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Rockwell Knuckles – Flow So Cold

blame it on Shake February 18, 2010

Photo: Wes Allmond

First joint off Rockwell’s upcoming mixtape, Choose Your Own Adventure, which will be brought to you by your favorite dopeboyz on the internet and the good folks at TSS.


DOWNLOAD: Rockwell Knuckles – Flow So Cold | Mediafire
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  • whatchuneed


  • Mrz.Awesum

    St. Louis, is the FUTURE! Rocky got some mo of that SUPER RAPPIN FO YO ASSSSSS! GET WIT IT OR GET SHIT ON!***wackrappersbeware***

  • Nato Caliph

    Yes, more of what we all need, DOPE STL HIP HOP. THE FORCE!


  • JKE

    He performed at our rival school a couple weeks back..pisses me off, they don’t know shit bout Rockwell

  • TashaB

    Church. Go Rocky. Go.

  • yessir. another one.

    if you’re goin to Austin for SXSW…come see Rocky and the rest of the Force Friday night at Creekside Lounge for SXSTL…

  • Corey Black

    The Force.

  • St. Louis goes hard.

  • betrott

    fit as fiddle…that’s that tuxedo rap…

  • downloading now, cant wait to hear this. his one joint government name still goes hard.

  • THE 412

    Yea Rockwell

  • Good stuff, homie.

    Can’t wait to see your performance at our show the 27th at Cicero’s in STL, brotha!

    Keep doing your thing.

  • nicki

    AMAZAZING…this dude is f’n RAD

  • Tef Poe

    ig’norant! dope shit ..glad finally yall got to hear it .. I was privelaged to be there when he was recording this..

  • Rt

    lolll damn this nigga look exactly like B.O.B on that poster on the right side of the screen!ahah

  • usually feelin this nigga but this track in particular straight booty


    rocky beennnnn dope…c’mon stop it….

  • Ringer

    nice. keep those knuckles and polygon posts comin.

  • Mrs. JW

    You are changing the yellow brick road to gold..keep it flowing!

  • rocky is the fucking man!! hell yeah, glad to see him shining.