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Curren$y – Smokee Robinson (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake February 7, 2010

As promised, the New Orleans Saint Spitta comes through with his latest mixtape. Mixed by DJ Don Cannon and featuring the likes of Wiz Khalifa, Nipsey Hu$$le, Chip Tha Ripper, Big Sean, Dom Kennedy and more. Twist one and get high in the sky w/ the Jets, fool!

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: Curren$y – Smokee Robinson* | Mediafire

*As expected, the tagging is non-existent. I’m fixing and reupping now. Now, nicely tagged for your iPod/Zune. Enjoy!

  • Doja


  • Jesus

    Fuck yes, Twitter’s about to crash

  • waltcity

    i stayed up all night for this shit watch spittas twitter. but god damn this loudpack been waitin to get lit! JETTTTTS FOOOL

  • JM



  • Knarf_

    Jets Fool

  • JordantheGreat

    Hell yea. I’ve been waiting.

  • Me


  • 619sav

    dam its been on 20 sec for like 30 sec. everyones dl it at once lol

  • JordantheGreat

    Hell yea. I’ve been waiting.

  • will2fly

    first shit hottt

  • BW

    Jets Fool >-}-

  • John Q



  • John G


  • probly had this post ready since halftime and was waitin 4 that link lol

  • John G


  • DayO


  • “probly had this post ready since halftime and was waitin 4 that link lol”

    bingo haha!

  • ziplockp


  • Jesus

    Im surprised Twitter hasn’t shit a brick and failed yet, Im pretty sure Smokee had like 3 of the trending topics in the US

  • Bob Burgundy

    fuckin groovy

  • Ryuk

    Very nice.

  • space-ghost-

    fuck yess

  • Igneous

    Don Cannon play too much. Jet$ Fool!!!

  • iKILLEDcurrenSy

    First shall be last…

  • Still, congrats on the quickness. I’m surprised Cannons megaupload link aint crash from us twitterfans lol

  • bbs

    sleepy as shit..but hell its worth it XD

  • just as i guessed. its tagged up like shit haha. ill fix and reup!

  • i Said i was stayin up all night, now im just waitin for it to daownload and im set for tomorrow.

  • tris nigga!

    JETS FOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jesus


    Will you post it as an update, so we know when its fixed

  • Finally ! Mr.Robinson has been found !

  • ichiki

    fail @ the guy who said first and was actually 4th hahaha

  • Yessir, that’s square business. Real. Motivation. CZATheCEO.com

  • McBreezy

    Stayed up all night on a school night no less (hopefully snow day tomorrow)…. but other than that just happy for new fiya spitta


  • I swear Cannon was fuckin with our emotions on twitter!!! lol

  • “Will you post it as an update, so we know when its fixed”

    will do.

  • It’s takin me 30 mins to DL, damn it;s like a bunch of fat people fighting over the last drum stick.

  • track 10 is a dream track 3 of my favorite artists

  • chrs

    reup with an alternate link plz like usersahre

  • ^^usershare | mediafire links are coming.

  • diji

    no usershare shake?? well, beggars cant be choosers. thanks!

  • TenInchTim Dillinger

    3:OO in the fucking morning? Really Spitta?

    Fuck it. I’m downloading anyway.

    Jets Fool!

  • “no usershare shake?? well, beggars cant be choosers. thanks!”

    i retagged the files so they are ipod/zune friendly and am reupping the .zip on usershare and mediafire right now. ill hit the post with an update when the links are ready.

  • ziplockp

    “5. Fat Rapes” LOL

  • Jesus

    Thank You Shake, Im way too lazy, and blitzed to have tagged that shit on my own.

  • aw shit i see fly dot u on here

  • 2 minutes.

  • CannonsMcFly


  • HaTrik

    good looking out Shake.

  • aight. that usershare link is for the properly tagged version. mediafire is still uploading.

  • Marcus B.

    I can’t even wait for it to be tagged, lol.

  • Marcus B.

    oh nvm, good look Shake

  • Jesus

    Once again, thank you Shake

  • J.G

    Good Lookin Shake.. EV=ven tho i gotta download it again ha!

  • ^^ha. just added a mediafire link as well.
    now i gotta get back to packing. enjoy the tape yall.

  • T-Dub

    nice midnight release for the west coast

  • nice i’m gonna listen to this as i fall asleep.

  • Verse

    Shake = Greatest Blogger Of All Time…..Of All Time!!! (c). Kanye…

  • haha. right on..

  • Marcus B.

    Lmao @ Verse, Shake cool though, still don’t know why a lot of people get at em. And yeah I’m commenting because I’m waitin on my download.

  • big ant

    jets foooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • cya

    YES! I knew staying up past 2:30 would pay off. Big thanks to Spitta for yet another free tape and kudos to Shake for the name tagging. JETS keep winning even after the season ends.

  • TenInchTim Dillinger

    Shake is the fuckin’ man. Props on the tags bruh.

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  • mikeyfresh

    i was about to give up on the whole deadlines and mixtapes but spitta came thru.
    unlike fab he mustve jus threw da idea away huh.

  • Man I’m halfway thru this mixtape…DOPENESS!!!!!!

  • Electrotherapy

    off topic: Game is back in Aftermath

  • CannonsMcFly

    SHAKE YOUR (2)DOPE For This POST!!!


  • Big_E

    wat wouldve happened if the Jets made it to the Superbowl and beat the Saints..lol would he have still had that cover?

  • TenInchTim Dillinger

    Curren$y is that dat nigga, but damn Nipsey Hu$$le murdered track 10.

  • ziplockp

    yeah nipsey went off. that track with dom is crazyy tho.

  • jay

    off topic: Game is back in Aftermath
    ^^^nahh reallyy?

  • Jdiddy381

    Damn I just wasted 5 precious minutes at 4:10 AM tagging this shit when I could have just downloaded this version.

  • real talk

    Mr. 17.5 instrumental >>>>>>>>>>>

  • skulkdub

    17.5 is indeed disgusting

  • Curren$y…FTW with this mixtape…the shit is just….DOPENESS coming thru the speakers…The tone is set frm da beginning of the mixtape with Jordan 3s and it never slacks off frm dere…just a ride of chill music frm beginning to end on da real…JETS FOOL!!!!!!!!

  • CannonsMcFly

    Just Put In My iPod. Gonna Take A Bowl To The Dome & Zone Out. JETS

    Thanks Shake

  • DaveSpecie

    Jest fool this shit is official Curren$y does it again cant wait for the next album

  • Chuck

    no jay e or mos? oh well still some dope features

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  • I knew I’d have to wake up in the morning and download this.
    Better be dope.

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  • GameOver

    Oh naw, here ya man go with his same old songs, bout chevys and gettin stoned…


  • beats6788


  • theedopeshow

    off topic- the game will make aftermath look bad!

  • Young Dub

    what happened to the bass on life under the scope lol???

  • Moses

    what do you guys mean by tagging and no tags???????????

  • He means the tracks are titled 12,13,14 instead of the tracknames. But he fixed it just download this version thanks for tagging Shake!

  • This is my nigga right here…

  • vlado


  • Larry LeJ

    I’m out here in San Diego Killa Kali gettin my Smokee Robinson On!
    Curren$y, FS Jets Fool!
    Where Haven’t We Been Yet, Fucc Boyz wonderin if they Bitch Next!
    “I keep it in my Louis Pouch!” Step Ya Game Up, we rock Nugg Jarz out here in Kali tho, Its like givin your baby a fresh Diaper. ha!

    Propz to the God Shake… Good Lookin Out.

    Peace & Luv Shake/Meka, Dope House, JETS OVER Everything!

  • Jarvo

    0k Question?? Ppl Been Askin Me Fa The Longest How iListen To The Spitta Man Sober lol.. Is It Really Betta High Listenin To Curren$y??

    But ialready kno the tape gon b str8 crack nd dam ppl stayin up all thru the nite fa the tape igive yall niggs props fa that.. More of the reason why Curren$y should get ah DEAL! but ion think spitta worried bout that.. FUCK THE MAJORS WE MAJOR! JETS NIGGA!

  • james dean

    mannnnn DMV JEts!!!! “I do it in my sleep homeboy I ain’t been out my bed since ’93….AUDIO DOPE!!”

  • Appa juice

    thanks for tagging it up man

  • This is a good mixtape.

  • Jabari Manwarring


  • Pro-duece

    I’m in class…- need a computer as soon as possible!!!!


    it mighta been a midnight release for all you west coast suckas but it was 4 in the morning for me. im downloadin now. looks like im gonna have to go kid cudi on em and wake and bake!

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  • DFEE


  • jbilski

    holy shit. this is unreal someone sign this nigga!

  • bob–fool. 2 dope

    Thank you shake!!! thank you curren$y fucking putting out GREAt music for free!!! i love it. thanks thanks thanks.

  • bob–fool. 2 dope


    (((( OH fuck ya! i love that song real talk, but i just downloaed this mixtape,, please tell me he has another story with the same chick! lol ))))

  • I thought there was gonna be a Center Edge Territory joint on this? It’s a myth I tell you!

    Thanks for taggin’ this up Shake!

  • jhink357

    cant wait to listen….thx spittta n shake

  • beanie

    Well good morning. Good shit. Fuck the manning sisters

  • man



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  • Lil +

    Curren$y is so live he has been stuck in my head for a long time! ima big Wiz fan but im starting to turn over to curren$y more. Dis nigga is so liiive!

  • B1RdM4N5150

    god damn this is dope shit

  • OGEazy

    My nigga spitta! Looks like I’ve got some dutches to pick up!

  • lol @ the people that got up and DL’ed this @ 4am… Lovin this tape.. wish there was more features but.. its tight

  • j.Eid

    i got keys…..cominnnnnnn frmo overseassssssss….JETS NIGGGA ROLL UP ONE UP

  • ahkidagreat

    yo even though I already had some of these b4 smokeee dropped im playing these like is my first time and the shit is crazy!!! JETS FOOL!!!!

  • Spitta
    17.5 cannons

  • Big_E

    i know imma get a lotta shit for this but im not feelin this tape too much… one of his worst IMO…albeit i only went thru it once, it was last nite, and i wasnt smacked at all lol… it just didnt have any songs i was feelin that much…altogether i liked maybe a hand full of them but the best one was “Damier Doobies” and that shit came out like practically a year ago lol…come on now Spit Vicious… still got high hopes for “Grand Scheme of Things”

  • Braniak

    Fly Society runnin this rap shit.

    Man I was waiting and waiting like a pregnant woman.

  • Big_E

    @bob–fool. 2 dope, here’s the track u were asking about…its off the “Life At the Winner’s Circle” tape…


  • dope tape

  • Braniak

    Thanks Spitta! Always dropping nothing but heat.

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  • ace*

    cannons cannons cannons cannons cannons !!!!! love this track. spitta and cannon did it once again

  • Fruurrr

    did yall see that commercial last night with brett favre MVP 2020 hahah fuck i laughed “I should probably retire… but.. I dont know, we’ll see” hahah

  • wow @ all these nerds who are finally gettin hip to spitta…a year ago one of his mixtapes woulda had like 5 comments at most..smh @ u bandwagon geeks

  • Braniak

    best track IMO is #9

  • cam

    Spitta stay spittin
    Jets Niggah where haven’t we been yet?!?!?!?!

  • London

    thanks shake. jets foo!

  • Athrin

    wow @ all these nerds who are finally gettin hip to spitta…a year ago one of his mixtapes woulda had like 5 comments at most..smh @ u bandwagon geeks
    Who gives a shit when they got hip to Spitta? As long as they do, it’s all that matters

  • dre

    yo that bout it freestyle been my ringtone for a good min, like 4-5months


    this shit is exactly what I needed on a monday, already on repeat cycle number 3. hahah. dopeness

  • sdf

    Yo DOPEBOYZ, I’m really startin to get into curren$y but i was just wondering if someone could tell me what hes talking about when he says “jets”

  • Jarvo

    Nigga went to computer class jus to get this shit!!! Lmfaoooo.. This shit go to fuckin hardd even with the old tracks on it nd ppl who jus gettin hip on him dam shame smmhhh been ah fan

  • Braniak

    SMH @ sdf

  • Big_E

    ^^^Fly Society Jets is his label/brand

  • RIKO


  • bbs

    shiiiiitttt….damn this aint his best kinda wack and i already had most of these

  • OGEazy

    I can’t believe I have an essay due tomorrow morning and a test on Wednesday! All I’m trying to do right now is get lit, turn on some Curren$y and crank the bass!
    Fulltimeboss do you think you’re the shit because you’ve been playing Spitta for awhile? I wouldn’t even mind if Curren$y went mainstream. Every smoker has the right to hear this music.

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  • dres

    about fucking time

  • SPITTA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now im waitin on muscle car chronicles hahaha

  • dres

    omg track with nipsey is fire

  • bryan wilson

    currensy live at TOADS PLACE NEW HAVEN CT FEB 11th

  • Jalen bennett

    currenSy plz colab with kid cudi 1 time before i graduate!

  • HP


  • HP


  • HP

    Artwork is so fuckin grand too.

  • Curren$y – Elevator Musik instrumental

    click link in my name for more Curren$y beats
    ….. http://usershare.net/9oczb9c27qlz

  • dswab[bangbang]

    yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh JETS

  • get off shakes dick ppl

  • London

    OGEazy said this on February 8th, 2010 at 11:27 am <<damn same here lol.

  • Igneous

    Fuckin Dope. Jet$. Nigga

  • Riddlah51

    My nigga. And he’s rockin the champions’ gear

  • Jets nigga!!!

  • fozzie bear >>>>> wacka flacka lame

    this isn’t the normal curren$y mixtape, but i still like it.

  • Taber

    Dope.. except for the fact I got to hear “the cannon the cannon” every song. Nearly ruins it.

  • b

    yeaa foreal
    cannon is fuckin legit.. but nobody is feelin his drops all over these tracks

  • Justin Herschel

    Production Credits?????? PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

  • hierozion

    look at the bottom of the back cover .. *smacks head*

  • London

    on wednesday gonna listen to the whole thing with a good ass meal n a drink. fruit punch son.

  • $pitt$

    downloading this shit just for the wiz songs

  • realshit

    smh at $pitt$, thats a waste haha u missin out on sum good shit if u do that

  • Currensy isn’t the best of the freshman class and he’s not even my favorite rapper of the freshman class…..but he has to be the most consistent. He never blows your mind, but he’s always solid.

  • I would’ve downloaded it earlier but Curren$y was bull ishin lol. Welp. Time to check this tape out.

  • omfg this Smash On O’leary track has a crazy f’n beat i cant wait to hear the wrest of the tracks..SPITTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

  • Dailyhabits


  • McAFEE

    Spitta has one of the biggest internet followings ever.

  • Rambo

    Nippsey kills it on Nr.10 god damm..

  • Solroc21

    Last! haha
    anyways, i’m really feeling Curren$y & these dope beats. my favorites has got to be Smash On O’leary, racing stripes & Mazaltov.
    dope tape spitta…jets!

  • sterling

    JETS NIGGA WHERE HAVENT WE BEEN YET! glad to see he got 173 comments. this is whats poppin in the streets, wayne you idiot, before drake u werent reppin’ Young money, Curren$Y was the best thing on Young Money! look up the “wayne on the bus” on youtube, EVEN WAYNE raps curren$ys part in every song, an he messes up on his OWN lines because he knows curren$Ys go way harder. real talk look that shit up!

    Taylor gang and the Jets

  • Paul P

    Cant listen to his wack voice. beats and lyrics are dope though

  • Mazaltov FTW!! That beat is too smooth

  • Someone should get those loose tracks he released without Cannon on them and replace the ones that have Cannon on them. Like Smoke on O’Leary was leaked without Cannon just replace the one on the mixtape with Cannon.

  • CLICK (the link in) my name if you want to download Colts VS Saints SUPER BOWL

  • @ JonnieHayward i cosign with ya on that…dat beat is just ridiculously smooth…on sum lounging shit lol and dat Nesby Phips did his thing on there too, first time ive ever heard of him.

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  • Curren$y – Audio Dope Part II (snippet)

    click (the link in) my name for the video

  • chili

    thanks for the fixed tags

  • saintsfool

    is anyone else having a problem opening it on a mac? it keeps on crashing the both of the programs that i use to expand (stuffit and zipeg)

  • saintsfool

    nevermind, fixed. 17.5 cannons is nutty

  • aye cee

    this is straight smoke shit

  • kyalll

    Anyone have a list of beats that Curren$y goes over on Smokee? I’m doing a project in school and need this info!!

  • what do you guys mean by tagging and no tags???????????

  • Anyone have a list of beats that Curren$y goes over on Smokee?

  • TE TE

    Dope lyrics, who is he signed with. Cuz the boy can freestyle

  • wata

    aye ym or not spitta so current he re mii of myself
    keep goin bro.

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