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Bobo Meets Rhettmatic (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake February 21, 2010

As I expressed back in November, these two getting together is some of the dopest sutff I’ve heard in quite sometime. The Cypress Hill member and the Beat Junkie combine forces for a magnetism of live percussion and turntable action. For a better interpretation of what it is, watch the clip above. Then grab their official mixtape, that is being premiered by your favorite dopeboyz on the internets.

Tracklist + Stread + Download link after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: Bobo Meets Rhettmatic | Mediafire

  • hiphopzombie

    Bobo x Rhett are the illest.

  • Jay Kay Lay? May? Nay!

    Tell rappers to get up on these beats instead of the smae one 23953 times. F I R S T !

  • Nas


  • if you like that, wait for Ras Kass x Rhettmatic – ADIDAS

  • John

    wow, i’m definitely downloading this. 2 dope!

  • bb

    this just made my sunday

  • NoChase

    ???????? What’s better than this???????

  • lil peena

    actually I just find this annoying. respect for doing something new tho

  • someone

    Wack shit. And Eric Bobo is a fake, a bitch. I don’t enjoy his percution at Cypress Hill shows. Fuck you bitch.

  • f

    very cool. downloading now

  • hiphopzombie

    If you actually had an ounce of love yourself, then you wouldn’t even take the time to hate like that. Wouldn’t want to live or see the world through your eyes. Sounds hard and depressing. Just do you. Why so hurtful? That slows us down.

  • Sim Salabim

    Ever since AM n Trav did this shit, errbody wanna be like em. Dope project….just highly unoriginal.

  • Peace Everyone…..

    Just want to say on behalf of Bobo & myself, thank you for even taking the time to download the mix & listening to it. If you actually like the mix, we thank you & appreciate it very much.

    To those who weren’t really feeling the mix & even took the time to leave a not so positive comment, we thank you too. We know we can’t please everyone & the mix is not for everyone. So, to even put some energy and leave some type of negative comment, it shows that at least you’re still paying attention, so we appreciate that as well.

    And yes, we know about the AM & Travis Barker comparison….i believe Jazzy Jeff & Questlove we’re talking about doing something similar too….this is our own fiip on the idea, plus our steeze is different; more raw…if you really compare the two. But then again, can’t please everybody.

    Shout out to Shake & Mek for even posting this up & shout out to Candice, Brian, Kristie, Austin, & Plann B for their help.

    Again, thank you to anyone who take the time to listen & gave a response, whether positive or negative….God Bless Yall.

    Beat Junkies
    Bobo Meets Rhettmatic
    Crown Royale
    Beat Fanatics

  • Mark

    Man…. THIS is what im talking about. This is one of the most unique and true to form collaborations i’ve ever heard. Thanks so much for bringing some of these classics to the light. Without dudes like you many 15 year olds would never get to truly appreciate Jingo and other classic percussion based songs. I’d like to thank you again. I’d look foward to the sequel maybe a less mainstream one thats longer. Keep it up.

  • Mark

    AM n Trav? cmon now..

  • YoGuy

    more like Keyz N Krates – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eSlNG-Dddyc

    if you like the concept of Bobo Meets Rhettmatic, check out Keyz N Krates