• http://www.FRESHselects.net FRESHselects

    dope track,
    ADaD stole the show
    - he's definitely a name to watch for!

  • the truth

    this is good music right here !

  • flip illson

    fuck that.
    i wanted to hear Danny Brown actually rap.
    naw, it's a dope track though.

    ---a dying metaphor---

  • http://highdosagegraphics.com DynamicShots

    Never heard of that last nigga, but he went the fuck in...

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  • D. $cience

    Man, this is the first time I've seen aDaD's name on this b****, unless I missed a post. I've been following dude, and he is sick. His "Intro to aDaD" mixtape is ill, and his "Unbenounced" mixtape is dope too. Hopefully I see more of his stuff on here in the future.

  • http://www.twitter.com/djdescry Descry

    Thank you all for the kind words. I definitely don't deserve this kind of praise.

  • idk

    Lovin all these Von Pea features lately.

  • http://www.jay3091speaks.com jay3091

    Fuck yes! Danny Brown is that deal!

  • ziplockp

    yeah. yall need to catch up on aDaD. dude is incredible. and he killed this shit. i heard him and exile got a full project comin out. freshselects, you got any info on that?

  • Glitch

    haven't listened to this just yet but i gotta question real quick, why is this and the song by el prez "burgertime" have the same beat lol

  • Eric

    yea... that last dude Adad definitely went in... damn

  • http://www.twitter.com/djdescry Descry

    Got the same beat due to miscommunication. I never got to preview Prez's jawn before it dropped. All good though, I dig his flip.

  • Bosco

    when is adad dropping some shyt? west coast dude?

  • http://www.allnaturalhiphop.com dj sean doe

    @ Kenny ... Adad steals nickels out my pocket !!! :0) ADAD's new album comes out April 13th 2010 EULORYTHMICS ( is ADAD & KENNY KEYS ) " GREEN ST. & AVERS " singles is out now for free download !! you can back track on aDaD because he has plenty of stuff on the net and at least 2 albums under Eulorythmics you can cop !! - S Deezy