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Johnny Polygon – Rebel Without Applause (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka February 14, 2010

DJ Green Lantern says:

“This is Johnny Polygon.. His music is fuckin dope and these songs are the reason he is part of the Invasion family.. I approve this message.”

Tracklist and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: Johnny Polygon – Rebel Without Applause (Mixtape)

  • Phat

    i was waiting till he released music ever since get right.

  • tango sucka

    Expecting a lot of hate comments here…

    Not sure why because this dude is VERY dope (most of the time).

    “you better act right, ‘for you get smacked right
    Im a janitor I’ll beat you with my flashlight
    Im an animal addicted to the crack pipe
    smokin camel lights and livin in the past life”

  • jakefromthebean

    i just cant get past how dude comes off….he just gives me the wrong vibe…no homo.


    yess i was looking for there go johnny polygon FOREVER!!
    yous a good shit

  • Complacent

    shits dude remember him from gta iv

  • AC

    You all really should give this dude a chance. His music is pretty fucking good.

  • Brice

    he’s different and i like it…really feeling that “riot song”

  • GR

    he’s good, give him a chance.

  • ok

    dl’ing now just cause yall talking all this give him a chance shxt. will be back after a start to finish listen with how i feel. green lantern’s a good cosign so im not gonna count this tape out….*to be continued*

  • james

    I dug his track on GTA soundtrack but was disappointed to not find his material. Glad to have this.

  • smOklahoma

    Well fuckin happy Valentines Day to you to Poly! Illness!!

  • trill bill volume 2

    meka: yous a good shit. thanks bro

  • Teddy

    Yea man Poly is character. Even if you dont like his music, him as a person, I dont see how you can not like him.

  • The link won’t load for me. =[


  • Nevermind I got it…

  • theharrybrown

    repel without applause is actually a line from a marilyn manson song haha

  • Rome

    dope music from a strange man

  • Smooth Ballz

    garbage. who farted?

  • james

    eh, this is disappointing. the production is pretty poor. i wasn hoping for music on par with Price On Your Head. Hopefully, the album will be equivalent to that. This free shit, in my opinion, shouldn’t be too hot unless you’re that fucking good as an artist that you’re ass material is above most cats.

  • eddroc

    This dude is pretty good. He sounds like mic terror

  • john

    this [guy] looks like Cleveland Brown wit shitlocks… i will not listen b’cuz of your haircut.

  • YeahhKevinn

    This Dude Is Nice
    If your Like A Careless Person The Dont Give A Fuck About What People Think Or Say
    You’ll Like This Guys Shit.. Give Him A Chance He Nice

  • Rome

    Lol @ Johns comment he does look like cleveland brown

  • cya

    Every time I hear another song by this dude I become more & more of a fan. Love Green Lantern’s message & the Superjail-esque artwork too. Good shit all around.

  • Kechup

    Never heard a track from dude before I dl yesterday. pretty nice

  • Cudder

    were those bars supposed to impress people tango sucka?

  • will

    saw this somewhere else and it’s probably true: there will probably be a higher concentration of actual women at his shows. it might be the freshest breath of air hip hop ever had. thanks man.

  • I’m trying to remember how I found it and where but it wasn’t here (not hating) but YOOOO!! Johnny Polygon is really dope especially the track “That’s You”, “Unfortunate Fame” just to name a few. This is a really dope mixtape I love every track on it. Shouts to DJ Green Lantern for making a really dope discovery.

  • bob

    ppl sleepin on him

  • yermom

    i love johnny polygon his shows are effin amazing, and i think its cool as shit he has a free down-loadable album, not to mention he is a good guy!

  • Niggers

    Not listening to someone because of how they look just makes you a superficial faggot.

    He’s good, and I don’t even fucking like rap.

  • aye that song is dope..how can any1 hate on it?how can any1 hate on him?lol..hes doin his thing..buuut..aye..EVER1 check out high low audio.lemme know wat yall think of our shit.i want sum feedbak people..peace

  • PJS192

    Anyone still wanting to DL this just google ‘rebel without applause mediafire’ and there should be a couple of links.

  • pp

    download link doesn’t work yooo