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TiRon – For Your Smile

blame it on Shake February 16, 2010

First single off TiRon’s upcoming mixtape, Mustard. My most anticipated project of 2010.

DOWNLOAD: TiRon – For Your Smile (prod. DJ Dahi) | Mediafire

  • CannonsMcFly

    Go Ronnie! Twitter.com/@IMTIRON

  • MusicHead

    Should Be dope knowing TiRon

  • scooterguy19

    mos def this an love supreme2.0 is what i’ve been waiting on since last year

  • Derf72

    this is some good shit. def. gon be on repeat all night

  • first time i ever really listen to the cat and i’m mad… shoulda listened to him sooner. this is pretty good

  • the live version iss 100 times better.. BUT.. its dtill dope.. mustard better drop soon.. i hope

  • Madguy

    Live version was better but then isn’t everything better live

  • Lado

    da hook was doper on da live version..but dis is dope too

  • He sounds so much like Kanye…the voice inflections and everything…He’s just not as good…still dope tho

  • midnightmarauder

    yea he does. he sounds like a bootleg college dropout kanye

  • jacobm23

    TiRon is so dope, I cant wait for his “Mustard” mixtape

  • Madguy

    Well kanye got his style from consequence. So at Least say he saund like consequence Btw tiron better than present kanye.

  • bf

    Wow, the last several days have been incredible regarding new music. First Ayo, now this. I have a feeling March is gonna be a sick month!

  • bf


    This nigga never ceases to amaze me. Beat is rich and the flow is sultry! Shit make me feel like a baby!

  • TiRon is the shit. been bumpin’ this all evening.
    just dope. can’t wait for “Mustard.”

  • Solroc21

    man, 2010 has been a really good year so far for music! Ayomari’s pb&j tape was the ish & now waiting for Tiron’s mustard tape to come out!
    can’t wait! :D

  • Solroc21

    oh, and as for this song…beautiful…i’m loving the beat a lot!
    *plays song in replay*

  • bf

    I haven’t felt this good since Add-2’s “Luxury”.

    Shit makes me wanna watch the sunrise and eat pop tarts!

  • AirRaid


    “Kanye got his style from Consequence”

    Really? C’mon now.

  • bf

    Why the fuck are we talking about Kanye, don’t that nigga got enough attention?!?

    I’m still bumping this TiRon track and finishing my fucking pop-tart, SO NO MORE KANYE TALK!

  • Actually Kanye did, I think so anyway.

    But back to the topic, TiRon is nice. Can’t wait for Mustard.

  • burd

    tirons super underrated, he makes genuine good ass music

    as far as kanye, hes my fav rapper but he infact got his flow from really doe and changed it to his own, he definitely got it down better than doe ever did but thats besides the point…

    point is tiron is dope period

  • cannonman

    TiRon is one of the few new MC’s that knows how to structure a SONG. Rappers please stop rapping just to rap. Step up your song writing skills.

  • Solroc21

    yeah, TiRon is underrated as hell! and for those who haven’t listen to him and/or Ayomari yet, should stop sleeping and “Ketchup”! both are nice on making GOOD music and something for us to all enjoy! :)

    *bumps song again*

  • Harper

    I agree, live version was better, he should’ve done his chorus like he did live.

  • burd


    TiRon is one of the few new MC’s that knows how to structure a SONG. Rappers please stop rapping just to rap. Step up your song writing skills.

    cannonman said this on February 16th, 2010 at 9:12 pm

    thank you

  • silence

    I’m all for TiRon but who’s the chick in the bathtub?

  • Riddlah51

    Never disappoints. Hurrrup with that mustard!

  • Chipz

    chick in the tub is robin thicke’s girl Paula Patton…dope beat on this joint, loved it live when I first heard it..

  • bf

    @ silence

    Your kidding right? Please say you are? :)

    It’s Mrs. Paula Patton nicca!

    Interrupting me while I bump this track and watch the sunset *smh*

  • Tha5ftAzzazzin

    shit was way better live but still dope. Cant wait till he comes back to NY and go cop that PB&J Solution for all those that havent

  • Chick in the bathtub is Paula Patton Robin Thicke’s wife…We can all agree on one thing…he is a lucky lucky man

  • ill cosby

    this shits dope…ketchup was one of my favorites last year

  • mact

    i dig this song, what’s some other good shit he has?

  • usuallyah8r

    dont compare this dude to kanye. tiron way more introspective and astute observing. present day kanye is on some cloud 9 hollywood shit. if kanye was smart, he’d be flowing like this now. fuck outta here wit that

  • Kanye today, yesterday and tomorrow >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Tiron (youngin is good but he hasn’t had a verse I would take over any of Kanye’s verses and his flow is lacking…terribly

  • close parenthesis

  • R

    ^mus not kno kanye’s catalog… Smh

    this wus nnnnniiiiicccceeee! Got this and the new j. Cole joint on repeat

  • Since when niggas start liking the knock off more than the original…Where they do that at?

  • R

    I meant that usuallyah8er doesn’t kno kanye’s catalog

  • bf

    LMFAO @ artistrickards

    “Where they do that at” OMG!

    Man I like when a good flow compliments a nice beat. Period. Anything that makes me feel all sexy and shit, I can dig it LOL

  • Laughs

    Tironye West

  • uhoh!

    [email protected]! http://usershare.net/2DopeBoyz/1e58qqy1c19l

    just saw dude post this….you sayin his flow is terribly lacking?

  • bf

    You guys are hella gross with this Kanye comparison shit.

    Would you be mad if yo girl said you fucked like someone she knew?

    Can the dude just flow.

  • cannonman

    it seems like artistrickards is a bitter rapper hiding behind the computer. Just my 2 cents.

  • hater

    tiron is a bitch…dudes flow is weak…..never gonna do shit

  • bf

    LOL @ hater

    Someone had to fill the post’s hater quota LOL

  • ziplockp

    TiRon is one of the few new MC’s that knows how to structure a SONG. Rappers please stop rapping just to rap. Step up your song writing skills.

    cannonman said this on February 16th, 2010 at 9:12 pm

    exactly. well said, sir.

  • Some Guy

    yo i need this instrumental

  • ziplockp

    and by now you MUSTHEARD tiron.

  • Laughs

    OKAy choruses BUt ZEro Wit. Not one line makes you say wow ever.
    very boring artist. Always about a girl or wanting to be flashy

  • yah i dont get the hype behind dude.. i mean he has come out with a few catchy songs in the past (ive heard everything he has put out) he is not worthy of the dickriding present here

  • wettems

    i havent heard the song yet, but that female on the picture is BAD. i would eat marshmellows out the crack of her ass

  • I remember a while back he posted this on a stream on twitter… I been waiting to hear this shit ever since… good shit! This joint is hot… I think he changed the hook from the original. Still hot…

  • pumbaclut

    “Wasn’t quite NERD so you know I got D’s!”
    I really do like the subtle instrumentals he raps over. TiRon got a dope set up among him and his rhymes are pretty nice too. He sounds more refined.

  • VERY good song, whole vibe was ill…his rhymes and flows are average tho, good enough to nod your head to but the instrumentals are usually better than him…imo I AM BETTER than the fella..


    …..but that aint saying much…

  • Jayelectrobama

    FUCK YO OPINION NIGGER! lol joking yea you are a lil better than Tiron wen it cums 2 versatility in da flow but he still dope as fuck

  • kreez

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QzvGKas5RsU please take time out to listen to this……UK HIP HOP IS SO FRESH BUT UNDERRATED PLEASE HAVE A LOOK

  • Slicedbread

    You think his next mixtape will be Relish?

  • @JonnieHayward I just listened to your song and No you are not better than Tiron…You are terrible. Just my Opinion. Please stop rapping you give good rappers a bad name.

  • As far as Tiron is concerned…I didn’t say he was garbage. I just said he sounds like Kanye(Voice wise)…I actually like the way his music sounds…but to agree with the other dude he is lacking as far as wit and flo are concerned. I take Big Sean over him any day.

  • ^^appreciate your feedback I don’t mind if its negative cuz I don’t take rappin serious anyway but majority of feedback I get is positive so naw I won’t stop rappin until I get bored with it


    lol lol listened to jonnies shit… hahahahahhaha yes youre just as bad as I thought you’d be based off all your comments. thank you for the morning comedy

  • lol glad i can help

  • lol :)

    yall are buffoons Jonnie obliterized that shit not better than Tiron but still yall hatin

  • wreckstat

    yo jonnie….when u gonna post some more instrumentals….lol yea i goto your blog. sorta like painful honesty tho, i only go there cuz u post some great instrumentals from artists i like.

  • ^^lol im bout to start up a Devin The Dude instrumental post soon once i dig in the crates and find that Lacville 79 beat i got layin around

  • wreckstat

    alrighty young muchacho! im waitin….lol ima give ur stuff a listen soon. i was bein a fanboy and voted for j. cole without givin you listen.

  • lol aite i voted for j. cole too lol

  • very nice morning music.

  • carbyne

    thats cool, how im not the only one who noticed the kanye in him. dope track. i hope mustard isnt as dissapointing as pbj solution wuz. keep it up

  • You think his next mixtape will be Relish?

    @Slicedbread Word, man. Not hatin’, just askin’… what exactly is up with Ayomari, TiRon and condiments??? LOL