• xastey

    Totally forgot about this guy, heard about him a while back.. lets see how this tapes goes, props

  • graffitiwhat

    yeah glad you put this dude up, bought the LP, tight flow delivery lyrics cool beats too. props.

  • 10

    sounds like brother ali a little? wheres he from?

  • http://www.hiphopstan.com Ironstreets

    the mitten of course

  • willmofo

    Yessir, Michigan is steadily on the rise!

  • http://2vowels.blogspot.com John


  • http://twitter.com/JYoungS2TS JYoungTheGeneral


  • dan

    this that good music thanks for putting me on to it

  • RARA!!


  • salud.

    Downloaded because hes from my state. Glad I did, impressive.

  • wavey517

    2dope michigan all day