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Foxy Brown – Let Em Know f. Lil Fame & BAM (prod. Easy Moe Bee) (Lil Kim & Jay-Z Diss)

blame it on Meka February 4, 2010

A video snippet of this dropped a looooong time ago, then a snippet about a month and some change ago, then the full version. Le sigh Inga… at this point the content of Nicki Minaj’s leggings have a bigger buzz than you. Sad, really.

DOWNLOAD: Foxy Brown – Let Em Know f. Lil Fame & BAM (prod. Easy Moe Bee) (Lil Kim & Jay-Z Diss) | Mediafire

  • jason

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  • Marco G.

    The beat is dope though…

  • JLH

    i dont see that as a Jay Z diss really, imo. yea, the beat is tight.

  • SPank (Divided Souls Ent)

    This joint is kinda nice!!! Always good to hear Mo Bee on the beat. Thanks for the post. PEace and GOD BLESS

  • JD

    Useless.com … this blind and deaf slut who couldn’t jumpstart her career if she was hooked up to a battery charger at Sears is a waste of sperm. She hasn’t been hot since the fuckin 90’s. Now, Easy Mo Bee is dope on the boards. C’mon man, don’t make your comeback via a Foxy Brown song. Work with a real MC. Not a cum dumpster like this dumb cunt.

  • Beat is dope, word! everything else.. idk!!


  • It’s not a diss it’s a real record! Has that good Hip-Hop sound to it to but just sounds to dated like it’s old! With that said probably wouldn’t listen to it again!

  • Belize

    way better than i thought it would be

  • I’d still fuck the shit out of this deaf bitch…

  • KingNQueenofRap

    aww I miss Foxy & Jay-Z being BFF’s .. those were the days. I guess friends can say bad things about eachother, it happens LOL.

    anyway, they both are the current king & queen of rap, because lyrically no one does it better than either of them in this game.


  • Unxpekted

    Foxy Brown > Nicki the female Lil Wayne

    You know whats funny, considering Foxy is a female on Firm she came harder than Jay in that year

  • Black_Gucci

    I personally adore this track… It embodies all of the essential elements of Hip Hop and what’s it’s been missing for quite some time… Fox has every authority to protect the female perspective and image of Brooklyn… The track is ill! Her cadence and lyrics are unparalleled, and i’m elated that she’s back!

    The beat is sick, the feature is sick, and Foxy is fucking killin on this track, yall hoes sleepin

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