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Drake Announces The Away From Home Tour

blame it on Shake February 8, 2010

Click for full flyer.

In promotion of his debut album, Drake will embark on a North American tour; which will feature K-Os and synth pop band Francis & The Lights as opening acts. Hit the jump for the dates.

Apr. 6: Charleston, IL (Eastern Illinois University)
Apr. 7: Columbus, OH (private location)
Apr. 9: State College, PA (Penn State University)
Apr. 10: Boston, MA (private location)
Apr. 11: Lock Haven, PA (private location)
Apr. 14: East Lansing, MI (Michigan State University)
Apr. 15: Rochester Hills, MI (Oakland University)
Apr. 16: Morgantown, WV (West Virginia University)
Apr. 21: Orlando, FL (University Central Florida)
Apr. 22: Greenville, SC (Furman University)
Apr. 23: TBA
Apr. 24: New Orleans, LA (New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival)
Apr. 26: New Orleans, LA (University of Missouri – Kansas City)
Apr. 27: Lexington, KY (University of Kentucky)
Apr. 29: Lowell, MA (University Mass Lowell)
Apr. 30: Syracuse, NY (private location)
May 1: Boston, MA (private location)
May 4: East Rutherford, NJ (Bamboozle Festival)
May 5: Towson, MD (Holy Cross)
May 6: Cheney, PA (Towson University)
May 7: Ithaca, NY (private location)
May 8: Plymouth, NH (private location)

To be completely honest… if the tour stopped in Vegas, I’d mainly attend just to check out K-Os do his thing.

  • jamesg

    no Los Angeles bah

  • Emilio

    What about Cali, L.A to be specific? Damn, I’d go.

  • Green Crack

    you can book this tour at your local campus, only 80k why not?


  • drm

    “fuck the state penn, fuck hoes at penn state”

  • Drake = not the worth the 3 hour drive to Orlando

    J. Cole….thats another story! I wonder when he’ll be back down here.

  • Damn, no stops in Cali. :\
    Anways, click my name to be directed to a place where you can download my debut mixtape for free or stream it on the left side of the page. 100 downloads and it’s only been a day! The NMC needs to get up on this!

  • George Clooney

    At what point did dude think it was a good idea to allow someone to take such a gay picture of him?

    Also, K-Os on recordings > K-Os live

  • Antonio Audeo

    THIS IS BULLSHIT! He needs to do Canadian tour dates, fuck it being The Away From Home tour, he needs to bring it home at least for a couple dates here.

  • a

    No love for the west coast, Drizzy?

  • I’m askin the same thing…NO WEST COAST LOVE?!

  • Dat nigga

    wouldn’t it be ironic if his tour bus crashed and left him in a wheel chair for life. But he stilled performed as wheel chair Drizzy.

  • Midnight Green


  • ugh

    “To be completely honest… if the tour stopped in Vegas, I’d mainly attend just to check out K-Os do his thing.”

    Wait…you post EVERY random Drake update every other day “Unreleased Drake verse on an old song” “New Drake Interview” “New Drake pics” etc., but don’t really like him? Strange…

  • Gstatus

    Is he getting unpopular because hes getting popular?
    But yea no west cost love? Lame as fuck drizzy

  • oh fuck nc huh?

  • DopeSir


  • JM

    How could you hate him less than year after he released So Far Gone?
    People were praising the fuck out of him and the anticipation for the mixtape was nuts! Even shake said so EXAMPLE:http://2dopeboyz.okayplayer.com/2009/02/13/drake-so-far-gone-mixtape/

    Just because he is popular,
    it’s cool to not like him.

    Like Wayne in 2007.

    I wish he came to texas,
    I would go.

    and don’t give me that bullshit about his features, and he’s changed, his album will be dope and the bloggers will ride his bandwagon again.

  • Steve

    He’ll be in MD for two stops, but meh, I’d rather it be someone else.

  • What the fuck…no TX. That’s some shit…

  • lovsicfrs

    No Bay, no LA? No cali love what so ever when we put this man on!? Shame

  • mikeyfresh

    i’ll be there when he go to penn state.

  • Drake doesn’t love LA

    Maus > Drake. :D

  • b.

    no CALI? sf or la? fuckin wack nigga.

  • S.d.b.

    Yoooo I’m GUESSING since he’s announced this tour
    that his album must b done
    or just about … That’s wassup
    i guess it’s just a promotional tour n then maybe he’ll do a bigger tour like going out to LA n all

  • “Wait…you post EVERY random Drake update every other day “Unreleased Drake verse on an old song” “New Drake Interview” “New Drake pics” etc., but don’t really like him? Strange…”

    umm… i never said i dont like drake. i just said id rather see k-os live. smh, folks are always making things so black and white. ive seen 8009172051 clips of drake performing and he seems to do the same exact stuff. i rarely see any performance clips of k-os and im a huge fan, so of course i want to see what he’s about. thats all.

  • Jdiddy381

    Coming to Mass 3 times in a month is so random.

  • Shake or Meka!! Any idea on when tickets will be for sale?

  • Man last time he at least came to Austin and Houston. This time TX get no love. He needs to come to Dallas so bad.

  • Figs

    Gonna be at Furman University? I live 25 mins away plus K-OS and the Lights? All-Star lineup in SC. Yessir!

  • jacobm23

    fuck! drizzy completely shunned the west coast, this just sucks!

  • Tiempo

    May 5th is Worcester, MA at Holy Cross, not Towson

  • tonystarksification

    yall hate on dude but catch feelings when he dont give a fuck about ya… hahahah

  • CLICK (the link in) my name if you want to see VIDEO of Lil Wayne’s last day of freedom

  • Edward Michaels

    May 5: Towson, MD (Holy Cross)
    May 6: Cheney, PA (Towson University)…this is incorrect

    ^ It’s Towson University in Towson, MD^

  • Mikey B


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  • Big_E

    Man its not about “showin love” its all about money and which campus paid for him to come… blame ur cheap ass schools.. y do u think he’s go to MA so much lol…of course Towson gets him and College Park doesnt, they stay gettin all the good acts…fuck ass UMD

  • I shoulda checked him out last time he came to ATX before he got big.

  • This is absolutely dope. I definitely didn’t expect Drake to do a tour with the likes of K-Os and Francis & The Lights.

  • bubsizzle

    No Texas shows??? WTF!

  • Jonnell

    Charleston?? where did dat come from

  • willy brandt



  • Sim Salabim

    No philly stop? Looks like an all college campus tour for the most part. Ghey

  • wtf is University of Missouri in New Orleans?
    shits gotta be a typo. but uhh, this looks like an east coast tour. dont be mad cuz drake didnt book ur weak ass area.lol that was a joke i fucks w/ the west coast.

  • 2 Cents

    University of Otttawa should book a Drizzy concert.

  • I don’t think anyone “hates” Drake as everyone suggests. I think people are just ready for the album to drop already. He deserves the praise he’s gotten for the classic that is So Far Gone, but at some point, he has to actually deliver on the promise he’s shown thus far. That is all.


    wtf why would he make it the away from home tour… how the fuck is he not gonna perform in TO before his album drops.

  • etrain

    wtf?!?! no Boulder?

  • JD

    wtf why would he make it the away from home tour… how the fuck is he not gonna perform in TO before his album drops.
    TEAMROCKET said this on February 9th, 2010 at 3:58 pm

    The dates are clearly set in April and album drops in march

  • alex

    does anyone know where at in state college he’s performing??

  • CR

    young moneys scared of los angeles duh

  • menah

    floor seats to see him at penn state ;) west coast mad as hell right now too bad i’ll take pics for u ppl

  • MR

    when do the cheyney tickets go on sale?

  • Big Riz

    str8 college tour

  • shay butter

    Drake will be in the Bay area San Francisco to be exact at the Warlfield May 12. im sure hell be in la as well and vegas..

  • Ashley Dawn

    hey drm how the hell do you know that there is hoes at penn state? anyways thats right baby drake is comming my way to morgantown wv baby hell yeah cant wait :)

  • Twila

    Supposed to be in Dallas…May 17th

  • Addi

    no texas? :( I really wanted to see him in concert

  • Halisoldier

    No canada? your from toronto drake dont forget that

  • katy

    Plymouthhhh! <3 I was there!!! on stage