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B.o.B – May 25th (Artwork x Tracklist)

blame it on Shake January 31, 2010

I already posted the artwork but now we’ve got the tracklist to go along with it. Hit the jump to see what’s in store for B.o.B’s upcoming mixtape May 25 (dropping tomorrow). A date that the world will be introduced to his debut album.

Yea.. I can’t wait to hear track 4.


    Can’t wait for track 15, hopefully its way better than Change Gon Come

  • 1234andTheFifthMan


  • doodler

    fuck a charles hamilton. but B.O.B. is megadopery, can’t wait to cop this, and can’t wait for his album (one that needs to be store bought)

  • track 4 is gonna be disgusting! and yea track 15 will be really nice too

  • yea track featuring j cole wit alchemist on production?!?!

  • jordan

    Lookin forward to the J. Cole and Charles Hamilton features, and this project as a whole, lookin goooood

  • your daddy

    hiphop is reborn

  • I’m going to be so tired tomorrow… but anything for real Hip-Hop

  • Jesus

    Holy shit, track 4 is gonna melt faces, over a Alchemist beat?

  • phantom

    track 4.

  • KevG

    is this dropping soon. Or is it droppin 2night.

  • Sage

    Yeooooo Goood shitt comin out. 2010 is the year!

  • J. Cole? is that you in the tracklist?? fuckin A.. cant wait to hear that shit

  • etwardjetward

    cant wait!

  • It’s dropping LA time… whatever that means… refreshing daily

  • TW1ST


  • narry

    This Boy Can Sell a couple mill with the right push and he deserves it this dude can change a lot of peoples view of today’s hip hop

  • hyped… b.o.b > 90% of music out there

  • CH ON A TRACK >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • TC The Prince

    I Co-Sign track 4 big time but yes tomorrow

  • Shawn

    Yeah, it’s all about track 4.. let’s see how it goes.

  • Shake, I’m going to sleep soon… if you got it, drop it…

  • burd

    this’ll be dope hopefully drama wont ruin it

  • burd

    and hopefully this drops tonight i could use something to listen to going to and coming back from school lol

  • Steve

    TRACK 4

    I’m gonna try to get into B.o.B with this mixtape, I tried with some album I downloaded and didn’t like what I was hearing, but from what I’m reading and what I’ve read he’s worth a second shot. Anyone got any songs to recommend?

    Again, TRACK 4.

  • I recommend “Ghost in a Machine”

  • hey, i’m lookin forward to … the songs that B.o.B is on …

  • Wasnt Eminem and Lupe supposed to be on the album?

  • My bad I was thinking this was for the album.

  • Bliz

    hope he drops a no dj version like his last one

  • Nothing For You? Nothing On You

  • “hope he drops a no dj version like his last one”

    from what i hear, drama isn’t the same drama. aka… he’s keeping quiet on this one.

  • burd

    @ Steve

    download his b.o.b. vs bobby ray mixtape its basically his split personalities, you’ll see how versatile he is and if you dont like one side you should be able to like the other

  • lazlo

    track 4 is gonna be a problem

    hope this drops soon im not tryin to be up all night

  • em said he was in the studio with B.o.B so i’d imagine that will be on the album, i’m not sure about LUPE

  • Drewski

    this mixtape is gonna be CRACKKK!! im DEFINITELY lookin forward to track 4, J. Cole…..Alchemist on production, OH MY!! shit is gonna be DOPE!! this is gonna be 16 tracks of DOPEness!

  • 619sav

    its droppin at 12 noon tomoro eastern. so thats 9 west coast time

  • 619sav
  • cush

    my guess is that the alchemist beat isn’t original a la the asher collab where kanye is credited. regardless, b.o.b and j.cole should be spottieottiedopalicious

  • smh at livemixtapes talking “premiere”
    well have it up before them. just watch.

  • Shake, lol, you mad funny for that one…

  • Dangerous Vortex

    Gotta get my ethernet cable ready in the other computer when I wake up in the morning. Time for some new music.

  • Steve

    Shake catchin feelings. That means you got it, so drop it at 12 PST.

  • im not catching feelings. its the internet.
    im just laughing at these guys.

  • tell em shake
    fuck it post that shit now that’ll show those assholes!

  • first rule of watergate and rap… everything leaks…

    and there’s no such thing as an exclusive…

    these people will have your music posted before you record it…

    pirates of the day… with a capital R!

  • Detroit89

    b.o.b. should be in the grammys next year, the dude got mad respect from Lupe, Em and of course T.i. he has so much talent and no one can deny that he is in a class of his own when it comes to being an artist

  • Don’t believe everything u see on the net. It might drop in 5 min.

  • bob+jcole+alc on the boards!!!! wtf!

    track four…

  • Or it might drop in 1hr stay tuned!! Shout to Shake who been down wit B.o.B!!

  • yessir!

  • SD

    I love how much shine my favourite rapper gets on my favourite site.

  • Dangerous Vortex

    Since this week is full of releases, is Chamillionaire still dropping that Major Pain on Tuesday???

  • cam moss

    “tell em shake
    fuck it post that shit now that’ll show those assholes!”


  • BOOM

    Dudes are creamin’ over song titles without even hearing the song……


  • YourBoyAl

    it’s who’s on track 4 that has people looking forward to it bro, no one gives a fuck that it’s called gladiator…

    judging a track by who’s on it isn’t that far fetched at all tbh, especially when the 3 people on it are good at what they do

  • Ross

    wait, does that say j. cole! holy fuck my mind just got blown

  • V

    I really hope dj drama is not shouting all over the tracks

  • Livemixtapes.com says they gonna have it at 12 est today….

  • bah

    will this come out untagged?

  • F Trendy Hipsters

    Can´t say that I have much love for that hipsterish artwork..

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  • GiveASh1t

    I listen to his music for 24/7/365. Hyped doesn’t even express how badly I want the new music. Hope he drops it in the next 3 hours. If not, I’m not able to catch it today – which would be my death.

    I’m exited for all the B.o.B-produced tracks.

  • carbyne

    fuckit heres the link to track 15 if anybody is still interested

  • carbyne
  • Shibby

    Fool For Love could of been longer