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Game x Aftermath…

blame it on Meka February 8, 2010


The problem child prodigal son has seem to have returned. I wonder what that means for his music…

The Documentary > everything else he did after.

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  • devone
  • Dangerous Vortex

    Hopefully RED will get delayed so he can redo it all. Listened to a little bit of Doctors Advocate the other night and it left me Smfh at his new shit.

  • Dre

    I never heard the Documentary,but i enjoyed L.A.X files sooo GAME is good in my book!!!

  • jamesg

    so do we all jus forget about bishop lamont

  • JonnieHayward

    Game’s always been a lil overrated tho and style got kinda predictable after a while with the name drops and random beefs


  • words for Game: Don’t fuck it up.
    words for Aftermath: Don’t let him fuck this up

  • Terence Chill

    Game on aftermath??again??ok the album didn’t see the lights in 2010 haha

  • Terence Chill

    and by the way all new Game tracks are wack

  • m


  • bosss

    Game is still stripper wearim mardi grass chains, okay it´s wood good chains but this shit looks on him like girls gone wild shit…hahahahaha

  • stringer bell

    i wanna hear the tracks with dre

  • DarkStar

    I’m glad that Game is back and I hope that working with Dr. Dre will again have big effects.
    One more thing: I don’t agree with “The Documentary > everything else he did after” because “Doctor’s Advocate” was also very well album. I agree- LAX and these new tracks with that new sound just suck

  • > words for Game: Don’t fuck it up.
    words for Aftermath: Don’t let him fuck this up >

    ^^ this

  • woow

    LAX > The Documentary. But The Game is bipolar and he admits that. Still realer than half the rappers in the game right now

  • OnTheRun

    best album is Doctor’s Advocate imo. The Documentary also amazing and would be recognized as a classic if he never got cut from aftermath back in 05.

  • Musikfiend

    “I never heard the Documentary,but i enjoyed L.A.X files sooo GAME is good in my book!!!”

    U gotta check out The Documentary. Game’s best album.

  • Huh?

    Doctor’s Advocate > The Documentary >>>>>>>>>>>>> LAX.

    Let’s hope Dre gets off his ass & doesn’t delay Game 34965735 trillion times.

  • Nas is awesome

    This even true?

  • BP


  • k

    lmfao @ doctor’s advocate > documentary….
    documentary was the name droppers best effort. DA was really bad

  • killa

    luls at the haters. You cant deny game has talent and he hasn’t even hit his peak yet.

  • dhruv

    shake u didn’t like LAX

  • Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    First of all, FUCK that Red Cox hat. nigga from LA, what happened to his Dodger hat?

    2nd of all, Doctor’s Advocate >>>>>>>>> that Just Blaze joint off Documentary “Church 4 Thugs” >>>>>>>> rest of Doc. album >>>>>>> LAX

  • Schmuck

  • roguepistol

    at this point what does it even matter any more? he played himself out as did 50 and all that whole group, none of them make good music any more. they all rely on lame beefs and cry baby antics to generate any hype for their lack luster tunes, they are raps equivilant of wwf..

  • Beaux

    Aftermath better keep this kid on a fucking leash. Smack the shit out of him if it’s not sounding like 06/previous shit.

  • dmxeatsbabies08

    so now we gotta wait 1,497 days for dre to not drop his album or detox, or anyone else’s

  • B1RdM4N5150

    The Documentary was really good and so was L.A.X. Both are arguably the best albums he’s put out. Some of his new shit i’m not feeling like Big Money and this Shake song, which is fucking awful by the way. But honestly I trust Game and what he puts out as far as an album goes cuz he still a dope rapper for sure.

  • Big_E

    lol 50’s in NY scratchin his head right about now…

  • DETOX released in NEVUARY 2011
    The Documentary > everything else he did after.

  • Thank you, Meka.
    i try.

  • Marco G.

    Hopefully it means no more mediocre music from him

  • cya

    Game doesn’t have the credibility to just throw up some random picture with an implied message. I bet he’s just playing dress up, scheming that this can somehow generate enough buzz to get aftermath to actually consider going over 50’s head and resigning him. And if this is true, who cares, they’ll just shelve his album like so many others who’ve wasted their time on Dre’s label. Screw game, fuck aftermath.

  • theedopeshow

    it wasnt dre who made game… cuz he was gonna drop him before 50 stepped in on the project… not expecting much… the documentary consisted of the massacre left overs… now this monkey will be big enough to get the jay-z roast… should have signed crooked i instead… he real, a better rapper and would have been a better look… and also bishop lamont would have smashed on this wanker… and game doesnt want it…

  • Glitch

    i think doc’s advocate is like my favorite game album, everything about i was dope, it had westcoast vibe writtin all over it, and co-sign @ his new shit sucks

  • fozzie bear >>>>> wacka flacka lame

    the only game album i liked was doctor’s advocate. the other albums had beats, but his flow is so predictable it’s not entertaining anymore.

  • Mr. Right

    Game needs to stop being a student of 90s West coast, and be a leader of 2010 West Coast. Let go of the 90s, aftermath is the most overrated label in hiphop. That label has signed how many people? Only 5 people have ever dropped an album on that label. It’s important to pay your respects, but now its time to be a leader

  • wase

    why even bother going back to aftermath so Dre can put your shit on delay so he can go hustle his overpriced headphones? lol just stay on interscope which is the main label not no sub shit smh

  • daveg

    All the Game haters…All his albums were dope as hell, LAX just happened to be a little less dope than the others but still had some bangers. RED better come hard like Doctors Advocate or Documentary.

    Game with Aftermath is gonna be a good look although I wish Bishop Lamont was Dre’s number 1 guy because his songs have more meaning than anybody out right now.

    Bishop Lamont is better than anybody out the west right now but I’m still a Game fan so its gonna be nice.

  • 5FingerDiscount

    Fuck Benny Blanco from Da BriX who sucks DiX (see how I flipped ur bullshit?) And how long will this last before he gets DROPPED?

  • Brian Kidd

    Come on Meka The Doctor’s Advocate was crack as well, don’t front

  • Jesus

    Who actually listens to the Game’s albums to hear him anyway? I approach his music the same way I approach a Rick Ross album, I listen for the production, because he’s honestly not saying anything I haven’t heard before.

  • Skylar

    Jesus christ, thank goodness for game’s sake. Now he can feel loved again and start making some music.

    DA was a tight joint.. see Olde English, and The Remedy.. c’mon Meka.

  • asd

    poor bishop lamont

  • TE

    The Documentary >>>>>>>> LAX >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Doctors advocate. IMO i thought LAX was better than doctors advocate. there all good albums though. but documentary is a certified classic. the line up for RED looks terrible, i mean c’mon Nicki Minaj and Robin Thicke… SMH.

  • Tay

    Can’t wait for RED period but The Documentary is classic but LAX was up there also. He went in on that album and Doctors Advocate wasn’t bad at all considering what went on around that time. He hasn’t dropped one trash album so I don’t c y the hate on his muzik. But yeah lshit like Pussy Fight is jus BS for the mixtape. Shouldn’t even be in there but o well. RED will b sick.

  • JL

    documentary is soooooooooooooo much better than ANYTHING he put out after it.

  • LEX

    The Documentary probably is his best album, but the Doctor’s Advocate and LAX were both worthy follow ups. I don’t really like the Game like that, but he is 3 for 3 as far as albums go.

  • LEX

    lol @ the overpriced headphones comment.

  • Dr. Greenthumb

    Detox will come out this year. Dre’s gonna use the promotion R.E.D.’s gonna get to promote Detox that will more than likely come out later this year.

    Trust me…this year.

  • Seif

    RED 2020.
    And no, Doctor’s Advocate > everything he ever did.

  • Jesus

    @Dr. Greenthumb

    I guess you missed it, but Dre already said Detox isn’t coming out this year

  • OD>

    Doctor’s Advocate is the only Game album I really enjoyed. I didn’t even dig The Documentary that much, it was alright. LAX was alright too but not much replayability.

  • AdubC

    Game>>>>>>>>>Bishop Lamont

  • theedopeshow

    the guy who says game is better than bishop is an idiot

  • theedopeshow

    must be in love with male strippers who “claim” they gang bang but really gang bang… with the rest of the other lames on bws

  • theedopeshow

    like b.i.g. said “two dicks and no bitch/ find yourself in some serious shit”

  • yes sirrrrr!!!

  • The Documentary > everything else he did after


    how come him and 50 both started off solid and slowly declined after the first album?

  • mmkayy

    lmao @ problem child..

  • Jarvo

    Smfh at this bipolar negro album gon suck like the last two like really only reason ppl listen to game on L.A.X was wayne chorus on My Life .. This is his last shot of makin sumthin of himself or its back to strippin or ah reality show lmfaooo..

  • BlackEnigma aka hypeman

    Why You Hate The Game >>> any other song he’s done

  • me

    does drake exist?

  • me


  • Locke

    Documentary is hands down his best effort, I remember the buzz he had (not a bug as Drake’s, mind) and I wasn’t expecting much from his album but it was brilliant. Not one shit guest/producer on it. Dre, Scott Storch, Just Blaze, etc. If he gets these dudes back, we’ll have another classic.

  • didnt this bipolar motherfucker get a Pharell Star Trak tattoo 2 weeks ago and declared he was rolling with them now!!

  • boston

    @ Benny Blanco from Da BriX

    FUck L.A….thats why hes rocken that boston shit…BEANTOWN!!! (617)

  • crazy Russian

    i duno why but this post made me listen to my whole The Game folder, and i dont even like him
    im so high its not even funny

  • crazy Russian


    chea 3s uuuuup homie

  • Documentary all day. Doc’s Advocate was good but the Documentary was the only classic.

  • StillAftermath

    That’s way Jimmy Iovine is my idol, because he the one that runs all this music shit. I’ve been telling anyone who would listen that this very thing would be happening. Jimmy likes money, 50cent is worth excactly what his name states right now. Thus making no money, on top of putting out shitty material. Game on the other hnad made money on his first album(classic). Then said fuck these niggaz and made money on his next able(classic in the I proved you motherfucka wrong kinda way) Then he dropped LAX and killed it solo again. Anyone with any idea of business knows that putting Game back on the main roster was the only thing that makes sence.

    Now we just wait for some bullshit press release that will eventually lead to 50 no longer be apart of interscope. I mean they still have to milk him completely dry first, By putting out complation albums and all that other grabbing for every cent(no pun inteaded) crap. But onces that’s done, bye bye 50cent. That’s gonna be such a great day.

    Congrats to Game for Earning his spot back!