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AC, Realm Reality, Termanology & Baby Pun – Glamour Life 2010 (Big Pun Tribute) (prod. Jet Audio)

blame it on Shake February 6, 2010

AC, Realm Reality, Termanology & Pun’s son pay homage to one of the nicest Latin emcee’s to ever bless the mic. Produced by Jet Audio.


DOWNLOAD: AC, Realm Reality, Termanology & Baby Pun – Glamour Life 2010 (Big Pun Tribute) (prod. Jet Audio) | Mediafire

  • termowns

    nino bless is somewhere crying wishing he was on the song

    this solidified termanology as the official big pun reseruction

  • ^^ha.. how does this solidify anything?

  • termowns

    did you hear terms verse on this? insane flow…

  • CannonsMcFly

    Termanology Isn’t That Good.

    Sean Price > Term

    Skyzoo > Term

    I Can Keep Going…

  • worder

    skyzoo better than term? not happening dude…theres a reason terms toured everywhere by now….because people are demanding him especially overseas…..premo co signs term harder than skyzoo dude

    sean price is dope but term has more substance..and terms more balanced content wise

    term takes the cake

    terms flow is ill

    term talks about everything from world issues, politics, street tales, regular lyrical sutff, to clubby ish

    skyzoo= self praise every other bar aand says younging im above the clous every second in a boring same flow spooky voice..skyz never changed his flow or delivery..hes one dimesional and limited content wise

  • worder

    and please dont ever compare term and that bless kid again..the bless kid is only good when he has to do a 16 bar verse about punchlines….he could never hold down a full solo song and blow up like termanology did with “watch how it go down” and “so amazing”

  • London

    ooooo this tune is hot. which verse is terminologys tho. i dont listen to him? every1 was hot tho. they payed homage.

  • I’m glad that Pun is still relevant to today’s MCs. He really opened the door for a lot of artists.

  • worder

    the second last guy was termanology and the last guy was puns son…its basically in this order

    second=Realm Reality
    last=Baby Pun

  • Mark

    either way – the Term/Ac posses in credible flow and that’s something rare for young cats. We can thank Big Pun for that.

    As for Skyzoos comparison to Term? We’ll Sky is more of a well rounded MC and incredible writer/storyteller. Skyzoo’s LP is one that I could play for 6 weeks and still be impressed with the word play.

    Term’s mix tapes and albums have been hit or miss. Typically depending on either a dope beat or amazing flow. He has a lot to grow but is still contains one of the best flows ive ever heard.

  • vamosarapiar

    term’s got a flow but his content is not up with sky sorry (i’m a latino from mass too lol)…dope cut, wish mr. ortiz was on this tho

  • Reality1989


  • Unxpekted

    Sean Price fell off. Anyone saying Sean Price is nice is a fucking idiot. The guy hasnt had a solid “verse” (I have heard the same versus in 20+ DIFFERENT songs!). People arent real hip hop heads man, Sean P used to be Ruck from Heltah Skeltah, he was Fab 5 with Originoo Gun Clappaz, his first album was Nocturnal and back then he was fucking NICE. His versus now are weak as fuck he makes no sense, dude isnt even touchin Term.

    Anyway this shit is fucking fire. Wish Nino was on it. Joels voice sounds like a human rat or chipmunk on syrup I can stand it.

    Term and Ac definitly killed it. Baby Pun sounds ALOT like Pun. Fucking Dope shit i want a whole album with these cats

  • #4 Combo Wit Da Chitlins & Greens

    term is it 2010 son

  • dj ruthless

    jesus christ can these wack rappers like Term please stop trying to attach their name to Pun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    just coz you’re latino thats where the similarities end

    Joel Ortiz is dope i give him a pass. but everyone else if you really want to honor Pun stop trying to become famous by using his name all the fucking time geez

  • dj ruthless

    and for the record SEAN P>>>>>>>>>Term all day dawg all day

  • Unxpekted

    For the record. Your an amatuer

    Rock from Heltah Skeltah and in Fab 5 wit OGC on Nocturnal > Term

    in 2010:

    Term >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sean “FellOff” P

    Have you heard Sean Ps lyrics as of late? He has spit the same versus recycled for the past 5 years dummys.

  • t.a.morales

    One of my favorite joints off Capital Punishment…nice remake.

  • This view really nice -:) Hope we can see some more in future

  • waw I like this pics and vids. Do u?