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Big L leaves the Danger Zone (Video)

blame it on Shake February 15, 2010

Media Gasface catches up with Lord Finesse and Ogee (of D.I.T.C.) to talk about L’s passing 11 years ago.

The building you see behind Ogee (at 0:56) has been Lamont Coleman’s home for the fast 24 years he lived : 104W 139th Street. The park where we stand is the place where he used to hang out and rhyme at with his friends from the Children of the Corn (COC) crew : Cam’ron, Ma$e, McGruff and Bloodshed. 11 years ago, at 8:30 pm, Big L was shot and killed a block away from here, on 45 W 139th . In the heart of what he used to call the Danger Zone.

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  • Sano213

    RIP BIG L … Casualties Of A Dice Game. oh yah that 7MIns of death Freestyle wit jayZ good music

  • Teddy

    He will forever be the King of Harlem.

    The Devil’s Son.

  • Cam’Ron was a fuckin beast back in them Children of the Corn days still wishin he go back to that style..R.I.P. Big L “ask Beavis I get nothin but head”

  • Igneous

    Top 5 Dead Or Alive (RIP)

  • jd

    Big L = G.O.A.T.

  • Unxpekted

    I love that Big L Jay-Z freestyle… He murders Jay, Jay even starts choking and just making sounds to keep rhyming with Big L.

    Big L = Legend

  • OGEazy

    Oh man Jay-Z is hilarious on the 7 Minute Freestyle. RIP Big L, one of the greatest to ever do it. I think he was ahead of his time in certain ways. Imagine his flow and his lyricism over some high quality beats. He would be unstoppable. I wish I was old enough to remember his golden years.

  • jigantos

    big l>>>>>all of the shit out 2day

  • jhink357

    RIP gone but not forgotten

  • MoodSwingz

    R.I.P Lamont..

  • greenbag

    How to open this because i see only black rectangle and that’s all