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Nas & Damian Marley – Strong Will Continue [New Nas Verse]

blame it on Meka February 12, 2010

This version has Nas talking about the chick he tatted on his arm, child support and whatnot. Props to the BoBO.


DOWNLOAD: Nas & Damian Marley – Strong Will Continue [Final] | Mediafire

  • Chip Quop

    first comment!


  • Didn’t Green Lantern say this verse was supposed to be crazy!? We’ll see….

  • shorty oo-ops

    Props to the BoBO???

    TheNasForum was the first to rip this from the DistantRelatives myspace like 10 hours ago, give props where its due.

  • word

    yeah give props where its due!!! Nas forum it is niccas!!

  • shorty oo-ops
  • Chuck

    no one really cares that much shorty oo-ops. as long as its on the site that I visit.

  • This is improved. dope ish

  • shorty oo-ops

    im jus sayin, if blogs are gonna leech at least know who rip’d it.

  • lilromeo7

    yup gotta give it up to thenasforum 1 of the realest blogs out there

  • Jesus

    Who cares who ripped it? We got it from here, if that person really cares that much, then they can go jack themselves off to their own post, because no one else gives a shit. Anyway, this version is pretty dope.

  • Solroc21

    much better. this version is dope!

  • dan99

    wow, that last verse…….ummm….speechless. nas is back.

  • shorty oo-ops

    jesus, ur very tough aren’t you.

  • 1dopeboy

    who really cares that some forum ripped it lmao

  • Jesus

    Im not trying to be tough, but you seem to think you’re something special, considering you’ve commented in this same post about 3 times about how you had this on the nas forum ten hours ago. All im saying is people don’t give a shit that you have no life and surf the internet waiting to rip the newest shit that leaks.

  • Pdid

    if im a sucker for love then youre a sucker for death

  • Jimbo

    I ALMOST feel bad for Kelis. Damn.

  • Mastered Version Finnally

  • Jimbo

    It sounds like Nas got with some football player’s wife, who do you think it is haha?

  • Big_E

    this shit is hooott!

  • I think Eminem should get on that As We Enter track. As We Enter should be up next.

    sidenote: It is not a new nas verse. the verse was still there in the previously leaked version. Last week distant relatives was mastered. So let the leak begin so i can have it now and buy it later.

  • 4REAL

    No leaks…Nas and Damian released this themself it is posted on their MYSPCE page Distant Relatives!!!1

  • james

    The additional Nas vocals don’t sound as nice as his first verse. It’s interesting to hear him touch on Kelis and what not but not necessarily what I’m expecting from this project. He should save the personal material for his next solo release.

  • OnlyWayToSurvive

    Damian Marley is dope, and well Nas snapped on that last verse. I think he be rope-ah-dopin niggaz most the time.

  • as we enter

    the extra verse made the song SICKER! pumped for this project!

  • shorty oo-ops

    jesus, guess what, it was a comment to shake/meka not you. I just had to justify why I said it cos idiots like you starts to comment about who cares. well it was never directed to you in the first place, just the blogger who got the props wrong.

  • word

    I love the new verse, but two things I didn’t like: they dropped the first Damian Marley verse (which i thought was DOPE) and they dropped the extended intro (not as big a deal lol). hopefully someone mixes the two tracks together

  • huh

    eminem to get on “as we enter” nahhhh. its a serious song, and well nowadays em sounds like a gimmick.