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Verses: Kaze vs. AZ (Video)

blame it on Meka February 17, 2010


Listen up, you little yentas. The dopehouse & Director Court Dunn present the second installment of “VERSES”, an acapella music video series where your favorite MCs drop a verse from their favorite MCs. Kicking things off is Kaze doing his favorite Illmatic verse.

  • OnTheRun

    LIFE’S A BITCH. one of my favorite verses from him too.

  • dude thats not naz’s vrs thats AZ

  • I Nick All Week

    That’s…AZ’s verse.

  • one98four

    why is he (horribly) spitting AZ’s verse? and he doesn’t even know the verse…

  • lol. either way class verse by a class emcee. I recommended Doe or Die on this website here: http://www.365albumsayear.com/blog/2010/02/06/day-112/

  • AD

    no bullshit..I respect what y’all do with this VERSES thing. But, I could have done better. And like it was stated, this isn’t even a Nas verse.

  • DAMN….a disgrace to AZ…did these guys do their hip hop research, lol…That’s irresponsible right there, LOL…AZ spit that classic…these young cats, get ya knowledge up, then pay tribute PROPERLY

  • Tunnawhat??

    Another FAIL by Meka.

  • ye..meka and shake, do y’all know that was AZ’s verse???? You runnin 2dopeboyz and you dont know that classic piece of hip hop history???? Damn

  • …2jokeboyz….lol

  • AD

    I think we got it thalamus.

  • leprechaunmafia3

    Like did he think that was Nas spitting that verse? Or…? Also at least spit it correctly lol. Just a bad look overall.

  • yeah dude def flubbed a few lines…

  • Dilla = GOAT

    OMG :D

  • LOL @ AD….ye sorry my man, just my favourite AZ verse, thats all…respect

  • Euweee

    ayooo that’s AZ’s verse…ya’ll shud kno ur shit…

  • dalek

    What a disgrace…

  • Haight

    ya, like was gonna comment, but…..fuck it we all make mistakes, to be honest im a lil stoned and could picture myself fuckin up a lil.

  • Unxpekted

    Kaze is fucking dope

  • Dilla = GOAT

    This fucking classic verse..? Ehmm NO :D

  • Steve


  • Athrin

    Yeah, the beginning had the wrongs word in it, but overall not as bad of an effort as some of the people make it out to be.

  • ;(

    He picked a dope verse, probably AZ’s dopest verse ever.

  • KC_Mafioso



  • AD

    @ thamalus. That’s my favorite AZ verse of all time, as well. So, I’m a little appalled at this.

  • ;(

    yeah AD and Thalamus should’ve spit it instead. They’re way doper.

  • AY

    I dont see what yall are mad about, its an emcee showing respect to another mc by reciting their favorite lines from them. its better than having them diss them to get some buzz. SMH, yall aint dopeboys if you dont fuck with the concept of this. oh yeah, AZ verse always has me rapping along.

  • Sam

    Im sure they know who spit that verse but its still on Illmatic, so what’s ppls problem??

  • dalek

    If I were asked to spit my *favorite* verse, whether it be from a particular artist or a particular album, I’d make sure I knew all the words to the verse I chose.

    In anycase, AZ’ best verse is probably the 2nd on Rather Unique.

  • LEX

    This is a great idea.

  • steezy

    ya’ll are fucking dumbasses. read the title: kaze vs. AZ. “life’s a bitch” is off of Illmatic, they dont say it’s Nas’ verse. illiterate motherfuckers, learn to be thankful for 2dbz and go get hooked on phonics.

  • OB_5

    son shouldve read some lyrics before he spit this shit.

  • Halftime

    Kaze: “cause my mentality is, money or being dated” ?????

    “fuck it so bad a person’s status depends on salary”

    LOL wtf. If you’re going to be wrong, at least make some sense.

    AZ: “cause my mentality is money orientated”

    “fuck whos the baddest a persons status depends on salary”

    I’m not hatin, but sht like this makes my blood boil. How can this be his favorite verse if he doesn’t even know how it goes? Geez.

  • Mike

    Meka knew it was AZ’s verse. It’s the dumbass director who said it was Nas.

    And yeah, dude fucked up the VERY BEGINNING of the verse. SMH.

  • one98four

    @ steezy

    when it was posted it said nas and not az

  • JonnieHayward

    and he didnt even flow it correct…took him a year to spit that verse, im bout to make a youtube video of me spittin it 10 times better than this clown

  • olugbam

    yeah the failblogger Meka just changed that ish. When i first peeped it the title said Kaze vs. Nas, the Youtube video said nas, and the writeup said Nas.

    Good to know “one of the best hip hop blogs” knows its hip hop canon.


  • olugbam

    and what @Halftime said.

    Niggas talking like its some paying homage shit when he didn’t even get the verse right. How the fuck you gonna claim it’s your favorite verse and you don’t even know it?

    Then the blogger(s?) posted it all dumb and wrong. SMH.

  • olugbam

    Oh. and then to make the shit WORSE, instead of just making it an update, admitting the [very big] fuck up, nigga just changes it and tries to play cool. oh well. i like the site for the content and c-section, not the people running it.

    back to the grind.

  • idk

    ya its prob not meka and shake fault tho weak nigga. but idk cause i just saw it and shit says kaze v az, so whatever. ya’ll dont have any lives, u stay tryin to attack these cats for holdin YOU ALL down with material ad entertainment and shit. whatever tho

    anyways haltime is right, i was listenin i was like oh shit!!! he’s about to spit the first full verse i memorized from that album yrs back adn this bitch nigga on here makin no sense and makin up rhymes!!! *scrunch up face “C’MON SON!!”

    his flow wasnt even nice like az’s

  • The Kid CK

    Video still says Kaze vs. Nas, guess they quickly changed up the title on here tho..
    I don’t care how many people have said it before, this is a terrible look..

  • Juanka

    why the fuck are yall bitchin like this? it’s a fuckin mistake, nothing more…smh…

  • brooklyn

    az is the truth but this guy just ruined that verse with one video

  • whaasup?

    Wow. Bunch of idiots almost all of you

  • Cage

    this cat butchered it…. that shit was horrible

  • chris_martian



    dope verses ¡2dopeboyz

  • BrooklynsOwn