Cassidy – Mic Please f. Jag

blame it on Shake January 31, 2010

Cass rocks over J. Cole’s single (w/ Jag adding a verse of course) for the latest leak off Apply Pressure 2, which drops February 4th. Shouts to KP.

DOWNLOAD: Cassidy – Mic Please f. Jag | Mediafire

  • JP

    Lights Please is way to deep for Jag, Cass or anyone to go over. However i’m not a Cass hater, at least he had to change his flow the slightest bit for some refreshment.

  • This Jag dude’s actually held his own on all these recent Cass tracks.

  • Dangerous Vortex

    Looking forward to this tape. Hopefully it’s not ruined full of rewinds and tags when it drops.

  • OnTheRun

    ^ cosign. the last tape was just annoyin to listen to with all the tags and shit. Cass is tryin to sing on this track tho lol, not a good look.

  • Jayski

    Anybody else not feelin cas as much or just me plus dis jag nigga gotta go

  • No one can touch the original..

  • ThaFuckinProblem

    dope remix.. cassidy’s da illest, jag’s doing his thang as well..

  • J.Cole’s version is wack…its a dope song, but he turns this beat into a horrible concept.

    this beat needs to meet Talibs booth or something

  • dre

    J.coles version was fuckin dope. get the fuck out of here hatin and shit.

  • dre

    i dont think no one is gonna top the original just because J.cole had a certain topic on that song and he stayed on that topic the whole time while still makin a good song.

  • lasean

    smh @reupvick this nigga contradicted himself 3 times

  • haha…
    what im saying is I don’t like J.Cole’s topic for this dope ass beat…he made a great song, but it could be much much better

    when i hear this beat i dont think about bitches…sorry

  • @Dre …hating? didn’t i say it was good?

  • j.a.

    @reupvick, whether you think about bitches or not shouldn’t be the point.

    a dope song is a dope song… end of story

  • Boooo @ this song

  • 88

    thanks shake

  • I didn’t have any problem with this song, Jag went in on this and I’m always a Cass fan, then that damn DJ started talking for 40 fuckin seconds. DJ Thorough SHUT THE FUCK UP!

  • Glitch

    yo someone need to re up the j.cole mixtape cuz somehow it got deleted on my computer, please, and its crazy how one mixtape can get u famous lol i hope he don’t sellout cuz hes beast