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The Making of Jay-Z’s Hard Knock Life (Video)

blame it on Shake February 22, 2010


A behind-the-scenes look at the creation of one of Hov’s biggest hits of his career. A segment from SVT’s Hitlatens Historia series. Check the full thing here.

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  • 45 King is so dope!


    dope little piece, shows my hov one of the greats… has an ear for the dopest beats and can usually lay down some mean verses


    why* hov

  • bous

    jesus christ, jigga. 5 minutes? one take? off the dome? like you kidding me? that’s the type of thing non-hip-hop fans needs to know so they can gain some respect for the game. that is truly remarkable. and i know they could be lying but i believe it.

  • Best Jay beat gotta be Dead Presidents tho. Watch me play it on piano while rapping my own verse in this vid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V1k1gLFq-qw I do Changes by Pac as well and more.

  • dstokes

    Definitely one of the dopest interviews I’ve ever seen, I love the behind the scenes story about greatness in general

  • Tha5ftAzzazzin

    i would love if this was in english. im still watchin the whole thing though

  • StreetDough

    Thanks for posting this up, I enjoyed watching this.

  • KushNOJay



  • alle08

    even if u dont understand swedish this clip is totally watchable. the swedish voice doesn’t say that much at all.. good vid, “Hitlåtens Historia” use to do pretty good clips actually..

  • ArKe

    Gif of the best mic. now. NOW.

  • Yatti


  • Really great footage thanks for the dope post im going to check this producer out

  • Hola Hovito

    45 King is a nutcase! But a fucking genius nonetheless. What a character. I respect that man.

  • Amaan

    DJ Mark the 45 King responsible for your favorite acts like Chill Rob G, Lakim Shabazz, Apache, and Queen Latifah.