Random Acts of Fuckery: All Girl Tattoo Party (Video)

blame it on Shake February 8, 2010


Despite the possibility of decent visuals, I still can’t get over the fact at how hard this chick is trying to stay relevant. Curtis is bad for you lady.

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  • christhacameraman

    co-sign shake 100%….theres lil worse than using the internet to be an attention whore…smh

  • lasean

    tatoos mess women up especially big ass/alot of tatoos

  • lasean

    damn she hang out with some rough looking bitches they look like they name could be butch and the work at a truck route and could beat up niggas

    tahiry needs some new friends

  • Sharpies dont cover up tats. Lame.

  • Ryuk

    So…this is what shes doing now? How long till we see her in porn?

  • DopeSir

    ^^^ couple months brah.

  • Abdulwaahid

    This was just sad. She needs to recognize her 15 mins are up and keep it moving.

  • london

    y did i watch

  • mmkayy

    jokes on her.. she was dumb enough 2get a dudes name tattd

  • john

    but she didnt show her ass…. :/

  • Tramp Stampede! LOL

  • @Ryuk So…this is what shes doing now? How long till we see her in porn? << her and Darlene in a scene together would be nuts if Tahiry can perform.

  • E-Rich

    Which one is Tahiry?

  • boston

    tahiry in porn?? must seeeee!!!!!!

  • random

    woulda been funnier if she tatted “mouse” or “buddens” or somethin ha anyways i have a blunt in rotation niggasss..

  • tonystarksification


  • tonystarksification

    and joeys ex girl looks hella busted in this

  • jd

    nice muff zits


    WTF!! r yall niggaz gay?? yall dont like 2look at women?? lol
    dis a woman wit tats & these bitches aint ugly whoever said dat!! queer ass niggaz!!


    that bitch tahiry got a big ass head… but i’d smash that pussy good…

  • james dean

    tsk….Joey wins……any man who got the chick to get their name tatted anywhere on their body wins

  • CLICK (the link in) my name if you want to see VIDEO of Lil Wayne’s last day of freedom


    these hoes are wack. 1 was tight and the muff zits yuck!!!!!!!!!

  • dan

    watched it muted still a fail..

  • The RNT

    I’m willing to bet money that she’ll be in porn before the end of the year…or a convenient “sex tape” that she’ll market the hell out of, but pretend she didn’t know that it was being recorded. Sad thing is she thinks she’s more than just a big ass.

  • Onederin

    that’s a shame.

  • Mr. I Don’t Give A Fuck

    I’d bang everyone of those chicks. You know why? Cause I’m a dogg and I don’t give a fuck!!! Queer ass niggaz on this post. Get off Joe Buddens dick. You know damn well if anyone of them bitches advanced on yo sucka ass you’d be eatin’ the box kid. So stop frontin’!!!

    And for the record, Tahiry DUMB ass fuck for getting his name tat’d on her. Especially a rap nigga. As the saying goes, “never marry a musician.” Dumb broad!!! I’d still bang it out though. You know why? Cause I don’t give a fuck. And I’d eat the box. AND WHAT!!!