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Common & Nas On Violent Lyrics (Video)

blame it on Shake February 1, 2010


Common and Nas get together during the 52nd Annual Grammy weekend in Los Angeles, CA to discuss the impact their music has on each other and the emotions behind their lyrics. Also, speaking on violent lyrics… the man behind Nas’ Ether sits down with Sean C & LV (for their new Grind Music Radio show) to talk about the record, his favorite piece of equipment and the first time he met Nasir. Check that after the jump.


  • narry

    Man No Lie Those are the top 2 of my top 5 as well legends that still come from the heart. much respect

  • shorty oo-ops

    common was suppose to be on friend chicken but he was very busy so busta got on it instead.
    when nas said, he wished he done some of the common songs, i always wondered what if nas done i used to love her for the first time as an outro for hip hop is dead lol.

  • Ev

    collabofuckinration please

  • MJD

    collabofuckinration please[2]

  • Melo15

    this would be the dopest combo since black though and big pun

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  • Chuck_You

    Its good to see them together and I hope they record together. I still think they threw shots at each other. 1st after Common got the big co-sign from Jayz (truthfully I want to rhyme like common sense…) common said in a rhyme something to the effect of: My man (something) Takeover/tell them Halftime niggaz breaks over) and Nas came back with (Common niggaz don’t want beef they vegetarian/you scared of pussy, you climbed out of a ceazerian). I can’t front, I would’ve loved to see Mr. The Bitch in Yoo vs. Kid Ether for a couple of rounds. Wrong I know but fuck it.

  • pRiMo*915

    top 2 emcees on my list fam

  • JLH

    i think they both was on the “Why” Remix

  • ProjectZero

    Nas and Common should have done a song together a long time ago like back in the 90s i mean what the fuck Nas has worked with Chris brown before common?Make my Hip Hop dreams come true guys and do a song together and if you really want to make me lose my mind get Pete Rock or Premo to produce it.

  • JerseyKeepItThoro

    Melo15 knows what the fuck he’s talkin bout!

  • From a Blogger’s perspective, Common and Nas are two of today’s greats. Poets and life scholars, theses dudes have created music that most artists cant even try to touch, but then again it’s not their place to.

    And I completely agree with ProjectZero, these two need to collab, That would be as ill, if not iller than the projections on Distant Relatives.

    Sick find Shake.

  • Onederin

    Damn, Ebonics AND Ether are your first two major produced tracks? That’s crazy.

  • Jimbo

    There is that Hi-Tek song that they are both on…Music for Life

  • Jimbo

    There is that Hi-Tek song that they are both on…Music for Life

  • aNdUsAyChIcItY

    My two favorite rappers of all time also!!! Damn what a great video. They have collaborated people, Jadakiss’ Why remix and on Hi-Teknology 2 the Chip “Music for life,” which is the best song on that ridiculously good album. A tidbit u guys might’ve not known Common was the original feature that was gonna be on Nas’ track “Fried Chicken” but due to schedule conflicts (Common filming movies) Nas had to enlist Busta Rhymes for the song.

  • PJS192

    Co-sign with everyone else. These two need to put something out, preferably a whole album!

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