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Nappy Roots – Dippin’ & Dodgin’ f. STS

blame it on Shake February 11, 2010

Sugar Tongue Slim joins the Nappy Roots crew on a new joint that will not be featured on their upcoming album, Pursuit of Nappyness. Also, above you will find the official artwork of the album. I’m sure this will please a few folks, as there was a slight uproar about the previous cover we saw. Shouts to my man Jonathan Hay for the premiere.


DOWNLOAD: Nappy Roots – Dippin’ & Dodgin’ f. STS (prod. Blake @ Tree Sound) | Mediafire

  • crimealdi

    STS is the shit bwoy! Song’s fire overall and he murders it.

  • yes sirrrr!

  • dasouthside281

    this is st8 right hurr and something to the left from what the country boyz usually bring. str8 kitchen dope heat from nappy!

  • 502 Louisville represent!

  • western420

    Classic @ Nappy!

  • Mr. Big, Mr. Big…

    This joint is straight butta ‘n guns… These dudes is on fire right now and if this is what to expect on 4/20 then we definitely gonna be blazin one for the po’ folks. keep em comin’ fellas…

  • You know how WE do it…www.treesoundstudios.com…

  • Been a fan of Nappy Roots!! STS is the shit. No half steppin from this cat. The track is crazy. Fuckin A Blake!! The Master Fader!!

  • ElmoSaysPants

    Dope track, We need more hip hop like this

  • B

    Dope-ass track! STS is the awesome! Keep the good sh*t comin from Tree! Peace

  • diddlesworth

    yo that’s the hot shit! shit’s straight poppin son!!!!!! always been a huge nappy fan. mad props to slim and master fader!!!! suck that shit!!!!!!!!!

  • The Rev

    D&D is Bumpin. What else could I expect from Nappy…..Only the Best tracks!!!

  • RED

    DnD is off the rip! Blake went in on that beat!

  • bsydz

    This is dope!!

  • Zing

    its aight………. beats kinda basic

  • WiZ Khalifa – This Plane Instrumental
    for more click (the link in) my name

  • grizelda

    too dope

  • EniX

    Tree Sounds keepin it real in ATLANTA,

    Hot Track.

    Holla @ me

  • KO

    Way to go! Tree Sound Studios in ATL hittin it hard… Way to go B!

  • Kris

    This is really sick, good job Blake!!!

  • Blake Blizzy I see you, you motorboatin sonofabitch! lol

  • Josherrr

    This is that dope ish like only Tree Sound Studios can bring!

  • Phatty

    The STS verse is hot!

  • Matias

    Looking forward to hearing the album on 4/20. It must be dope if this track didn’t make the cut… because this is dope!

  • Brett

    most impressive Blake.

  • Belly

    Sounds like the ’70’s are back!!!

  • Nah…. The track ain’t just aight!! The shit is Bangin!!! Nappy, STS, and Blake Blizzy!! They did The Thang!!!

  • Phatty

    I caught a video of Sugar Tongue Slim performing with the Roots. Now he’s collaborating with Nappy Roots. This dude is all over the place! Looking forward to hearing some more from this guy (maybe some solo sh*t?)!

  • Hippy Dread

    Nappy Roots killin’ it!

  • brett