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Kuniva – Retribution (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake February 14, 2010

The D12 member releases his latest mixtape. Featuring Royce Da 5’9″, Eminem (on a skit), Swifty McVay, Bizarre, Mr. Porter and more. UPDATE: High quality rip added.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

01. Intro
02. You Ready? (prod. Silent Riot)
03. Ask About Me (prod. K.I.D.D.)
04. Jive Sucka
05. Gun Game Freestyle
06. Diamonds and Gold f. Mr. Porter (prod. Mr. Porter)
07. Bury Me a G Freestyle
08. Hurry Up and Buy (prod. Mr. Porter)
09. Think U Tuff f. Maestro (prod. K.I.D.D.)
10. Die Young (prod. Mr. Porter)
11. The Same Thang f. (Bizarre\Big Dame)
12. Intermission/It’s On Freestyle
13. Clyde The Glyde (prod. Mr. Porter)
14. Strong Arming pt.1 f.Marv Won (prod. Salam Wreck)
15. Where The Heart Is (prod. Mr. Porter)
16. Killem All! f. Swifty McVay (prod. Dubb)
17. Ghost of Pussy Past
18. Just Thoughts (prod. Salam Wreck)
19. Money Clip f. Royce Da 5′9″ (prod. K.I.D.D.)
20. Rondell’s Beat Tape (Skit) f. Eminem
21. One More Step Freestyle f. Beez
22. Retribution (prod. Salam Wreck)
23. Outro

DOWNLOAD: Kuniva – Retribution (Mixtape)*

*The quality is only 96kbs. Hopefully a higher bitrate version will become available soon. High quality version added.

  • Iceyjesse

    Featuring Eminem……on a skit lol wtf

  • **************************

    man i just want that skit, stan style

  • ck47

    will listen for the Mr Porter production and Royce ft.

  • haha that skit is funny as hell! DOPE ass mixtape too btb, hope a CDQ leaks..when i get my copy (hopefully soon) i’ll rip it RIGHT for yall

  • RD

    fuck Kuniva

  • Lotlan

    yo this tape is fuckin doooope!
    dude is a lyrical beast

  • kelly

    could make the Eminem skit only available for download? I only want that

  • high quality version added.

  • tom

    ok well the skit is funny at least.

  • mmkayy
  • dro

    dis shyts cracc 2 meh u niccas hatin like bitches

  • kelly

    @mmkayy: thanks 4 the link! love the skit <3

  • Real Talk

    Yo Boyz! This is what I call dope!

  • ck47

    thanks Shake.


    Kuniva jus may b the 2nd best in the group….ppl sleep on him & Swifty, they both nice

  • RDSB

    Don’t sleep. This is fire.

  • willmofo

    Kuniva is the dopest in the group besides Kon Artis/Mr.Porter!

  • “We gon be 2 AM in the morning, instead of 3”
    damnn epic haha
    skit is mad funny cracking me up lmao

  • Glitch

    anybody got a .zip file for this

  • idk if the HQ version u added is the same as mine, but if not here is a VBR (Proper RIP) version of it!! http://knuckleshamilton.blogspot.com/2010/02/kuniva-retribution-mixtape.html

  • SiccnessDOTnet

    Bury Me a G = Dopeness

  • read my comment not the fucking name

    Hurry up and buy- I knew it’d have samples from the shop scene in ‘Don’t be a menace…’ lol great movie

  • Royce’s ability to flow is a bit freaky at this point. He buried that Money Clip track.

  • Prodigy

    So many Eminem D riders in this forum, on every forum “i just want the Eminem skit.” you are the people that kill hip hop. You think Eminem would even put that skit on here for you homos? Hes helping Kuniva get his you idiots. BTW Kuniva spits fire hoes.

  • dubsmith

    damn this shit is fire, glad I finally caught it!

  • Nicole

    WTF?Kuniva is an amazing lyricist him and swift are right there with Eminem.Downloading this just for that skit is whack.I love Eminem im a big fan ,but gotta give Kuniva props he is awesome.

  • titties

    prodigy your a faggot dick rider