KiD CuDi – Highs N Lows (prod. Dot Da Genius)

blame it on Meka February 2, 2010

So the mad mind behind “Day N Nite” let loose this track in CDQ originally found on CuDi’s demo and known as “Be” to promote his newly-launched website, HeadBanga Muzik. Check out that site to read about the history of the song.

DOWNLOAD: KiD CuDi – Highs N Lows (prod. Dot Da Genius) | Mediafire
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  • kanne

    some nice ish

  • One of Cudis best songs…

    Soooo good

  • OnTheRun

    this is old i’ve had it for a while. not hatin though, its a nice track.

  • AD

    I would have liked to see this on his album…dope concept.

  • @OnTheRun

    not in CDQ

  • kanne

    yea this is better quality and some new drums added in

  • John G

    Great song by a great artist.

    OnTheRun where did you get it before?

  • Shashwat

    Yeah they just released the CDQ so I don’t see how you would have it.
    Dot Da Genius + KiD CuDi = Legendary

  • Shashwat

    Dot just dropped the CDQ today so you just had the low quality one.
    Dot Da Genius + KiD CuDi = Legendary

  • M. Wow

    I use to like this kid now IDK…….Whats so legendary about kid? Stop dick riding man. It’s hella cats out there way doper than kid. And the album wasn’t classic niggas, maybe I’m old or just on that other ish that I never see on this site.

  • @Josh G
    I’m not OnTheRun but I had got mine off of youtube..I tubeminator.com’d it
    There’s a lot of songs on youtube like Peon, Do it alone, etc..

  • James Blacksmith

    I remember hearing this, but not CDQ.
    good look.

  • dlsdkjflskdj

    Yeah I’ve had this for like 2-3 years, this shit mad old. Everyone needs to step their game up and get on top of shit.

  • We Want Dopeness

    Where THE HELL is Dose Of Dopeness

  • ill cosby

    whats the sample? i know ive heard the original song before..

  • twoface

    ill crosby..

    its lay lady lay by dylan..dope flip of the sample imo

  • The people on my end are diggin’ this track. I’m a fan of it too. Classic Cudi ish. I wonder what’s next.


    I BE HIGH THEN I BE LOW… classic cudi

  • Melo15

    @joshG..download The Cudi Demo, its got some bangers that alot of people havent heard. It came out a little before the almub did

  • ck47

    link to demo tape?

  • lskjdflskjdlskfj

    Cudi is a douche bag! I met him in real life and said hi to him, and he told me to fuck off, so i pulled my cock out and gave him a nice mushroom tattoo on the side of his face. FUCK YOU KID CUDI

  • captain bastard

    LMAo at the nigga above me

  • Ben ten

    Lmao at the nigga above the nigga above me

  • bf

    Here is the link to the demo tape, no artwork though. The version I have is called “I Be” and is a little higher quality. Title is interchangeable though. Enjoy!


  • DaleWillet

    can I get a tracklist to that demo tape? wanna see what I might already have.

  • Fruurrr

    @ We want Dopeness

    I could not agree more man, that track sounds unreal.
    this ones good tho

  • tonystarksification

    this is some classic cudi ish

  • the some samples a bob dylan song.. very cool

  • Here’s a nice cover for whoever wants one, i couldn’t find a (good) one online.

  • bf

    @ DaleWillet

    KiD CuDi’s Original Demo Tape:

    1. Do It Alone
    2. Mr. Solo Dolo (Not Included)
    3. Sky Might Fall (Not Included)
    4. Interlude I
    5. Call Me Moon Man
    6. Never Come Down
    7. That Girl
    8. Interlude II
    9. I Be
    10. Follow Me
    11. In My Zone (Not Included)
    12. Who I Am (Interlude III)
    13. I Hear Them Calling
    14. Pion
    15. Come Around
    16. Cuts You To Pieces (Interlude IV)

  • bdylan

    imo j.period & k’naan-relationships lay > this

  • Kyrnan

    dope sample.

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