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2010 Grammy Winners

blame it on Shake January 31, 2010

RAoF: Gaga At the Grammy’s Edition [via WireImage]

The festivities haven’t even began and the Rap categories have already been decided. Blame ODB © nation. Hit the jump for the winners (atleast in the categories I cared about).

Best Alternative Music Album
David Byrne & Brian Eno – Everything That Happens Will Happen Today
The Phoenix – Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix [Winner]
Death Cab for Cutie – The Open Door
Depeche Mode – Sounds of the Universe
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – It’s Blitz!

Best Female R&B Vocal Performance
Beyonce – Single Ladies [Winner]
Melanie Fiona – It Kills Me
Lalah Hathaway – That Was Then
Ledisi – Goin’ Thru Changes
Jazmine Sullivan – Lions, Tigers & Bears

Best Male R&B Vocal Performance
Maxwell – Pretty Wings [Winner]
Anthony Hamilton – The Point Of It All
Musiq Soulchild – Sobeautiful
Pleasure P – Under
Charlie Wilson – There Goes My Baby

Best R&B Performance by a Duo Or Group w/ Vocals
Jamie Foxx & T-Pain – Blame It [Winner]

Best R&B Album
Maxwell – Blacksummers’ Night [Winner]
Anthony Hamilton – The Point Of It All
India.Arie – Testimony v.2: Love & Politics
Ledisi – Turn Me Loose
Charlie Wilson – Uncle Charlie

Best Contemporary R&B Album
Beyonce – I Am… Sasha Fierce [Winner]
Jamie Foxx – Intuition
Pleasure P – The Introduction of Marcus Cooper
Trey Songz – Ready
T-Pain – Thr33 Ringz

Best Rap Solo Performance
Jay-Z – DOA [Winner]
Drake – Best I Ever Had
Eminem – Beautiful
KiD CuDi – Day N Nite
Mos Def – Casa Bey

Best Rap Song (A Songwriter’s Award)
Run This Town (Jay-Z, Rihanna & Kanye West)
Best I Ever Had (Drake)
Day N Nite (KiD CuDi)
Dead & Gone (T.I. & Justin Timberlake)
D.O.A. (Jay-Z)

Best Rap Performance By A Duo Or Group
Eminem, Dr. Dre & 50 Cent – Crack A Bottle
Beastie Boys & Nas – Too Many Rappers
Fabolous & Jay-Z – Money Goes, Honey Stay
KiD CuDi, Kanye West & Common – Make Her Say
Kanye West & Yonug Jeezy – Amazing

Best Rap/Sung Collab
Beyonce & Kanye West – Ego
Keri Hilson, Kanye West & Ne-Yo – Knock You Down
Jay-Z, Rihanna & Kanye West – Run This Town [Winner]
The Lonely Island & T-Pain – I’m On a Boat
T.I. & Justin Timberlake – Dead & Gone

Best Rap Album
Eminem – Relapse [Winner]
Common – UMC
Flo Rida – R.O.O.T.S.
Mos Def – The Ecstatic
Q-Tip – The Renaissance

I didn’t put the listing for Best Urban/Alternative Performance as #foreignexchangegotrobbed. I guess all we have to wait on is the performances now haha.

  • mr. anonymous

    you can bearly tell the words a bolded

  • mr. anonymous

    ^^are bolded


    Relapse was ass. Although the Renaissance was 08, it was the best full album out of all of those.

  • sub


  • B

    Who votes for the winners again?

  • OnTheRun

    best rap album relapse? lol. so overrated. lol even more at flo rida. i cant beleive he even got mentioned.

  • from the day i saw the nominees, i knew the 2010 Grammy’s was gonna be ass… Crack A Bottle? really? its not a bad song, but Grammy worthy? no…

  • air

    i cant tell who won the rap.sung collab

  • Wiggly

    I wonder if I could put a bet on the bolded above winning, could be a quick way to make a $

  • Electrotherapy

    Jay Electronica > [insert any Grammy Winners name]

  • J

    Drake should of beat DOA…and Ross & Slaughterhouse should of been nominated for Rap Album instead of Flo-Rida

  • bluntcity

    if you thought relapse was ass you can keep listening to gucci mane while admiring ur fake bling… smh @ R.O.O.T.S. getting nominated… cosign sub bp3>relapse

  • olugbam

    run this town won the rap/sung collab.

    ugh. im mad at the grammys. who votes for this shit anyway?

  • dmc

    DOA is probably one of the worst songs of the year, that shit coulda been writin better by a 12 year old T-pain fan

  • Dangerous Vortex

    Congrats to Em. He deserves it.

  • kanne

    how did crack a bottle win i thought that was a terrible song

  • damn i wish mos def would have gotten best rap album or solo performance. With the albums that were nominated Mos should have won that easy.

  • RIP

    Em probably got those awards in exchange for him performing

  • who got rap/sung?

  • dhruv

    how does that shit relapse win,and i used to be a huge eminem fan,still am of his old stuff,but really eminem beats mos def this year,yea fucking right

  • yaowa

    probably @ RIP. Relapse was still dope lyrically but idk.. I havent played it much since it came out.

    the bigger problem is the lack of good nominees though.

  • Jay Kay Lay? May? Nay!

    I actually liked ‘Relapse’ and even skipped school to get it the day it came out. What about who won Best Urban/Alternative Performance?

  • KJ

    this is bullshit. With all of that great music that were released in ’09, they had to find to albums from ’08 to fill up the Rap Album category?

  • why was Common UMC even nominated…it was critically awful..and Anthony Hamilton – Point of It All shouldve won

  • 7v5a7

    Thanks, I can now focus on Animation Domination on Fox…..at least 50 can stop bitching about not having a grammy (of course riding Em & Dre coattails as usual)..FAIL

  • “I actually liked ‘Relapse’ and even skipped school to get it the day it came out. What about who won Best Urban/Alternative Performance?”

    foreign exchange didnt win, so i said fuck that category haha.

  • with her hair “un-crazied”, gaga looks pretty decent

  • FZ

    lol at all these retards who dont understand that the grammy awards arent the blog commenters choice awards. get the fuck out of here

  • Gaga is a dude brosef

  • burd

    lmao lady gaga raof

    and rap/sung hasnt been announced yet

  • henecore

    Day N Nite >>>>>>>>>>>> DOA


    MOS DEF gettin robbed grammy’s wack ass hell what did phonte get nominated for?

  • Robin’s Thick

    Mos Def- The Ecstatic got robbed! Relapse sucks balls!

  • burd

    oh and Jazmine Sullivan – Lions, Tigers & Bears>>>>>>Beyonce – Single Ladies [Winner]


  • lmao at I’m on a Boat being nominated

  • face

    record sales and single sales. be realistic u think the shit we really want to win is going to?

  • Sam Flow

    EEEWWWWWW!!! Beyonce won Best Female R&B Vocal Performance!?!?!!?
    wut?!?!? Melanie F. can blow beyonce OUT!!! shame…

  • Byaahman

    The only one I agree with is Relapse winning best album, Kid Cudi should’ve won at least one. Day N Nite > D.O.A

  • Miles

    Mos got robbed. Relapse was a frisbee.

  • …tired of this heffa. Yeah, I said it. I have like 8 of her songs, ever. NEXT SET PLEASE.

  • Duuuuude

    Relapse? Really? Mainstream hiphop sucked shit this year.

  • kid. cudi.

  • youknow

    Day N Nite >>>>>>>>>>>> DOA

    yeah, Cudi got robbed. problem is, his album came out 1 week after the cut off (august 31st) for this year’s awards (so did Jay, 50, Drake, Snoop, etc)

  • shorty oo-ops

    im in the middle of watching the obama deception. crazy shit.

  • TheBoss

    relapse was shit, who decides this bull.

  • Relapse is an incredible, i can’t believe y’all are hatin on it

  • Maize

    No one will be happy, regardless of who wins. Just hope lonely island doesn’t. Relapse won DOA won, good day.

  • enjay.

    Mos Def and The Foreign Exchange = Robbed.

  • CoSign @ enjay.

    Mos should have won both his categories.

  • Knarf_

    Relapse is fucking trash. The Estatic should have won. Drake should’ve won one and Crack a Bottle, come on, that shit is not fuckin wit any of the songs in that list

  • mikey

    im i the only one that noticed im on a boat actually got nominated for a emmy?

  • mtnhigh

    Grammys, Oscars, Globes, Guilds, They are all Garbage now a days. the wrong people as always winning shit. So my awards go to these three (4 including thorton bros) because there songs actaully bumped more then a month in the car
    Kid Cudi-Soundtrack 2 my life
    Clipse- Footsteps

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  • I like how DOA won, but there are 5,000 autotune nominations in other categories

  • SupremeClientele

    Relapse was good but I haven’t listened to it since about 2 weeks after it dropped. It didn’t keep me interested one bit. Mos should’ve won.
    And Run This Town shouldn’t have been nominated for anything, it was shit.

  • beats6788


  • mmkayy

    man Grammys dont care about hip-hop.. do u see a trend here ? Em or Jay…. im so glad Use Somebody got record of the year

  • WadeWilson

    lady gaga is crazy.

  • Sage

    Lol who won the urban/alternative vote?? I dont see how they aint get the win.

  • aj


  • tonystarksification

    phoenix is tight

  • ner Motif

    ain’t nuffin new. grammy’s always been on some dumb shit.. now relapse wasn’t THAT bad, but relapse over the ecstatic or renaissance? fuck outtahere. reminds of the time they picked release therapy over game theory in 2006.

  • normy

    India Arie beat The Foreign Exchange. I hate to say it, but I knew it. They always pick the most mainstream artist in the Urban Alternative category. Who the hell was listening to India Arie in 2009? wtf?

  • lame

    yeaa fuck the grammys dude.
    it’s like all of the winners only won because of their name.
    doa? relapse? crack a bottle?

  • ohdee

    good news lil wayne didnt win everything again bad news the nominations were random as hell

  • bhenry

    em spits, but not this year……come on

  • snowman

    im on a boat!

  • Reality1989

    What did yall expect ?!!! Has the Grammy’s really EVER been relevant when it comes to Hip Hop?!! I mean personally Mos or Tip would have won hands down if you had a voting panel that ACTUALLY listens to Hip Hop.They just go buy what they get beaten over the head with on the radio 24/7.I bet you they thought they were doing the cool thing by giving it to Em.

  • jacob.

    no cudi. no mos def. no mgmt.
    no good.

  • ibe3zy

    The GRAMMY’s have become worthless. We need a new music award show. MOS DEF’s The Ecstatic<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<any other album.

  • What the hell is this shit I heard about them giving out the rap awards before the show & not airing it? Like they used to do in the old days!

  • doubleoh

    ibe3zy, i hope those arrows are meant to be pointed the other way.

  • Day N Nite >>>>>>>>>>>> DOA

  • Sano213

    Casa Bey > DOA

    The Ecstatic > Relapse

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  • Jesus

    The Ecstatic 100x>>>>>>Relapse

  • Script

    Mos or Tip should of won. Ecstatic eassssssily better than Relapse

  • d00sh

    wota fukn joke!

  • NotoriousRambo


  • jonny


  • Hip-hop since 81

    This is funny, y do u fags give a fuck bout awards like there gonna turn out good? Dumb asses!! So & so should of over.. Y this album? Lol did y’all even buy albums this year? Btw Apathy had 1 of the sickest albums of 2009, my opinion!!

  • BW

    relapse is dope and em is my favorite, but… ecstatic > relapse

  • lamin

    this is why there are ppl who spent year studying music choice the songs and albums not you getto fools and the votes artist and there pairs

  • m330

    thst I’m on a boat nomination is a slap to hip hop…..theres no way the would put a Larry the cable guy song up for best country song. the song is a joke and now are the grammys. HELLA FAIL.

  • dre

    laugh my ass off at retards who forgot the comment section was for posting your opinions. self righteous assholes piss me off!!

    Best Female R&B Vocal Performance, get the fuck outta here, Melanie Fiona vocals are 10x better than Beyonce.

    D.o.a won best rap song wtf how tha hell that happen

  • Ryan

    I hear many people on here dont think eminem shouldnt have won that best rap album, funny thing is hes one in only a few REAL rappers in the business. flo rida, and all these guys dont know true rap, the talk bout sex, drugs and etc, eminem for the most part sings bout troubles and deep feelings, like pac, and biggie and etc. from what has been voted by most people, pac made the biggest impact on rap, but eminem is the best rapper/lyricist or howveer u say it


  • Aaron

    @Ryan: It seems the consensus is that Mos Def should’ve beaten out Eminem for best rap album. In case you weren’t aware, Mos Def is not only one of the few “REAL rappers in the business,” he’s also a supreme songwriter and much more mature and creative than Eminem. Bottom line is that The Ecstatic was far superior to Relapse, and I guarantee that “REAL” rap fans would agree to that almost unanimously.

  • BrooklynsOwn

    The Estactic is EASILY a much better album that Relapse. I’m huge fans of both artist, and theirs no way in hell Relapse was better. And who the fuck is Taylor Swift fucking, the bitch can’t sing for shit and she got AOTY??? FUCKOUTTAHERE!!

  • crazy Russian

    run this town won the best rap song?
    thats some bullshit

  • wowwww.. i know i’m late but Universal Mind Control was a nom for best rap album.. sike.. Cudi should’ve got a nom for that.. much better than Common’s album

  • mosief

    mos def!!!!! estaticcccccccccccc

  • SHOWMAN3000

    I’m not a Kid Cudi fan but was bigger than DOA

    Either Drake’s Best I Ever Had or Kid Cudi’s Day N Nite SHOULD HAVE WON!

    Those were two big singles all of last year! If any thing Best I Ever had has been playing for 10 straight months on the radio and counting! I guess the big name trumps reality huh! Was new!!?

  • theanalyst313

    I want to say that first of all, D.O.A. was a breath of fresh air when it came out, although there were artists saying f..k the auto tune, no one with that kind of star power had the balls to say those things. That song was for hip hop not for radio play and it still managed to dominate the airwaves. Day N Nite, was alright, but nothing near as dope as D.O.A. Drake, he’s overrated as well as the rest of Young Money. Relapse was a dope album, But Q-Tip and Mos Def had better albums. I think that it would be a tough decision, but I would’ve chosen Q-Tip. I’m with the Geto Boys , F..k the Grammys. Bring the old school pre-Benzino Source Awards back. God bless and goodnight.

  • Unxpekted

    commercial music sucks