The Making of Jay-Z's Hard Knock Life (Video)


A behind-the-scenes look at the creation of one of Hov's biggest hits of his career. A segment from SVT's Hitlatens Historia series. Check the full thing here.

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  • NickNack

    45 King is so dope!


    dope little piece, shows my hov one of the greats... has an ear for the dopest beats and can usually lay down some mean verses


    why* hov

  • bous

    jesus christ, jigga. 5 minutes? one take? off the dome? like you kidding me? that's the type of thing non-hip-hop fans needs to know so they can gain some respect for the game. that is truly remarkable. and i know they could be lying but i believe it.

  • ignite mindz

    Best Jay beat gotta be Dead Presidents tho. Watch me play it on piano while rapping my own verse in this vid I do Changes by Pac as well and more.

  • dstokes

    Definitely one of the dopest interviews I've ever seen, I love the behind the scenes story about greatness in general

  • Tha5ftAzzazzin

    i would love if this was in english. im still watchin the whole thing though

  • StreetDough

    Thanks for posting this up, I enjoyed watching this.

  • KushNOJay


  • Maez


  • alle08

    even if u dont understand swedish this clip is totally watchable. the swedish voice doesn't say that much at all.. good vid, "Hitlåtens Historia" use to do pretty good clips actually..

  • ArKe

    Gif of the best mic. now. NOW.

  • Yatti


  • http://none TIMEOUT

    Really great footage thanks for the dope post im going to check this producer out

  • Hola Hovito

    45 King is a nutcase! But a fucking genius nonetheless. What a character. I respect that man.

  • Amaan

    DJ Mark the 45 King responsible for your favorite acts like Chill Rob G, Lakim Shabazz, Apache, and Queen Latifah.