this years. Robin Thicke and Wayne, SLU with M.I.A., and Radiohead with the USC marching band>>>>>>> everything this year.

  • Triumph

    Eminem was dope!!

  • Drew

    kanye just threw his foot through a monitor in his studio….LMAO taylor swift winnin album of the year….

  • Nerd

    I got the same super annoying sound cutting in and out too!!! That ruined the whole thing for me.

    CBS sucks.

  • mmkayy

    lol i like when they cut the beat on Em’s verse sick.. yall are haters now.. everyone was hyped

  • Sdb

    lol taylor swift won album of the year over BEYONCE OMG…AMAZING…idk wat 2 say … n i think their performance was mad hot and the nicca cutting so much time off the sound of their performanced sucked ass

  • Thermos

    that performance was epic…but how many damn awards is Taylor Swift gonna win b4 she stops actin surprised?

  • Sdb

    wayne drake n em performance* was crack

  • your daddy

    found it lol

  • Spoiled

    where da fuck is da lil wayne one ????

  • Spoiled

    where the fuck is da lil wayne one ????

  • k

    sub par performances. lmfao @ the tpain jamie foxx shit. fucking awful
    great examples of all the fucking morons getting the promotion these days. can’t believe people support some of this shit

  • your daddy

    ok that was history in the making..
    Eminem ,+Wayne=drop the world
    +Jay Elec
    +New kanye for 2010+…

  • your daddy

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVsLEUWotJ0 <<LILWAYNE+Drake+Eminem

    Shake take down if need be peace.

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  • Onederin

    Why is that Dave Matthews Band singer having an epileptic seizure right now?

  • your daddy

    I hope kanye doesnt get disheartened by not being there n instead makes a dope ass album cos he got left out ( well speculation says he got left out he mighta really been recording his album)

  • Ashley

    Can ANYONE find me an UNEDITED video of Lil Waynes performance?! It sucks that they edited it all out. They could’ve just done the bad words, not pretty much whole sentences. Geez.

  • Ashley

    If you can find me that unedited video, shoot me a message at [email protected] – thanks!

  • London

    wow Michael Jacksons kids ..touching just touching.

  • Shawn

    Slash on the solo was bad ass.

  • madConsumer

    you know that one skit on SNL with Keenan Thompson called “Whattup wit Dat?”…yeah, the Jaime Foxx T-Pain thing reminded me of it….funny, but random as hell (The SNL skit, not the performance; that shit had whack dripping all over)

  • NotoriousRambo


  • Cedarwood

    To Onederin:
    Do you even know what an epileptic seizure looks like? If I had to guess, the answer would be NO. I am not sure if you were trying to be funny but it really is not a joke. My niece has a brain tumor and epileptic seizures and I can tell you that Dave’s performance was NOT an epileptic seizure. He was having a great time dancing and singing…I hope that you will not be so ignorant in the future.

  • bous

    Beyonce kills that shit. Such a fuckin star. Bravo, Shawn Carter-Knowles.

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  • bous

    Not to agree with Kat Williams, but there is NO CHANCE those are MJ’s kids. I’m sorry. You can’t put a once black dick in a white vagina and get 100% white in return.

  • killakilla

    Jamie Foxx *in auto-tune voice*: I apologize for the autotune Jay-Z!


  • Don


    if i was t pain i wuda dissed jay in auto tune b4 they cut my mic “guess auto tune aint deadt bitch, u tried to stop me from eating!!”

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  • BrooklynsOwn

    The Green Day performance was the best out of all. Gotta give major kudos to Pink. She impressed the SHIT out of me. Slash on the guitar = rock godness. Love Dave Matthews, not the best voice, but writes some incredible songs. Only thing missing was a Kings of Leon performance.

    Those who are complaining about the censoring, remember it was live, and it’s not easy to cut the sound from a broadcast that’s being viewed by millions of people around the world. Then to have the sound come back takes time sound takes a longer time to travel depending on how far you are from the source. I see some people never paid attention in science class, smh…

  • flip illson

    Maxwell owned everybody that walked on that stage.

    —a dying metaphor—

  • Damn B killed that performance! Plus she looking way to good as hell! Jay is my mans but it still baffles me to this day how he bagged such a great looking woman as B! As far as The Grammys I didn’t watch them because wasn’t feeling a lot of the nominations & people that should have got nominated but didn’t! Figured any performances I wanted to see I would catch her on the nets! Which I obviously did about to check this other 1s I want to check in a little bit!

  • Brian

    when did the metal face
    doom join the black eyed peas. smh

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