• T0KS

    Lady gaga looks hot on them pics and in her videos but the bitch is UGLY AS FUCK in real life without all the makeup.

  • http://www.myspace.com/dviousmindz dviousmindz

    Love sundays

  • http://AkidnamedB.com AKidnamedB

    Won't lie Shake, I'm Jealous, I had at least 12 of those tracks on my Sunday Segment, but You mashed up this Soothing Session. How many people do you have working for you or is it just you?

  • http://theozissou.blogspot.com/ Theo Zissou

    "Ball" :P nice Kelis, Gaga, etc. tanks

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Shake

    "How many people do you have working for you or is it just you?"

    it's only me and mek that do the site. i take care of the soothing sessions on my own though.

  • http://AkidnamedB.com AKidnamedB

    That's whats up. Mind if I affiliate my site?

  • hai there

    yo where those pics from?

    also good looks on this

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  • MuK

    Where are those pics from ?


    I dont like what jason derulo did with message in the bottle... She flys me away was a better version in my opinion... anyone else?


    I dont like the hook change on message in a bottle that derulo did... in my opinion she flys me away was better... anyone else?

  • http://myspace.com/napctykngz Sir Zay

    new lyfe

  • Beaux

    "Fooled me Again" was great.

    To those wondering, the fanbase had an extremely hard time getting those songs from somebody who stole them and they weren't originally going to be leaked, but we figured since it's illegal to own already...

    Anyway, don't thank Burim. Thank the fans with money.

    Shake, props for posting them. Some of her best material is unreleased.

  • http://dannysea.wordpress.com dannysea

    Shake i highly recommend FUTURE LOVE by lady gaga... its one of her live gems. it is great

  • Big_E

    am i the only one that hates that fuckin bitch Ke$ha??? that one song she gots fuckin blows me everytime! i thought i couldnt stand Gaga but this cunt... id grudge fuck the shit outta her thou, u kno she can take a dick

  • Greg

    Am I the only one who gets an error while trying to unzip the file? Doesn't matter if I save the file itself or try to open it directly from the download.