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Okwerdz: The Freestyle Vault v.4 w/ Dizaster (Video)

blame it on Shake February 22, 2010


The latest installment of Okwerdz’ Freestyle Vault series has him joined by fellow Grindtime emcee Dizaster. For fans of actual freestyles… check Ok do his thing. And incase you missed the previous volumes (like myself), check here, here and here.

  • jkn

    Diz bodied that

  • E-Rich

    lol @ actual freestyles. That shit died with throwbacks. And that’s terrible.

  • Unxpekted

    Not really throwbacks just died period. Freestyling never did. Its an artform. Art doesnt die.

    I used to be able to rhyme circles around guys like this in freestyle.

  • b.

    freestyling off the top is an artform… co-sign. only reason why no one is big about it is cuz not a lot of so-called heads can actually do it and whomever started co-signing “exclusive written verses as freestyles” is an herb.

  • Onederin

    freestyling wont die….trust.

  • lol @ e-rich’s massive fail.. stupid clown


    i think as time goes on and MC’s get better (hopefully) freestyles are gonna b pushed more & more 2da back…i mean jus not enough ppl do it…everything is rehearsed. even when rappers in battles respond back 2something that was said during battles…that shit is pre-written. dont matta 2me cause if u nice MOST OF THE TIME u can actually freestyle


    i think the real question here is who wears a seat belt while riding in the backseat? wheree they do that at?????

  • congrats E-Rich for making the dumbest comment ever on 2DopeBpyz

  • TheOmega

    Everyone who say freestyling means not writing, Big Daddy Kane says you’re wrong.