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Freeway – Freelapse (Mixtape) [NoDJ]

blame it on Shake February 12, 2010

And the time has arrived. Freeway rocking over Eminem beats w/ DJ Wonder on the mix. Those looking for a hard copy can get one by pre-ordering Freeway & Jake One’s upcoming album The Stimulus Package. UPDATE: Brought this back to the top as wordap provided a nice NoDJ version. Niiice.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

01 Angela Yee Intro
02 Freeway’s Beard
03 Laugh At Them
04 Forgot About J
05 Do’s & Dont’s
06 Syco
07 Role Model
08 Cradle 2 the Grave
09 Freezer’s Back
10 No Brains
11 Alk
12 Say What U Say
13 Clean My Closet f. Jakk Frost
14 For the Moment

DOWNLOAD: Freeway – Freelapse (Mixtape)
DOWNLOAD: Freeway – Freelapse (Mixtape) [NoDJ]

  • THE 412

    Any Good?


    shiiet i thought it was just gonna be relapse beats

  • yo shake can we get a new link.
    maybe its just my comp,
    but this tape is taking foooorrreeevvverr to dwnload.
    (3 hr estimate)

  • Pitter

    nah it’s taking me 3 hours also

  • Mine too, I’m guessing the server at TeamYee is getting banged on.

  • im not using angela yee’s link. the one above is on sendspace.

  • jhink357

    shits dope…link took lil longer than normal but not 3hrs…more lik 15 n def worth it

  • 10 minutes remaining 7%

    All I gotta say is “=/ @ sendspace”

  • Here is the NODJ Version.


    We were the original people working on the tape before some bullshit happened.

  • Seriously Shake…sendspace?
    What the shit bro?

  • Props on the NODJ…

  • No problem The Messiah. It’s an RS link too.

  • james

    Word on the no dj.

    love the cover

  • same here that cover is serious.

  • Freeway looks like Geodude on that cover…

  • David

    The more shit Freeway comes out with, the more I like him. FreeWeez!

  • Correct me if im wrong,Freeway is made out of bud right?


  • Busy

    the cover looks like a pile of dog shit… just sayin!

  • Higher Up

    Someone please upload the NODJ version to Usershare or Mediafire because RapidShare’s servers are always overloaded so I can’t download shit.

  • who cares

    hell yea. i been waitin on dis

  • “Someone please upload the NODJ version to Usershare or Mediafire because RapidShare’s servers are always overloaded so I can’t download shit.”

    done and done. mediafire provided up top.

  • tango sucka

    thanks freeway is prettty ill. the stimulus package is so dope if you havent heard it yet

  • ck47

    mixtape is dope , Free did his thing.

  • Marcus B.

    “Freeway looks like Geodude on that cover…”

    Lmao, that’s why I read the comments here, y’all always crack me up with something.

  • not a freeway fan, i’m only downloading cause that cover is crazy.

  • whaha

    lmao geodude that alone made me download this!

  • uzi

    cover literally looks like shit lol

  • hai there

    dope cover (yes pun intended)

  • CheEchDaIRonLuNg

    I think he looks more like the rock monster from The Neverending Story

  • Mr. 2010

    the tags apparently take up a solid 9 to 10 MB of space on here- makes me wonder why they even exist

  • lol @ geodude.

  • Sam K

    what beat is he rhyming over on No Brains?

  • Rain Man from the Encore album. I got the instrumental if you need it.

  • bestbeatsalive

    seriously….F**K sendspace. 10mins left 19% complete

  • killadel820

    what beat is do’s n donts?

  • Status

    This Mixtape is Poppin’..I hope theresz a Freelapse 2 in tha Works !

  • kay j all day

    this shit is hot

  • MewLover34


    D-12 – I’ll Shit on You

    It’s like their first official single…bomb shit…

  • Bezze From North

    Free Is Dope

  • J.B.28

    who the fuck is sendspace…? i luv freeway man his shyt is great im tryna git all these mixtapes he got out dAT stimulus package is raw straight game man luv dat shyt

  • Lil’ J

    Philly Freezer this is ma shit Freeway killz everything hes the best out there…all his mixtapes are good u can get em at datpiff 4 free

  • Lil’ J

    ay jb28 your rite that stimulus package is tha shit hes showin these rappers how 2 spit all his mixtapes are on livemixtapes and datpiff for free js make sure u make an account its real easy mayb u got 1

  • jchavez

    wat instrumental is he rappin on syco

  • battle3

    “wat instrumental is he rappin on syco”

    obviously u never heard whats the difference by dr. dre off his “2001 album. smh. step ur hip-hop game up kid