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Cassidy – Apply Pressure 2 (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake February 4, 2010

DJ Thoro, Big Mike & Cassidy return with the the follow up to Cassidy’s Apply Pressure mixtape. Featuring Jag (of course), M.O.P., Drag-On, AR-AB, Swizz Beatz and more.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: Cassidy – Apply Pressure 2

  • Griffin

    hope its dope….at least it dropped when he said he did.

  • du man chu

    du is the best

  • link provided now has properly labeled tracks, etc. should look perfect in your itunes, zune, etc.

  • Maize

    Dome Pushed Back goes hard.

  • D. $cience

    LOL @ the cover!! That’s a dope cover, give these wack emcees noogies!

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  • OGEazy

    Unless this mixtape changes my mind I will no longer be a fan of Cassidy. His voice/flow has gotten on my nerves over the years.

  • jake

    Cass is done and very irrelevant.

  • ShakesSistersJeans

    Please stop wearing me. I Dont Fit You

  • blazita

    he shoulda put that record TIME on there . shout out to larsiny family cassidy what up

  • n888888888

    Cool cover! NOogies around the house!!

  • What up CASSIDY

  • Maize

    had to download this a 2nd time from here cause piff link isnt tagging the tracks properly

  • Busy

    the term “head ass” comes to mind when i look at this cover…

  • §andman

    thank you Shake!

    P.S. track 16 is damaged

  • sonjay

    who thinks he’ll ever drop another album? his flow is dated to me

  • Zilla killin….. You be lucky if you get to flop….. ha

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  • TwEeZyyy

    “who thinks he’ll ever drop another album? his flow is dated to me”

    ^^ C.A.S.H. is coming out soon, so I think he’s technically bound to drop another album ^^


    obviously cassidy b4 tha accident> cassidy now.. still cant slackk on tha problem bcuz 44 A FACT he will still rip alot whack rapperz headz off rite noww

  • who cares

    been waitin on this

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  • Cassidy is still the best emcee lyrically…..who needs an album wen hez droppin mixtapez

  • Cassidy is still the best emcee

  • 88

    shake mah boi

  • Cassidy is still the best emcee lyrically…..who needs an album wen hez droppin mixtapez <<<<<<< LMAO mixtapes are cool but albums make the tours which make the money so i think he needs an album dumbass

  • How can Carmelo let something like this happen? Spelling Swizz’ name wrong? shame.

  • lmao @ JAG on every track (of course) NO THANKS

  • cassidy is the new canibus…nigga was the truth when he first dropped but after that 2nd album he fell off (exactly like canibus). he painted himself into a corner after the accident and jail trying to go semi-positive semi-thug then trying to go back to full time thug.

  • AD9ESR

    dj thoro is the most annoying mixtape dj out there! he always fucks up a track for me

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  • ck47

    This is actually dope.

  • uzi

    shit is nice

  • T-Dot

    pretty sick

  • my favourite rapper by far. heard all of the songs. they all go hard !

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  • Dangerous Vortex

    #15 is damaged and #11 isn’t the full thing. There was no Cass on it. Just that dude AR-AB.

  • chris

    i wont a deal i could make mizz bulets in the clip wacth how the teck spill sitin high but dont got no wheel the weed i smoke keep my body on a tilt i wont to see you cassidy just casue you real im so funny i have you rollin no pillz page the piff so i could make this bills get so rich my house hills not wheel you dont got to tell me i no i got skill but it dont MATTER WITH OUT A DEAL

  • RaTheMC

    Cam’ron&Vado > Cassidy&Jag.
    Point Blank PERIOD.

  • U.C.B

    niggaz got cassidy all fucked up, the niggaz a lyrical genius,i mean honestly who can fuck with this man 1-on-1 in a battle, no body, and please dont say wayne, cause shit drake is better then him, apply pressure was my shit so i have no doubt that apply pressure 2 is gone be the shit

  • Bigdickwilly

    Cassidy is the fuckin best he da best in Philly he’ll shit on reed dollaz