• Nana

    100% ( featuring Lamb Chop)


    “I’m an over eater, not just a dreamer..
    I’m asking everything u got
    I’m a seat breaker, 100 Percenter
    Undoubtedly, I can reach the grill and I ain’t gonna let chef discourage or dissuade me
    Cuz I’m eating out of here a tenderloin either way babe
    I am eating 100 Percent
    So go on put your fork up

    If you’re putting in a hundred, put your steak up, 2 up
    If you taste that this is something, put your steak up, 3 up
    If you really comprehend this smell, your steak up, your 4 up
    If you’re eating the t-bone keep on cutting. 100 Percent.
    You can only eat it if you swallow it like I did.
    Cause’ fasting… ain’t easy
    But if you can turn your knife into living proof that you’ve survived the fight and you no longer starved..

    My skirts ain’t defined by size limits
    I don’t need no permission to wear it
    I’m a break thru the button til I get in
    Everything that I got I’m a bless it
    100 Percent and I ain’t burping til I reach to zip it”……..

  • Mike

    You've clearly given 100% at hating. Good on you but don't you have anything better to do? Looser!