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QuESt – How Thoughtful (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka February 11, 2010

Here it is everyone! QuESt’s latest tape “How Thoughtful” which will act as a precursor to his next major project “The Reason: A Defense Mechanism”. The tape is hosted by none other than YesIamQuESt.com along with RubyHornet.com and the mixing is handled by Ruby Hornet’s own DJ RTC. Enjoy and please help spread the word, every ounce of help is appreciated!

Tracklist and link down bottom.


DOWNLOAD: QuESt – How Thoughtful (Mixtape)

  • first! yes


    been waiting on this shit ALL DAY LETS GO

  • good shit gotta appreciate this dudes work ethic! download and spread the word!

  • second! no

  • ese


  • This better b good…I was disappointed in his last tape… then XV’s tape dropped rite after that, I think in the same week and helped me 4get all about Quest…then I listened to YoungMuchacho >> Quest lol


  • RaceIsJustAWord

    what group is quest from? usually 2DBZ let us know about the artist. Meka, tell us a lil about dude

  • dt

    gonna soooo ill

  • brendon811

    this should be good..exhibit Q is (2)dope

  • Look at dem jayz lips

  • Wheat Thins

    Mediafire >>>>>>>> any other file hosting site. No pop up ads. Good choice meka.

  • Wheat Thins

    oh and one month left and distant travels into soul theory were good… but Broken headphones was ass.. so Im not sure what to expect here.

  • Wheat Thins

    oh and one month left and distant travels into soul theory were good… but Broken headphones was ass.. so Im not sure what to expect here.

  • ziggi

    Broken Headphones was dope….

    Be A Man>>>>>>>>>

  • ************

    YoungMuchacho? must just be a joke name

  • ayume

    goddamn, his lips! sorry, but goddamn!

  • why


  • track 15,17,5,4,7 are on point.. beat selection is iffy BUT.. overall dope

  • Can we get some Art by Shake? hahaha

  • Jesus

    I gave this guy a chance, but then he blew it with that one month left and broken headphones garbage, he hasn’t progressed as an artist since that Distant Travels tape, and he just comes off as being generic. Plus those lips should be a RAoF

  • very excited to hear (and contribute) to this tape. quest is definitely one of the best to represent my region (sfl/miami).

    peace to quest, rtc, kevin, etc.

  • tis shit right heeere Nnnigga

  • Been a fan since Broken Headphones. Been waiting for this. Can’t wait to listen.. Personal is next up. His project is definitely gonna be dope too. He aint get no love from 2bz yet, tho!

  • PA

    Barnes & Nobles FTW

  • LMAO at the haters, lmao.. niggas must care enough to critique the next mans lips

  • Alroc

    People hate way to much, I bet if people focused on there work instead of hating they would be better off and as for this mixtape it was dope, it will hold me down til the next big project. I’m glad to see instead of being out for months he always drops little projects in between the big ones mad props Quest keep it up.

  • uhhuh

    wow man, i loved Distant Travels mixtape, wasn’t a big fan of Broken Headphones, but this is very good so far…very dope QuESt, props, shit is inspiring me.

  • Doc Ty

    I’ll give him one more chance…

  • TE

    broken headphones was better to many jacked beats on this.

  • Igneous


  • Wheat Thins

    Why cant artists release their shit with proper tags instead of numbers in front of every song title?

  • Broken headphones was extremely dope to me, only one or two songs I didn’t like, but that’s my personal taste.

    This is alright, he said himself its basically just warm up so I wasn’t expectin too much. Still a solid listen tho.

    Much respect to quest.


    smh at haters….

  • @JOLIN…Nobody’s hatin,,all I see is opinions..not every1 has the same taste and not every1 is gonna agree on Quest’s music imo YoungMuchacho’s ( http://usershare.net/3d4yxc9pmvqi ) flow is lightyears ahead of Quest’s lol..Im done

  • Jesus

    The phrase hating has to die along with stan, thats all I ever see on hip-hop sites. If you like the artist you’re a stan, if you don’t you’re a hate.

  • Jesus

    Oh and YoungMuchacho has the Jesus cosign

  • And the comments on the lips are more of jokes than hate,,has nuttin 2 do with the music..Jay-Z’s lips are god awful too..

  • Jesus

    Yeah, and Lupe has a gap in his teeth so big I could fly one of those Avatar birds through it.

  • Alroc

    ^ lol

  • Lol avatar birds wow

  • Onederin

    The mixed reviews on this guy are interesting. I kind of felt the same way with the liking the Distant Travels mixtape and then not liking the other stuff he’s put out.

    Not sure if I want to give this guy another go. I’ll pass for now.

  • Will

    QuESt is talented, gets a download from me for sure.

  • StyleZ.

    Distant Travels and so was 1 Month but his other stuff wasnt too great. Def downloading this.

  • young kof

    young QuEStington…yessir

  • Glitch

    that shit about the avatar birds lmao so random haha but anyways im gonna download this and check it out

  • SZ

    Yo can someone post a different link 4 this cuz “No Future” Is Not working 4 me. thnx

  • Illuminati

    Lol @ the Avatar/Lupe line.and yea YoungMuchacho gets a co-sign over here too.flow is on point

  • black

    maybe if homie didnt sound like marvin the martian i would be interested

  • George Clooney

    I’ve just officially given this dude yet another chance, and I still don’t get what ANYBODY sees in this shit. This guy’s style is so fuckin generic I feel like I’m stuck on some random eastern european kid’s soundclick page.

  • illl

    If you dont like the music just skip it and keep it moving. I dont understand. I HATE Shawn Chry’ music, and everytime I see his post I skip it. Why? Cause I have nothing to say about him at all. Period Cause I have better things to do than to insult a rapper I KNOW I already DONT like. WTF is wrong with yall? If you dont like the music STFU and keep it moving.

    And for the record I thought this tape was dope. Nothing but fire.

    and who posts another rappers music on another rappers mixtape post? Youd have a valid argument if we knew or gave a FUCK about who Young Muchacho. At least Quest is putting in effort and seeing RESULTS.

    guys are fucking clowns. Spread love, keep hate to yourself.

  • Zombie

    QuEST makes me proud to be from FLORIDA (In terms of hip hop). Niggas always see our state in terms of niggas like Plies and shit. Down here we got niggas who got true hip hip in them and ill spit games. He’s evidence of that

  • Jesus


    You just contradicted your whole statement when you made that comment about Young Muchacho, so maybe you’re the one that needs to shut the fuck up and keep moving.

  • Overall track by track could someone break this down…im gonna get it cause i been supporting him from day 1 but hows this joint?

  • RT

    That mind on Blast is still my shit.

  • balley

    Yo man.. links down!?

  • someguy

    can someone reup this please?

  • can’t find a working link for this anywhere!

  • CABNumber

    Dame I swear Im always seeing this George Clooney guy posting on 2dopeboyz and HipHopDX nothing but a bunch of negative shit he has to say about some artist… but anyways I remember the 1st time hearing Quest was on M.Will The Shogun’s mixtape “A Journey through Space & Time” pretty Dope in my opinion.

  • New link someone

  • L boogs

    Man… this is absolutely on time. Real, positive & it’s time to give the masses what they/ we need. yes sir…

  • Sam

    Link’s down and I can’t find it anywhere.
    Much love to QueST though.

  • whats the lupe instrumental he was using in the first song “how thoughful” anyone know?

  • slim

    can someone resurrect this with a re-up? can’t find this gold anywhere

  • dont bother..its very passable. and im a fan of quest.