• 2 Cents

    This is new to me, but I'm definitely gonna check it out. I'm a big Rhymesayers fan so.

  • OGEazy

    Holy Fuck! I can't wait to listen to this.

  • George Clooney

    Iron Galaxy ftw.

  • Calebbbbbbb

    are these all full songs??

  • HeartAnemic

    Damn this looks so dope.

  • THATguy

    pigeon ftw. I didn't know def jux was going out....that's messed up. My 2nd favorite label.

  • OGEazy

    I've been following MURS for awhile now, I really hope Warner doesn't completely ruin his unique style.
    I haven't heard most of these songs for way too long to be honest. With so much music coming out everyday it's hard to remember the classics.

  • Mike

    That sucks...but isn't it called Definitive Jux? /asshole

  • stevep

    damn, dude just gonna debo half they catalog in one post huh....PIgeon, Oxycontin2, Hold the floor, Nightlight...those are are some serious cuts right there

  • burd

    That sucks…but isn’t it called Definitive Jux? /asshole

    google...that is all


    cuts from the classic Murs 3:16..
    co-sign @OGeazy
    Murs for president had a few bumpy moments, I hope Murs don't end up on some black eye peas shit..smh

  • D. $cience

    Cold Vein is the best underground rap album of this past decade. El-P is one of the most slept on producers.
    Def Jux along with Stones Throw, Rhymesayers, and other indie labels pushed the illest underground sh**.

    So long Definitive Jux...let's see who's gonna push indie hip hop to the next level now.

  • 1dopeboy

    considering danny! is the only def jux artist i listen to almost all of this is new to me
    so i'll check it out

  • OGEazy

    I never heard some of these. I just fired up my bong before I turned this in and there are a few tracks that were really strange. There is a lot of quality music on here though.

  • London

    Cold Vein is the best underground rap album of this past decade D. $cience said this on February 5th, 2010 at 4:54 pm <<<<yup

  • jd

    Proud to say I own all these except the fhaggy new stuff. Def Jux has definitely run it's course, but the early 20000's was clearly the best and a helluva time to remember. CanOx, Labor Days, I Phantom... some of the most amazing hip hop I've ever heard.

  • jd

    erp, I mean 2000's!

  • chizzle

    smh @ "hard to remember the classics"

    if its "classic"... it'd be pretty fuckin' hard to forget. thats whats wrong with rating shit (like at DX) Everyone's so quick to rate shit 5 stars while never considering the "REAL CLASSICS"

    As for DEF JUX, I too was saddened by it til the homie brought it to my attention that only Iron Galaxy was a CLASSIC. all others were ok with couple dope songs here and there. after looking thru my Def Jux catalog, I couldn't find too many songs I have on repeat

  • theedopeshow

    def jux r.i.p.... what i miss more is co flo

  • http://www.jacquesmorel.com JacquesMorel

    i never really listened to these artists, and now i am being wow'd by the music im listening too.

    extra dope.

  • George Clooney


    It's a real toss up for me between Iron Galaxy and Funcrusher. 8 Steps To Perfection is definitely a "REAL CLASSIC" track.

    Anyhow, most co flow material came out on Rawkus.

  • theedopeshow

    yea but without what co flow did previously... el p wouldnt have had the fan base to go on with doing def jux... its like death row vs aftermath... but rawkus did more stuff in its little 4-5 years than def jux... shit... for the record... r.i.p. to both... but when it comes to indie rap... duck down is king... bigger than rhymesayers and stonesthrow combined...

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  • parodi

    this can't be life.

    I still play "8 steps..." on a daily basis.

  • donnieboomboom

    vega stay comin thru with those buttery biscuits. RIP DEF JUX

  • http://abtraxxx.blogspot.com Oully09

    Dayumm......I love Def Jux but can someone make this iTunes friendly?

  • http://thecryptonline.com Vega

    I'm Hooking up an Ipod Friendly Version of this Comp, it'll be up within the next hour, check Vega's page that Shake posted it'll be updated there, i'll also hit Shake with a link so he can update it possibly, peace and enjoy

  • Pdid

    so dope

  • Fuelbot

    Why aren't there more Fantastic Damage tracks on here?

  • xeroth3t3ck

    WHAT NO JUKIE SKATE ROCK!? lol its all good. this is dope though. Hope the company comes back strong.

  • http://manofglass.com Mr. Glass

    Thanks Shake...I downloaded it and saw they were all under their own albums and was like "ahh shittt" so good lookin out on fixing it bro!

  • skeme

    "The file you are trying to access is temporarily unavailable"
    anybody else getting this message

  • skeme

    nevermind..working now..good looking out SHAKE on the tags

  • dc


    The Game - reunion

    i am very serious

  • http://misterandre.com Mr. Andre

    Not to complain but, this thing is four f*cking hours long! Dude pretty much raped Def Jux' catalog. And the tracklist still isn't in order.
    Good selection though!

  • Loisha

    44. RJD2 ft Jakki Da Mitamouth – F.H.H.mp3!!!