• http://www.webSWAG.biz The AmeRican Kid

    Major Lazer feat. Collie Buddz, Lindi Ortega - "Good Enough!" http://www.webswag.biz/2010/02/new-music-major-lazer-feat-collie-buddz.html

  • SirThulsaBOOM

    Nan, this pretty dope.
    Sounds like something that coulda been on Release Therapy.
    A sequel to Slap even.
    Need these without the drops!

  • http://highdosagegraphics.com DynamicShots

    Damn. I got that mixtape on my iTunes and still haven't listened to it yet...lol

  • Tripple-A

    doesnt sound like Jazmine at all

  • EClipse

    Isn't it supposed to be Jennifer Hudson?

  • J

    It is Jennifer Hudson not Jazmine...

    Either way its a great song

  • nader

    Damn I NEED THE NO DJ VERSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • HopeTheyCan

    Hear My Cry, this track gives me goosebumps. Dope!

  • Fletch

    Songs cool the mix sounds dirty could be the conversion though glad Luda been comin home to Chi and workin with folks...but why would he want to pose with that looser Obama though minus cool points for that one

  • who cares

    I wish Battle of the sexes was more like this